Friday, January 22, 2010

Weighing In On Hot Topics

American Idol Judges


I thought she annoyed me last season.
Then this season started.
Suddenly the pursed lips, fake sexy lisp, and theatrical movements are almost physically painful for me to watch.

I never thought I'd miss Paula.


Love him. As always.
He is the only real thing about the show. Which is why next season will completely suck. I don't know if I'll be able to watch it.


Can't. Wait.


My heart aches for this country. I can't wrap my brain around the extent of the devastation, the number of deaths, the pain and the suffering, the nightmare these people are living that they can't get out of. I wish there was more I could do to help. But since I can't fly over there and offer my services, I'm so grateful for people that can, and did, like my cousin Matt. Read about what he's doing here.

The NBC Fiasco

If I had a giant hammer, and a couple hundred dollars to throw around, and security access to NBC Headquarters, I'd fly to New York and hit CEO Jeff Zucker upside the head. I seriously CANNOT imagine what the idiots at NBC think they are doing, but I'm guessing their last meeting before this crap started went something like this:

Idiot #1: "Leno's ratings are down. Apparently he's not funny at 10:00, only at 11:30."
Idiot #2: "Well then we must get him back to 11:30."
Idiot #1: "I love it! Even though the viewers think Conan is substantially funnier than Leno and The Tonight Show is better than ever, I see this is the answer to everything. Oust the funny, popular host for the boring, has-been host. Genius idea, pure genius."
Idiot #2: "That's what they pay me the big bucks for."

I cannot believe tonight is Conan's last show. I am boycotting The Tonight Show from there on out. I would boycott NBC if it weren't for The Office and 30 Rock.

Conan, I will follow you wherever you go.



Lisa said...

yeah conan pretty much rules. nbc=Nothing But Crap. (sensored version)

the whole haiti thing. it sucks when you wish you COULD do something to help, but hmm, too broke to send money or go and help, so what could we do??? if you think of something let me know...cause i would love to do SOMETHING!

idol??? yeah, that's pretty much going down the toilet after simon leaves. sad times. i wonder if they'll try and replace him with another blunt brit...we'll see.

p.s. a-LeeSHaaa you ready for some rockband???

Amy said...

Kara bugs. I'm curious what Ellen will bring to the show.

NBC. Wow.

Amy said...

Simon's leaving AI???

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I didn't know Simon was leaving either.. But then I haven't paid much attention to AI for a few years, and only by a fluke caught the "Pants on the Ground" moment last week...

NBC is dead to me. If you didn't see Pee Wee Herman on Conan last night, you gotta check it out... Pure Gold.

[M] said...

Seriosly? I HATE Conan. I think he is an idiot and I love Jay Leno.

Shayla said...

Completely agree with everything you said above. Without Simon, AI isn't going to be worth it for me. Every time I watch Kara, I think..."Who IS this chick, anyway?!" I guess I should google her, but that requires more energy than I care to use. ;)

dandee said...

Lots of sad things happening in the world right now, huh?

Team Conan!

Marilyn said...

Alicia, will you please take over my blog for me? You pretty much said everything I would like to say right now. Except for the Ellen part. I'm not too excited about her being on the show only because when she was a judge on SYTYCD I wasn't that impressed. I would rather hear critique from someone who has music expertise. And plus Simon already provides the comic relief. I can't really imagine what she will bring to the show, but we'll see...

Everything else you said is E-X-A-C-T-L-Y how I feel.

Sara said...

You read my mind...... perfect every bit of it. Thats why I read your blog to remind me why I love to hate Hollywood.

Noelle said...

i feel bad for conans family having to move all the way across the country and then what?... hopefully he got a ton of money for being fired. it's pretty hilarious. how stupid it all is.
i'm worried ellen will talk way. too. much.

Amy J. said...

No one told me that Matt was there! I didn't find out until I read your blog this morning!!!! Have you gotten on the family web site to read all his text messages? Crazy stuff.

Jafp said...

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Rachael said...

I think it's funny that Kara bugs so many people. She doesn't bug me at all. I thought it was entertaining when her and Katie Perry got into it though. I will miss Simon, and it kinda seems like they are already showing less of him. Sad times. I am super sad Conan will be gone, and the Haiti situation, I try to avoid it due to the anxiety I feel when I think about it. I totally want to go through the church website and donate at least something. ANd if you were wondering if I just now read this post, the answer is no, I just hadn't been back yet. I meant to comment when I first read it, but something happened, and you know how that goes. Anywho, I hope you post again soon, I think I might need a TWIH boost, maybe as a reward for the killer rock band vocals I provided the other night....

Anonymous said...

Actually Conan's ratings were down further then Jay Leno's, and that is why they kicked Conan off the tonight show. hello with ratings down 49% I would kick him off too. And Jay's were only down 14% at the 10:00, so yeah Jay is funnier! So they weren't all idiots they were just trying to do their job. Plus Jay in the tonight show was always #1!!!