Friday, June 29, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye

There's one thing you should know about my husband. Like all other boys of the 80's, he grew up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, and every comic book character possible. Although he didn't actually read the comic books about them, he had friends who did, and he also watched the movies and cartoons about them all. (He also watched the "Thriller" video every day thinking it was an actual movie, but that's beside the point.)

Now, twenty years later, I am learning that that little boy who got an adrenaline rush every time Superman beat Lex Luther is alive and my husband. He knows every single character of every comic book and Saturday morning cartoon. The good ones, the evil ones, their powers and sidekicks, their arch-nemeses....And now, with the wave of comic book/toy character movies that have exploded onto the big screen, he's like a kid (literally) in a candy store. But nothing, NOTHING so far has created as much excitement in him (I think the word is giddy) as the movie that is hitting theaters July 4th.


Oh yes, the release date has been seared into my brain for weeks now. The 4th of July BBQ's, family time and fireworks are merely annoyances he must endure before entering a world of pure boyhood bliss. The 4th of July is a sacred day to him, worthy of the greatest celebrations-- Transformers is being released. (Oh, and it's also something about the anniversary of our country's independence.) He announced to me two weeks ago that the minute the last firework fizzled out in the black sky, he was gone, headed to a theater near you.

It's very entertaining to me. It's really adorable, actually. If I'm talking and the trailer for the movie comes on tv, suddenly it's like a brick wall is standing where Bill just was. He has gone into a trance, his eyes glazed over as he watches the Autobots try to defeat the Decepticons. I know enough to keep my mouth shut until the next commercial has come one. Then Bill comes back to me, his face lit up, talking a mile a minute about each robot, which ones are good and which are evil, and what each robot turns into. For example, the transformer shown above is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots (the good ones). He turns into a semi. "Bumblebee" turns into a camaro. He is also a good one. Megatron is leader of the Decepticons (the bad ones). I've learned quite a bit about the world of Transformers.

I can only imagine what he'll be like if they bring He-Man back.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Got milk?

Well, I think I finally know what's wrong with me. The blood tests came back normal and said that I am absolutely, no doubt whatsoever, 100% NOT PREGNANT. Neither of these shocked me. However, over the weekend as I waited for my incompetent doctor's office to call with my results, my mom in all her brilliance suddenly threw out the idea that maybe I'm LACTOSE INTOLERANT. I started to think about it and thought that it wouldn't be the least sensible possibility...the nausea, pain in my stomach after eating, the fact that it's hereditary and both my mom and brother suffer from it. She suggested I go off dairy for the weekend and see what happened, at least rule it out as a possibility. So I did, and wouldn't you know it, sitting in primary on Sunday I suddenly realized I wasn't dizzy or nauseous, and hadn't been for a few days. It was crazy! I even slightly shook my head real fast (I'm sure all the primary kids were wondering what the heck I was doing) and couldn't believe that I didn't feel like falling over. I was elated! So I cancelled my ultrasound Monday morning, I was not about to pay for one if I didn't need it. Of course I knew there was a chance I wasn't right, but it just seemed too coincidental that after over four weeks of being completely dizzy and nauseous, it suddenly stopped the minute I eliminated dairy from my diet. And because dairy is in EVERYTHING, at least everything I like, it's been hard to remember all the time and dairy seems to eek it's way into my body at least once a day. And then I feel the slightest bit dizzy and nauseous. Anyway, it hasn't been too bad. Did I ever think I would drink rice milk? No. Have I been able to bring myself to drink it other than in my cold cereal where the taste is well disguised? No. Do I miss cheese and ice cream? Yes. But it's sooooo much better than being dizzy and nauseous. And it's do-able. And it's easier to diet. No ice cream? Hel-lo!

So I'm gonna do the no-dairy thing and if I'm wrong and in a week the nausea comes back, then I'll go in for the ultrasound. In the meantime, pass the rice milk, please.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Phantom of the Opera

One of my favorite movies is Phantom of the Opera. I know it didn't get great reviews, but I don't care. Nothing that is a huge phenomenon ever gets good reviews when turned into a movie. (DaVinci Code anyone?) I thought they did a good job considering. And it's a way that I can watch the Phantom of the Opera over and over again. I've seen the play once, my junior year of high school and I fell instantly in love. My dream is to see it again. I obviously didn't remember a ton of it 8 years later, and I think that helped my feelings towards the movie. My sister-in-law had just seen the play for the first time a few weeks before she saw the movie and hated it (the movie).

Here's why I love it, besides the reasons I stated above. For one, the set designs and costumes are amazing. They are so extravagant they are almost over-the-top and I love it. It's like a dream world. Secondly, all the actors are really singing (with the exception of Minnie Driver) and that made a big difference to me. I didn't find this out til after the first time I saw it, so the second time I saw it I liked it way more. Thirdly, can I just say Gerard Butler? Yummy yum yum. He rocketed to the top of my "Hot Actors" list as the Phantom. Yes, his face is either half covered up or horribly disfigured during the entire movie, but that's how hot he is....he can be like that and still be hot. And have you seen him in real life, not masked or disfigured? Me-ow.

And of course, the movie used the original soundtrack by Andrew Lloyd Webber which I grew up listening to long before I ever saw the play. Even before I knew the storyline I had the songs memorized and imagined what was going on in the play during each song. They did take some artistic liberties with a few of the songs that didn't settle right with me (for some reason, they felt they needed to turn the song "Phantom of the Opera" into something that sounded like Santana was playing back-up for) but for the most part it was all close enough.

I'm not even going to go into the storyline because I seriously doubt there is anyone out there who has no idea what the Phantom of the Opera is about. If you don't, find out. You'll be hooked.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Okay, once again, I'm making an executive decision about my blog. Things are just too crazy busy now to have a day of the week that I'm always supposed to blog. I am going to have to make my movie review day just be spontaneous, when I feel like it. I've been very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants lately, so my blog will have to be as well. I actually haven't been feeling very bloggy lately, more like nauseaus and crappy, and the inspiration and motivation just hasn't been there. I'm trying to get back. Hopefully I will soon. And hopefully by the next time I blog I'll have figured out what's wrong with me. Just waiting on the test results. Blech.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

True Confessions of a Movie Queen

1. I have a Spice Girls song on my iPod

2. I only shave my legs once a week (Sundays)

3. I have never watched Oprah

4. I have made my bed maybe 10 times in the 7 years I've been married

5. I gossip because I think people will think I'm cool for knowing interesting things

6. I would rather sleep than almost anything

7. I eat at McDonald's on average three times a week

8. One of my favorite movies is the 80's made-for-tv movie "Nadia" (about the gymnast)

9. I like real-life drama. I'm not afraid to admit it.

10. I am scared of talking to people, so much so that I have to force myself to do it

11. I can't swim the real way

12. I have the taste buds of a three year old

13. When I was in elementary school I stole a bunch of jewelry from my cousin during a sleepover. This is the first time I have ever told anybody.

14. I will lie my way out of anything that would potentially embarass me.

15. I love that people think I'm funny but worry that I disappoint when they expect it

16. I love when things are all about me.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mi Vida Loca

So this is how crazy my life has been: Instead of thinking all day Friday that it's Feature Film Friday and that I really need to blog but don't have the time, I now just completely forget about it, not one thought about it enters my mind until about Saturday. My life has been CRAZY lately. I took two, count em' TWO naps today to finally catch up on my sleep from the last two weeks. My kids were literally begging me to wake up. I won't be getting any Mother of the Year awards any time soon.

On a separate note, something is definitely wrong with me. I think I may have vertigo. It just popped into my head a few nights ago as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. It's the only thing I can think of that would explain the constant dizziness and the nausea that has come back. I googled "vertigo" and think I may be right. I am calling the doctor tomorrow.

Also, I've lost five pounds! Woohoo! I made up my mind a week ago that I can actually do something about my weight. Even through working at my dad's shop and eating out every single day for lunch with Bill I got salads, half a chicken sub sandwich, no chips, no fries, lots of salads. No pop unless it was diet and even then I've been choosing water way more over pop. Very limited sugar (couldn't pass up the Strawberry Shortcake last night at my mom's) and smaller portions. I have no idea why this time I'm able to make it work longer than half a day, but now that I've lost five pounds I'm sort of addicted and just want to keep on going! I even got back into a pair of capris that I've worn the last two summers and couldn't zip up a few weeks ago! Yay me!

I guess that's it for now. Bill wants to watch GhostRider (yup, the movie where Nicolas Cage's head is on fire. Maybe I'll review it Friday ;) so I have to go. Why am I writing this like it's my diary or something? I have no idea.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Major Award

Although the following may seem like an odd sight, things like this are not unusual at our house. After Bill's softball game Tuesday night, the kids' feet were filthy and they both wanted to get in the bath. Since we don't let them bathe together anymore, I had the brilliant idea to have them put on their swimming suits (since I wasn't going to actually wash them head to toe, it was late) so they could get in together. After about twenty minutes of blissful water fun, Bill got one of his ideas to make the kids laugh. He got his swimming suit on and went into the bathroom saying he was going to join them. I didn't really think he would get in the water, but this is what I found when I went in there:

It was a hilarious sight to behold, but it was topped by the knock on our door. Now, for any of you who know my house, our bathroom is right off the family room. Right there. No hiding it. Bill's eyes got as big as dinner plates and I went to answer the door, laughing and giddy at the knowledge that someone was about to find out that Bill was in the bath with the kids. And who had come to call? KIM! with my goodie bag! I was so excited she had brought it to me, I hadn't expected it for a few days, and so relieved it was someone who wouldn't judge Bill too much and knows his sense of humor enough to not be shocked.

So, while Bill was stuck in the bathroom for at least a half an hour, too embarrassed to come out, Kim and I settled on my family room floor and excitedly emptied it out. At first I pulled things out one by one but Kim got excited and started pulling them out for me :) This was what I scored:

Isn't it awesome???!!! I loved it all! Well, I won't eat the cereal because I don't eat nuts and real blueberries make me gag, but other than that, I loved it all! This was everything included:

  • Weight Watchers Honey Almond Crisp

  • $2 worth of McDonalds coupons for french fries

  • A little decorative bag of red Swedish fish

  • A little decorative bag of Peanut Butter M&M's

  • Awesome green and brown decorative ribbon

  • Coordinating green and brown pieces of scrapbooking paper

  • A bottle of Diet Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper

  • A pack of Tropical Twist Trident with Xylitol (?)

  • A 4 piece Christmas stamp set

  • 7 of the cutest homemade cards I've ever seen that Kim stayed up all night making (that was for you, Kim)

  • 3 recipes: Spinach Salad, Stuffed Shells, and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

  • The coolest frame I've ever seen that Kim made herself by decoupaging scrapbook paper and ribbon


my favorite item of all........

a CD of some of Kim's favorite songs. Do you love the picture she chose for the case?

I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. But I will treasure it always. Doesn't she look like a real pop star? Thanks again for me wonderful goodie bag. I'm so glad I won! All those conversations with myself on your blog really paid off!

Post Pending

This isn't the post I want to be doing right now, but it's all I can do. I failed to mention in my list of things that have been going on in my life lately that for the past two weeks I have been working at my dad's shop. It's so crazy, I don't know how working moms do it. They must be super women! Anyway, as soon as I get home I will do a post highlighting my wonderful gift bag win! I can't wait to show you all that I got from Kim. So stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Birthday Poem

Today is Kim's birthday and everyone knows
she has a foot fetish because of her toes
She also will study your eyebrows up close
To make sure they're well plucked and not at all gross.
She loves Swedish fish and McDonald's french fries
She is famous for faking you out with her lies!
She lost 40 (?) pounds and looks so stinkin' good
Consultant for Weight Watchers? I think she should.
She knows all the words to "Baby Got Back"
Creative ideas she so does not lack.
Shopko just isn't her favorite place
Whenever she leaves there she has a red face.
Her favorite things are to blog and scrapbook
If something is gory she'll give it a look
Her mom is her best friend, they talk all the time
She just loves her siblings, she thinks they're sublime
Her kids are her life and she's such a great friend
Happy Birthday Dear Kimmie! Now this is the end.
Oh, and I won the contest!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!! I get Kim's goodie bag giveaway and I am soooo excited!
Here's some Maroon 5 for you on your special day!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Feeling Good

Well, I think I'm the only one who has never put a Michael Buble song on my blog, and I thought now was the perfect time to change that. Why? One, because Marilyn finally came to my rescue with an absolutely divine website for putting music on your blog, and two, because I am the proud owner of one ticket to Michael Buble's concert!!! I never thought I'd say that. I'm not the biggest fan in the world, but I do really like him and I know his concert will be AMAZING. I've seen him perform (not live) and he gets so into it. Plus, I get to sit next to one of my very favorite imported cousins, Nan, and I know we will have a BLAST. Every time I'm around Nan I feel as if we've been friends for life. Is she not the easiest person to talk to?

So besides that exciting news, things have been crazy all around. Here's a list of what's happening in my world:

  • 2 trips to Yakima this weekend. Why, you ask? Bill's baby brother graduated from high school Friday night and was ordained an Elder today. We didn't want to be there all weekend, so.....2 trips to Yakima this weekend.

  • Kim is doing a giveaway on her blog and it has taken over my life. I am in a close race for first as far as most comments go, and I'm determined to be driving through the drive-thru of McDonald's on Wednesday with my french fry coupon in hand.

  • I got a new cell phone and it is oddly the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time (besides the Michael Buble ticket, of course.) I've had a really lame track phone for the past few months and have been crazy envious of those of you with "real" cell phones. I still don't have a "real" cell phone, but thanks to T-Mobile's version of the track phone, I feel like I do. It looks just like a "real" phone and I can finally have actual ringtones of actual songs that people actually know and like! I'm in cell phone heaven.

  • Macy had her last day of Kindergarten and it was very bittersweet. More bitter than sweet. Actually, not sweet at all. She wasn't happy about it and repeatedly tells me she is not going to first grade. I am dreading the thought of what I am going to do with my two kids home all day every day. But it will be nice to be able to sleep in.

  • Bill has finals this week and is stressing out big time. I am trying to help the poor guy relax and help in any way I can, but I don't think it's doing much. He is studying every second and counting the minutes til it's all over. Me too.

I guess that's it. Stay tuned to find out whether or not I'm the big winner of Kim's Giveaway!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Me Oh Myers What Have I Done?!

I know it sounds ridiculous, but one thing I love is that on everyone's blogs, in the sidebar where they have their lists of other blogs they visit, I am always at the top. Sure, the lists are in alphabetical order, but I don't care. It makes me feel good to see my name up there at the top, and I can pretend my blog is the first blog they check every time they get online. However, after tonight, I think my name might disappear off the top of someone's blog. Click here to see why I may soon be banned from one of my very favorite blogs.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Did You Know "Ebay" is Pig-Latin for "be"?

I have to blog about my latest passion: Ebay. I am addicted!!! I know you're probably thinking "Uh, welcome to ten years ago" but I was hooked back then just like everyone else. Then as reality struck that I had no money, the passion waned and any ebay shopping I've done since then has been sporadic at best. But about a year ago or so, Bill and I started piling up stuff we didn't want or need anymore with the intention of selling it on ebay. (We could have done a yard sale but we wanted-needed-to get the max amount for the stuff.) So after months and months of storing the stuff in my computer room, things got dire enough financially for me to finally sit down and start selling it. Within five days and five stamp sets I made over a hundred bucks. Sure, since then there have been things that have only sold for a dollar, but others for twenty, and all together I've probably made at least $200.
I LOVE IT!! I am getting rid of stuff I don't want anymore that has been taking up space in my house and without having to leave my house (except to ship it). I am sitting here making money! I work it out so that I only go to the post office twice a week, and I do little things like put thank you notes in the packages and e-mail the buyer saying I shipped it and I would leave them good feedback so that they give me really good feedback!
It has become such an addiction, so much in fact that (don't hate me) when I get online now the first thing I always check is My Ebay, not blogs!!! I want to see if anything else has been bid on, sold, or paid for. The best part is watching my balance in PayPal go up, up, up. When it gets high enough, I transfer it to my checking account. Of course sometimes I have to treat myself with buying something now and then on ebay with my hard-earned money.
I know many of you probably already have ebay in your favorites list, but I had never known the thrill of being a seller!! I recommend that if you have junk laying around your house that you don't want anymore, put it on ebay. Someone, somewhere, will see it as a treasure!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Music Shmusic

Okay, I've had it. I need help. No, I'm not talking about my chronic nausea, although, if you're asking, yes, it's still there. (Pregnancy test #2 says I'm still not harboring any bun.) No, I'm referring to my handicap when it comes to putting music on my blog!!! I have made several comments on others' blogs about it and asked what the deal is and how everyone else seems to be doing fine in the music department, but apparently they've gone unnoticed by every single person that's read those blogs because I'm certain that if any of my friends read my pleas for help, surely they would come to my aid.

So I guess posting the question on my blog may be my only hope. I suppose I should explain my problems if I expect to get any help. First I tried one that I can't remember the name of, the one we all used first, and it sucked. The song would cut out the whole time it played on anyone's blog. Then I turned to hotget and was happy as a peach until suddenly it decided to not play songs anymore. What's the deal with that? I click on the song, it opens it up with the little play bar and I can't get anything to play.

So after a weeks-long hiatus, I noticed that everyone had turned to this jesus something or other, so I went there and yeah, works great, but it's all videos. I don't always want videos! Does anyone know of or use a website that offers music without videos that actually works? That's all I want. If you can help me out here I'd be a very happy camper.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Sense and Sensibility

Okay, so it's 10:30 and I just now realized that Friday is almost over and I almost let another Feature Film Friday slip by unfeatured. Then I thought, "NO! I cannot once again let down my masses of fans who will surely cry themselves to sleep tonight without my thoughts on certain cinematic productions!" So here I am, laptop in lap (imagine that), proving my dedication to all things movies. I don't wear this crown for nothin'.
As I have not recently watched anything that I feel is worthy to take up an entire post on my blog I have decided to highlight a movie that resides permanently on my Top 3 list.
Oh, how I love this movie. Let me count the ways. First of all, this movie happened to come at a time (1995) when I was riddled with heartache and was one positive thing in the midst of a whole lot of crap. At the time, I had never heard of Kate Winslet, but she was the first thing that made me fall in love with this movie. I felt we had so much in common. But let me back up.
Sense and Sensibility is a film adaptation of the Jane Austen classic. (LOVE the Jane.) It was directed by Ang Lee, and I only mention this because it is so beyond me how a chinese man got 1811 England so perfect. Kinda crazy. It's about a family consisting of all women: Mrs. Dashwood (the mom), Elinor Dashwood (the oldest daughter played by Emma Thompson who actually wrote the screenplay and won an Oscar for it); Marianne Dashwood (the 17 year old daughter played by Kate Winslet); and Margaret Dashwood. When their father dies leaving all his wealth to their half-brother, as was the law back then, they are left poor as all get-out and are forced to leave their gorgeous estate and move into a cottage. ("Cottage" back then meant a 2-story, six room house. They were only able to keep two of their servants. Woe is them.) Before they move, however, Elinor meets Edward Ferrers (Hugh Grant), the brother of their half-brother's wife (everyone is related somehow in Jane Austen's books) and falls in love. After they move to the "cottage," Marianne meets John Willoughby (played by Greg Wise who is now married to Emma Thompson) and is instantly smitten. The title "Sense and Sensibility" comes from the different ways the sisters portray their undying love, with Elinor being reserved and showing sense by playing down her feelings, and Marianne being full of romantic sensibilities and holding nothing back, which proves not to be the wisest thing.
Here is where I related so much to Kate Winslet's character. As a heartbroken 17 year old, I was the same way when it came to love: passionate, holding back nothing and putting my heart out there on a platter just asking to be dropped and stomped on. We both loved beyond sense.
I won't go into the storyline anymore, one, because if there is anyone who has been, oh, I don't know, living in a cave and hasn't seen this, I don't want to ruin anything, and also because if you know Jane Austen's books at all then you know that the storylines are complicated, interwoven threads involving TONS of people and events. I'll just break down what I love about it:
  • The aforementioned Kate
  • Everything that made me feel as if I were back there, in England, at that time. (The music, wardrobe, setting, hair, style of speaking, dancing, etc.)
  • Hugh Grant, although it is very different from anything else I've seen him do. He is not hilarious, but charming and adorable.
  • The light humor that all of Jane Austen's novels have, that they fortunately worked into the movie.
  • It is maybe the only movie I can watch over and over and over again and love it more each time. It always makes me feel good no matter what's going on in my life.

So that's it. My take on Sense and Sensibility. If you haven't seen it, crawl out of your cave and go watch it. If you have, watch it again, and call me so I can come watch it with you.