Thursday, June 11, 2009

cRaZy hAiR dAy

I LOVE Crazy Hair Day.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think about it all year long,
dreaming up outrageous ways to fix Macy's hair.

Last year we did this:

I knew I had to up my game this year.
How would I top last year?
Finally, a few months ago, I had the answer.

I am sooooo happy I have a fun little girl
with a crazy sense of humor who thought
it. was. the. bomb.
(I wouldn't have been caught dead going to school like this when I was a kid.
I would have cried and cried until my mom took it out.)

Which is a good thing, since her brother
-the one with the buzzed hair-
has one option for next year: Spray-on color
And since he got his mom's paralyzing fear of looking weird or different,
I'm predicting that Crazy Hair Day for him will be a Big Fat No-go.

I only have 364 more days to think up next year's style.


Amy said...

That. is. awesome. I love it!!!
Our school has no crazy hair day. What's up with that?

Shayla said...

She looked too fun today, but she sounded REALLY ready to get it out as soon as she got home. I bet she had some fun curls when it was all out, too. :-)

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

The only downside I can see to how awesome Macy's hair was, is what will you do next year??

Davis Family said...

ha ha, I saw this hairdo on one of the hairdo blogs that they had posted as a real hairdo and thought to myself really??? Would anyone do this to their child?? But it is PERFECT for crazy hair day! How fun. Was it curly when you took it out?

Alicia said...

Brenda-it was in ringlets! It looked beautiful, except the ones that had fallen out mid-day that were long and stringy. All the rest were stuck in such a tight twist I had to actually unwind them all. Took f-o-r-e-v-e-r

tharker said...

She looks so cute! I'm impressed that she sat that long to let you do it. Hannah HATES having her hair done, so I don't think we'd even come close to pulling something like this off.