Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Crap List

I haven't done a tag in a looooong time, and actually I had sworn off tags altogether, but this one appealed to me. Lauren did it here. This is my list of

Things Most People Love That I Most Definitely Do Not:

1. Oprah

She's a swell person, very giving, but I do not, never have, and never will, watch her show.

2. Hairspray

I won't say I hated it, but I guess I didn't see what everyone loved about it.

3. Julia Roberts

Yeah, yeah, she's America's Sweetheart, yeah she's got a "Mega-Watt Smile." Yeah, there's something about her that makes me want to throw my shoe at the movie screen.

4. Romantic Comedies

Oh, the cheese! Oh, the sugary-sweetness! Oh, the gag reflex!

5. Michael Buble

Okay, I'm not blind. The man is smokin'. I'm not deaf, he has a voice like butta. But I already didn't like his music...and then he cheated on Emily Blunt. Lo-ser.

6. Nuts

How many times can I use my gag reflex as an excuse on this list?

7. flats

Call me unfashionable, call me out of touch with today's trends, but, although I think they are adorable to look at, I cannot bring myself to wear them. They will forever be cemented in my brain as the hideous shoes we wore with brown pantyhose to go to church dances when we were fourteen.

8. So You Think You Can Dance

I tried, really tried, for the second year in a row, to get into this show.
Not happening. (Don't hate me, Rachael.)

9. Running

Now, I know I'm not alone in this, but I do know there are many people who loooove to run. I am not one of them. I never will be. I hated to run even as a kid. I just don't get it. At all.

10. Facebook

There are many reasons I dislike facebook, and all of them without ever having been on it. Right now I'm one of maybe three un-cool people not on facebook, but you just wait. In a year (or ten) I'll be one of three very cool people to already be sooooo over that trend.

What do you not love that most people do?


Aubrey said...

BWA HA HA HA HA! I love this list and am totally taking for my blog...although I might as well just copy yours and put it on mine, don't get a lot of that stuff either!

I must warn you that if you do read mine there might be a teensy tiny mention of a certain book/movie you may or may not be obsessed with.....sorry cuz :(

Em and Ms said...

You're not completely alone. I agree completely with #1, #2, #7, and #9.

AOlson said...

I completely AGREE with #1 & #2. I far as the rest goes, we disagree and that's okay, I still think your a great person:) I nearly fell over when I saw numbers 5 & 9. And I just started #9 about a month ago and am really enjoying it and #10 yeah I have an account:) This was fun to read. BTW looking forward to your HP6 review. I am beside myself with excitment to watch this movie, I can hardly contain it!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Oh my goodness....I thought we were twins. I thought we were twins. I thought we were twwwwwwwiiiiiiins!

First off, I have to say that I agree with you about Oprah, and about Julia Roberts. Ugh!


1. Hairspray - love it. Just watched it. Obsessed.

2. You've Got Mail - my favorite movie of ALL time. Had one of the songs from it on my wedding video.

3. Michael Buble - my favorite singer of all time. Love him long time. (had 3 of his songs on my wedding video...and only his songs playing in the background at my wedding haha)

4. it.

5. Flats - the ONLY shoes I wear. I am not even joking. But I am 5'9"...and Ted is 5'10" this makes sense.

Love you!

Amy said...

I am right there with you on Oprah, Julia Roberts and So you think you can dance.

NaDell said...

Alright, so you asked for things on our lists, right? So, one things on my list is:
GIANT BABY BOWS-maybe this is because my girls were both bigger before everyone HAD to have them in their daughter's hair, or that my baby is a boy, but I just think they look ridiculous.
SUPER TALL, POINTY HIGH HEELS-I could never walk in them. I could never chase kids down in them. They would kill my feet. I don't like ballet flats either, but I really don't get new moms with huge heels....
NAKED BABY PICTURES-Need I say more? Those are just for my memories, not to be taken by a professional photographer and I pay them. We brought this cute outfit along for a reason. No I don't want to strip my baby and possibly be peed on (or worse!)
BRAND NEW FURNITURE-It's way too expensive. Make do with cheap stuff when your kids are little and then move up. You don't have to spend a fortune to make a nice home.
BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE-They are all just scummy and gross. Maybe if they had a show where the people had some morals and picked people differently, I'd like it.

Alright, I think I should stop now. I enjoyed your list.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Oh man, I thought I was the ONLY one who hated Ophra and Julia!! As for "America's Sweetheart, I think it's more "America's Horseface". Bleah.

I hate facebook too... and SYTYCD? Makes my jaw drop while I'm asking "WHY?"

Thanks for this post. I love it.

And I hate tags. Go figure. But I'm stealing this one!!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

oh yeah... #8 on your list is my favorite... ;)

tharker said...

I think these lists are fun, although I have to disagree about Julia Roberts, and Michael Buble (except that he is a scum for cheating on Emily Blunt...WHO cheats on someone like EMILY BLUNT? Moron!)

I love You've Got Mail, but I don't love most romantic comedies. They're all the same.

Facebook...I go in and out of love with it.

So You Think You Can Dance...LOVE IT!

Running: Don't love it, but nothing else whoops my butt into shape like it.

Love Ballet Flats.

Oprah: I used to really love her, but anymore she just gets on my nerves.

Hairspray: Love the soundtrack. The movie? Not so much.

What do I not love that most people do? I'll post it on my blog.

Alicia said...

Heh, got me there, Mike. I puzzled over that one for a minute until I realized what you meant! Error corrected.

Nicole said...

I don't think I can be friends with you anymore.

Rachael said...

Yeah, too late I already hate you for not loving ANOTHER wonderful show. First The Hills, now So You Think You Can Dance? What will we ever talk about!!! I have to agree, Oprah is not my favorite, but I would watch her all day if it meant I never had to come across anything Dr. Phil. I can't stand that guy.

Davis Family said...

I was a little nervous when I started reading this post. I was worried that because EVERYONE likes me that you might rebel and not like me anymore. I am so relieved that Julia was there instead ;) If I still wear nylons with flats what does that mean about me? (you missed my nylon story that I told at card night by the way)

Amy J. said...

I love this post. I must be your sister since I had to agree with almost all of your dislikes...running is growing on me.

Nancie said...

this post totally brought me out of my stalking habit of your blog.

I HATE nuts, facebook, and Oprah too! crazy. you are hilarious!