Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is Christmas Here Yet?

I don't like it when life leaves me no time to blog. It means it's way too crazy busy. You know it's bad if you have to wake up at 5:30 am to have time to sit on the computer.

Now that I average one or two blog posts a month, I feel like I need to really put some thought into what I blog and make it a good one, since I don't know when the next one might happen. I had a great post brewing in my head the last few weeks about the 12 Days of Christmas (or at least, my version of it), but that didn't happen. I was going to take a picture of my Charlie Brown Christmas tree that my wonderful sister Amy bought me that has become my absolute favorite Christmas decoration, but that didn't happen. I was going to do a very deep, pensive piece on my thoughts about Christmas, but that didn't happen. I was going to do another Christmas Wish List post like I did last year, but that didn't happen either.

So instead I'll brief you on the happenings of the last few weeks:

  • lots of Christmas shopping
  • worked on Christmas cards
  • watched the "Holiday Program" at kids' school
  • had a fun progressive dinner with my parents and siblings and their families
  • hole in my garage door
  • worked on Christmas cards
  • got released as Primary Secretary (sniff), new calling TBA
  • Christmas shopping
  • big annual Mathews Family Christmas Dinner
  • got early Christmas present in Yakima
  • read my own words on a book in Barnes & Noble
  • helped at school class parties
  • more cards
  • more shopping
  • saw New Moon two more times
  • finished and mailed cards (yippee!)
What is not on the list? Wrapping presents. I have yet to wrap a single one. Now you know what I'll be doing all day today.

T minus 2 days and counting!


dandee said...

You've been busy Leeshie! Don't feel bad about the wrapping thing. Ryan and I stayed up until 1am wrapping last night. I'm thinking that wasn't such a hot idea. My head is pounding and there's still SO MUCH TO DO!

Shayla said...

I haven't wrapped anything yet, either! I think that's part of the fun, staying up late Christmas Eve getting it all wrapped up. Now if the kids would just help make it an earlier night by actually falling asleep on time so we can start before 10pm! You have to tell me which book to go look at so I can read your words at Barnes and Noble, too. So cool!

Noelle said...

atleast you have an excuse. i'm just not that interesting lately. and the only presents i have wrapped are the ones for OTHER people. i will be wrapping tonight so that i'm not stressed christmas eve.

MARISA said...

Merry Christmas Alisha! Glad to see your post today!!

a girl in a gorilla suit said...

NO JOKE...As I was reading this post, Ashley came in with the mail and, fancy that, there was a super cute Christmas card from a cute little family who lives on John still my heart. Your amazing. Thanks! ;)

Rachael said...

I think my favorite happening was number five, I just might be a little bit partial though... Oh, and please let me know what book I can read with your writing on it at Barnes and Noble! Then I can tell all the people standing around me to read it and then start announcing, "I totally know her! The girl that wrote that, ya we're all tight n' stuff"

And don't forget to enjoy the craziness, since we know how disappointed you are when it is all matter how stressful it is getting to the end.

Amy J. said...

How did I read this the day it came out and never comment. I will have to blame it on Branson! I love that you mentioned your cards several times...they seemed to consume your life for a while there but the end result was worth it!