Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend Update

While I'm quarantined at home and trying to get my daughter rehydrated, I figured I'd spend the time catching up on things. Or, catching you up on things.

Last Saturday I graduated from Course 1 of the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes! (I got a "diploma" and everything. Yay for me!) I loved every minute of it and can't wait to move on to Course 2. Here's the three masterpieces cakes I had to make for class (I did variations on them to "make them my own"):

The Rainbow Cake

The Clown Cake

The Rose Bouquet Cake

Everything except the clowns' heads are made out of frosting. Pretty snazzy, no? Lots of fun.

Speaking of Mothers' Day, I had a fabulous one, as usual. My sweet family always go all out to make me feel like the most special, most loved mother on the planet. The spoiling began early for me this year, with my wonderful husband giving me my gifts the day before, so I could use them for my final cake class. (He got me a much wanted cake supply tote and some cake spatulas). He also surprised me by making my ginormous amount of frosting for me so that I could actually make it to my final when I thought I was going to have to miss it. (BEST present EVER). When I got home from my class that night, a gorgeous arrangement of flowers was waiting for me in the middle of our kitchen table. I woke up the next morning to my annual Mothers' Day feast, this time waffles, eggs and ham. (Yum.)

I was showered with cards galore (I think my kids made me six cards each :) and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast as a family. After church we had an awesome dinner with my family at my sister's house, where we enjoyed the beautiful spring weather, I got some early birthday presents, and--the best part of the evening--my dad accused me of bringing a "lame cake from Yoke's" only to be shocked upon learning I had actually made it. Thank you Wilton classes!

Great weekend? I'd say so.


Shayla said...

Wow, I am super impressed by your cake decorating skilz. Seriously, they look awesome. And I totally love that your Dad called you out for bringing a lame store-bought cake and you got to tell him that you made it for reals. Sorry to hear about the flu bug at your house. I feel so bad for you. I hope it passes quickly and you don't get it at all!

Rachael said...

Alicia! Your cakes look awesome! You have some mad frosting skills! I can never get mine that smooth. And my roses, yeah, they never looked like that, not to mention your piping ability on them thar letters!

What a great Mothers Day you had! And what a great way to wrap it up...a puking child.

That sucks. I hope Macy is feeling better!

Brenda said...

Thanks again for the Blake cake we LOVED it.

Mother's day breakfasts are the best.

Sick kids are the worst.

Hope you still have a great day!

debsters said...

Very, very impressive cakes. How do you sign up for those classes, I would love to do that.

Have a great day.

dandee said...

i'm heading into day four of my cleanse and you're KILLING me with those cakes.

not surprised at all that you're so great at this. new hobbies and discovered talents are so fun!

joven said...

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tharker said...

Love the cakes! Especially the Clown Cake!! Great job, Alicia!

Okay, Payson's expression in the last picture is over the top cuteness! He looks so dang happy to be having that yummy breakfast! Too cute!

Svenja said...

OK, can you please make me cake even though my birthday was already…pretty please…Oh well I guess it wouldn’t look to hot when it finally got here, but promise me the next time I’ll come over you make me welcome cake.

Entre Nous said...

The cakes are lovely!