Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Okay, I don't really want to do a post for each cake so I'm lumping them together. These are not in order of when I made them, because only some of them are on this computer and I really don't feel like going through the whole rigmarole of transferring them from the other one right now.

Spring Cake

This was my Course 2 (Royal Icing) final.
It's a buttercream basket weave with royal icing flowers on top.

Watermelon Cake

I saw this on the cover of a magazine at the store and knew I had to make it for the 4th of July. However, like most of my cakes, I completely ran out of time, so the finished product didn't look as much like the one in the magazine as I'd hoped, especially since it was pink, not red.

Blue & Brown Polka Dot Cake

Align Center
This was my first attempt at fondant, before I'd even taken the class. I was too anxious to work with it, so I just dove in and tried it. It's hilarious to me how good I thought it was at the time. But I guess it could have been worse for my first time and no instruction, eh?

Cowboy Boot Cake

My wonderful sister-in-law had enough faith in my cake-making/decorating skills to commission me to make her son's 6th birthday party cake, which was a cowboy theme. She found this cake (or something akin to it) online, but, upon making it, I quickly realized the all-red version, however adorable, would not only be disgusting, but impossible, as I still had never managed to get anything redder than pink. I could NOT take a pink cowboy boot cake to a 6 year old boy's birthday party, so I hastily dreamed up this brown version, with a red star I fashioned out of pre-colored fondant. (What would I do without that stuff?) All in all, I was pretty pleased with the end result, and I think the birthday boy was too.


Shayla said...

LOVE the cakes. How do you get to have so many talents? Aren't you like over the limit or something? Not fair. ;) I'm hiring you for my kids birthdays this year. I make yummy cake, but not pretty cake.

Alicia said...

Perfect, Shayla! You bake them, and I'll decorate! I don't like the baking part at all, and all my cakes are plain old cake mixes. Bo-ring!

Rachael said...

You are a cake rockstar! I am so glad you posted some! Now, the next step is to put on your big girl pants and get the rest of your pictures from the computer! I still want to come watch your cake cricut in action...seriously awesome cakes, I hope someday I can be like you...

Marilyn said...

I love that boot cake. It's so cool.