Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Time Is Here

I always have the hardest time getting back into the swing of things after a holiday or vacation. I can never seem to pick up where I left off. Fortunately I have the excuse of the impending Christmas holiday that I need to prepare for, so this morning, instead of cleaning or paying bills, I am organizing my Christmas music and putting them on my iPod. Isn't it funny how doing those little things to get ready for Christmas give you such a thrill? Or is it just me?

My Christmas preparations began at exactly 4:45 am the day after Thanksgiving, and not a moment sooner. I am a one-holiday-at-a-time kind of girl. I refuse to think about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. Otherwise, what's the point of Thanksgiving? Simply a precursor to Christmas? Somewhere a Pilgrim is crying. I won't even discuss or think about buying Christmas presents until after Thanksgiving, and you will NEVER hear a note of Christmas music coming from my house or car until at least the day after, maybe not even until December 1st.

But the second Thanksgiving is over, you can bet I'm raring to go, starting with Black Friday. I was undecided whether or not to go until about 11:00 Thanksgiving night, and I'm so glad I decided to. My sister and I went to The Mart at 5:00 and made a killing. (No, we didn't trample some poor guy to death.) It was awesome. There's just something about all those people being out Christmas shopping when it's still dark out. And I am always so impressed at the courtesy and patience that 99% of the shoppers have.

Tonight for FHE we decorate. Soon I will be starting my Christmas cards. Bring on the Holidays!
Oh, and, if you need a good laugh, go here. My cousin linked to this blog, and it is by far the funniest Twilight spoof I've seen since last year's Santa Clause.


Shayla said...

That spoof was awesome! Spoiler Alert! Axe Body Spray for all the Estrogen in the crowd. Classic. I'm still laughing. This is the first year we DIDN'T go out for the black Friday sales super early. I'm curious to hear what lured you out so early. :-) I'm at a loss what to do for my Christmas cards this year, can't wait to hear your idea!

Alicia said...

Shayla-no ideas. I have NO idea what I'm doing for cards. And nothing huge lured me out. I went for a couple of movies and ended up buying WAY more than I intended!

Davis Family said...

I have to say, I quite enjoyed that spoof, as well as early morning shopping, I started a little earlier hitting toys r us at crazy. Your making my Christmas cards this year for me right..isn't that what we agreed on?

Rachael said...

Your are crazy! I could never put off shopping for Christmas until after Thanksgiving! It is way to tempting to start early. Not to mention I have this ridiculous anxiety-phobia that everything I want will be out of stock....Sad, I know

Aubrey said...

I usually have all the shopping done waaaaay before Thanksgiving, I feel so behind this year! I don't know how you do it cuz? I do agree on the music and all that to wait until after we celebrate our gathering and harvesting with family and friends!!

That Twilight spoof was hilarious!

Amy J. said...

I am sooo glad you decided to come with me again this year. It really is fun and I don't even mind the craziness of the crowds.