Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breaking Dawn


Oh, boy, where do I even start? I have wrestled with writing this review since I first started reading the book, and I have to say I am really nervous about it. I couldn't decide whether to write a spoiler-free, lightweight version of how I felt about it, or really say what I want to say, everything, spoilers and all. In the end, I decided to write everything I want to say, because, well, I have to. And because most people I know (there are exceptions) have finished the book.

First I have to preface my review by saying that you all know how strongly I feel about these books. I am obviously extremely emotionally attached to these characters, Edward in particular. This is where my dilemma lies. I don't feel I can be a true "critic" for this review, because I am clearly biased. Where someone who merely enjoys the books or even has a mild infatuation could easily walk away from Breaking Dawn saying "It was great, I loved it, I'm so happy with the way it ended," I....cannot. I guess maybe I didn't even realize how deeply I was invested into the lives of these fictional characters until I started to feel physical pain reading the final book. I'm sorry if you don't like my review, but you have to understand you are reading the opinion of someone who could not be satisfied with "happily ever after." Not only did I need it to end the way I wanted, but I needed the path in which they took to get there to go the way I wanted. I know, I really set myself up. So here it is, in all its psychotic glory (and get comfy, this is sure to be long):

Okay, so the book started off great. I loved the wedding, loved the honeymoon, although after the big build-up about "trying it, and will it work" I felt totally jipped. I didn't want a big graphic scene, just...something! But, I do appreciate the fact that she's keeping it clean, especially knowing that (grrrr) 8 year old girls are reading it.

FIRST JAW-DROPPER: Bella gets pregnant. What the.....??!! Did anyone think that was even a possibility? I was so shocked, but I have to say I was incredibly excited at this crazy twist. The thought of Edward becoming a daddy and knowing how much he would love was exhilarating. joy soon turned to horror and disgust as suddenly Bella was carrying the Spawn of Satan, an evil vampire monster intent on sucking the life out of her. I felt like I was reading a script to an X-Files episode.

But the worst part was (and this pretty much goes for the whole book) is suddenly, with the introduction of this "baby", Bella and Edward's relationship takes a back seat to everything else. And Edward all but disappears! He's like a prop in the background, always there but rarely talking and especially not letting us know what he's thinking and feeling. This is all I care about people! This is why I read the books! To read about Edward, his emotions, his thoughts, his feelings, and most specifically, his passion for romance and Bella. It's like she wrote a four-book series, the first three books the development of this amazing romance, and the fourth, the book to wrap the whole thing up, is suddenly this whole new story, with new major characters thrown in, nothing to do with the rest of the series! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up.

So Renesmee is born. Okay, first of all, the name. Oh. My. Gosh. This name will go down in history as the worst character name EVER. I literally had to focus on not gagging every time (all 976 times) my eyes skimmed over it. And Nessie was just as bad. In fact, I'm going to give her my own nickname for this review, just to spare myself having to call her either of those. From now on she will be called Ren.

And then....Bella's change. The event that the entire books have been leading up to. Once again, completely overshadowed by Ren's birth. What happened to the dramatic, climactic, dare I say sensual event that we all felt we'd been promised? Nope. Instead we get an emergency C-section followed by a few quick nibbles by Edward to save her. All the while seeing this through Jacob's eyes. Uh, why? Why are we seeing this through Jacob's eyes? Why was he even there??!!

SECOND JAW-DROPPER: Jacob imprints on Ren. Okay, that was AMAZING. I was so completely floored, literally, the floor fell out from under me. Halfway through the paragraph I realized what was going on and my jaw actually fell open, and that doesn't happen to me. It. Was. Awesome. So powerful, so unexpected, so perfect. I loved it. He was finally over Bella, finally happy, and finally connected to her and Edward in a way that was good, not painful. I loved that instantly they were like family, always together, and I loved seeing Edward's initial "Daddy" reaction to it, so not happy about his baby girl being imprinted on.

Meanwhile, Bella breezes through her change to vamp-world without so much as a squeak. It was incredibly weird for me to see her as a vampire. I never, ever thought in a million years I would ever say this, but I really missed the old Bella, and I hated the old Bella. But at least she was Bella! She was the character I knew for three books, the one Edward fell in love with. It was all just too different, too weird. And with Edward blending into the wallpaper, I felt like I could have been reading a totally different book, not of the Twilight series, with totally different characters with the same names.

Once Ren came out I could not make myself see her as this sweet, precious baby that everyone was falling in love with. I couldn't make the change from evil mommy killer. I seriously expected for most of the book for her to turn on them, killing them all, sitting on top of the pile of their dead bodies laughing, like Bella's dream. I never warmed up to her. She never felt right to me. I didn't even like that she was there. She was totally creepy to me, this walking, talking, big-haired baby. The only good thing that could ever have come from Bella and Edward having a baby would be watching Edward be the most amazing father, and I got none of that. I think he holds her twice in the book. Jacob's bond with her is more developed than Edward's. I understand why, but still, I hated it. And I could not get it in my head that Bella was a mom. I could not put this vampire mom together with the weak, selfish Bella from the old books. The fact that she was pregnant for all of a month and delivered a toddler didn't help.

The book easily could have ended with Jacob imprinting on Ren, but for some reason the book continued on for the entire second half. Sure, we got to see what Bella was like as a vamp, but like I said, that was too weird for me. Every time she mentioned drinking blood or hunting I just wrong. And the whole super-power an extent it was cool. It was interesting learning about Bella's shield, and how Ren's powers came from her parents, but I'm sorry, as the visiting vampires started pouring in with all their special powers and started training Bella, I kept expecting them at any minute to pull out their wands and start a good Quidditch match. And the scene in the meadow with the Volturi...X-Men anyone? IT WAS JUST ALL SO WEIRD!!! It was not like the other books, at all!! I just think maybe Stephenie has gotten so into her sci-fi that she took the books in completely the wrong direction. All I wanted was a final something about Edward and Bella's relationship, the entire point of the books. But instead of a finale it felt like the beginning of a whole new series. I didn't like it. I was seriously disturbed by it.

Of course, I loved that the ending was happy, especially since I was halfway convinced that at least Bella and maybe Edward were going to die. So needless to say I was thrilled when they didn't. I loved that they are living happily ever after in their little cottage, a real family. I'm not sure how I feel about Edward finally seeing in her mind. It was cool, but, again, a change.

So there it is. I'm sure I'm forgetting things that I wanted to say, but obviously I could go on forever. Sorry this was so negative. The funny thing is, I didn't hate the book. I didn't even dislike it necessarily. I'm sure if I wasn't so obsessed, it would have been a fabulous book. I'm pretty sure it would have been near impossible to please me. If there was something specific I forgot to mention, that you were curious how I felt about it, please ask, I'd love to answer!

Okay, so now....what did you think?


tharker said...

Even though I feel differently about the book than you, I still really enjoyed this review Alicia. You do such a good job, and you're so thorough. I'm telling ya, you should really consider doing this professionally. I'm completely serious.

As for my thoughts on the book, overall, I LOVED it!

Even though I was surprised that Bella was pregnant, it was pretty easy to figure out from all the puking, and crazy eating and such.

I will admit that the whole imprinting thing had me a little sicked out. I read that part Sunday morning, and couldn't come back to it until that night. I was even thinking about just stopping there. All I could think of was Jake imprinting on Bella's BABY! But I'm really glad that I kept reading though, because now it makes total sense, and like you said they can all be happy.

I actually LOVED Bella as a vampire. And it made sense that she would have the sheild power since neither Edward, nor Aro could read her thoughts even when she was human. I loved that she was so strong, and I loved, loved, loved the transformation scene when she just laid there and "burned" while remaining perfectly still. I think that was the first clue to her amazing strength.

I was a little unsure about Renesmee at first too. I kept expecting her to randomly bite someone, but then I remembered that Edward had seen into her mind. He knew her mind, so he knew that she was not a danger, and also how much she loved her parents. From then on, I was completely convinced that she was what they saw her as. I loved the little "pictures" she showed everyone. I actually really liked her relationship with Jacob too.

As for not seeing or hearing enough from Edward, I will agree there. But I'm going to disagree on one point. I think that while their romance is the foundation to these books, they are not from Edward's perspective. They are from Bella's. (Aside from Jacob's book...which I loved the preface and all of his chapter titles) And really, it didn't surprise me all that much that he was fading into the background while Bella was pregnant because, I think he felt completely helpless. He was watching his wife die, and there was nothing that he could do about it. Until he knew Renesmee's mind, he had no reason to go on. I think it would have been the same for Bella, if it were Edward in a life and death position. She has said many times that without Edward, there would be nothing. It's pretty obvious to me that they both shared that sentiment.

I felt horrible for Jacob to have to watch Bella suffer, knowing that he couldn't turn away.

Okay, the ending... I loved it! I loved Garrett's speach when he totally called The Volturi out in front of everyone. I loved that Bella (after so many instances where she was completely helpless and in the way) was finally able to protect those that she loved. I do wish that there would have been a fight scene however, and that The Volturi would have been killed off, but oh well. It was sad when she and Edward said goodbye to Renesmee and Jacob, but I'm so happy that it all worked out and they didn't have to go.

I loved it when Alice came with her new friends! To me, that was one of the highlights of the book. I think Alice is one of my very favorite characters.

All in all, Breaking Dawn is my favorite of the four books.

Wow!!! Holy crud, that was long.

Aubrey said...

Thanks for the review! Now I know I will totally not be reading this book!!!!! I just can't get past the vampire thing...oh well! But I must say that all those photos from your Twilight Madness made me miss working at BN sooooooo much! Looks like you had so much fun, I am waaaay jealous!

Lee said...

Hi Alicia! I haven't visited in a while.. but I totally enjoyed reading this.

And I agree with Tiff, you do a WONDERFUL job, you should totally write for someone. I would read it! And you should get paid.

Okay I love your review.. I agree with it on so many levels. Seriously and the ending was lame. I loved that they lived.. but we needed to see them kill someone in the Volturi. It seemed like the book was rushed to get it done.. and we missed a lot of the depth.

m-a said...

I didn't enjoy this book like I did the was good but, like you, Edward makes the books for me and he was barely in it. I think she was trying to appease the team Jacob people who would be upset if he didn't have a major role. I also think she might write the whole series from Edward's point-of-view so she needed to leave herself some material. And while I was glad it wasn't too violent, I kind of missed the fighting scenes. Who knows. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed your review.

meohmyers said...

Oh my gosh. I can't believe how well you put your thoughts into words! Seriously, Alicia, you are an excellent writer! I loved this review!

We are so on the same page on this! I liked the book, I couldn't put it down, but I was so disappointed on so many levels. The emotional let down was all my fault. I had such a high expectation of this book and couldn't believe the direction she started taking it. I wanted so much more from the 3 things I was dying to find out about and felt like she left out so many details!

And Renesmee. I'll stop there.

The ending was just okay for me! I guess I wanted to see more struggle and conflict! It all just ended a little too happily for me! Why in the world did the Volturi not fry Garrett to pieces for his defiance? Who the heck was Garrett? I don't know. I'm not saying I wanted to see all sorts of bloodshed but a little more drama would have been appreciated.

Like I said, I loved the book, it just didn't leave me feeling like I was hoping to at the end. But don't get me wrong. I can't wait to read all 4 books again and I definitely can't wait to read MIDNIGHT SUN!! Let the countdown begin!

Noelle said...

the sign of a good writer is someone who makes people think about what they believe. you made me think. but i do honestly belive that the books was lovely. but that isn't what i expected. i too believed that the ending needed something more....not that i even wanted to imagine any of the cullens dying, i felt like the 'win' over evil was too easy. and the babies name.....have mercy.
and something you put into words that i hadn't figured out why i had issues with the book was edwards lack of ...well, mostly anything! i did notice his lack of parenting. did he ever hold the baby?
the biggest thing i got out of this book was the love of everyone involved. it was the power of love (please don't start singing celine dion) that was able to get bella to extend her power to others, etc etc.
i agree with someone up there that this was a good book but missing key elements to the others that i missed. and did you notice that with all the new characters and new powers and weird sentence about how the vulturi will be back...she totally opened herself up to another book? i know she said she wouldn't but i'm not sure i don't believe her.
i'm really looking forward to midnight sun. i too loved edward's character more than any others.
great review alicia. i might just have to send it in somewhere.

AOlson said...

I just finished the book last night. I have to say of the four books Breaking Dawn is tied with Twilight for my favorite. I was shocked at the whole pregnancy, never saw that coming. I was disturbed by the whole drinking human blood thing, it made sense but totally grossed me out. I agree that the 'Bella turning into a vampire scene' was overshadowed and done so quickly. It really bugged me that Jacob was there for the whole thing. I was creeped out by the imprinting at first but then got used to it. I don't know that I liked it when Edward called Jacob "son". I loved how Bella was such a strong vampire but I agree with Kim in that I wanted a Volturri fight, wipe them out and then the Cullens become the new power houses of the vampire world or something, IDK. I love Alice and I actually thought that Rosalie was going to do some weird 'this is my baby' thing and there would be a fight there, I am glad I was wrong there. All in all I enjoyed the book. I kept my attention unlike New Moon. I am glad I decided to read the series.

Alicia said...

So many people have brought up points I forgot to put in my review, mainly the ending. I also thought it was a little anticlimactic how the Volturi suddenly walked away, but at that point, I was just ready for it to be over, so I didn't care. She'd drug on the talking and voting long enough. And who the heck WAS Garrett? His speech sounded like it was right out of Braveheart.

Noelle-She said in an interview that this is the last book "from Bella's perspective" but that she is "not done with these characters." I'm pretty sure there will be more, maybe down the road in the future, probably a follow-up of Jake and Ren or something. (And obviously, Midnight Sun) And you're so right, that sentence about the Volturi coming back and "picking them off one by one..." Okay, so we should still expect them to all be killed some day. Nice. That was weird.

Amy, I too wasn't overly touched by Edward calling Jake "son" and I thought I was the only one! I loved that they were close now, but calling him "son" weirded me out. I thought it was pushing it. It was too "awwwww...happily ever after" for me. And I also totally thought Rosalie was going to try and claim the baby. Like I said, there were so many things S.M. had me thinking were going to happen, and then they just...didn't. Weird.

JenFielding said...

Hi Alicia, I've been waiting for your review. I love how well you express your opinions. Here are some of mine:

I hated that Bella drank blood. I realize it was necessary but it was disgusting. I couldn't read it without tasting it in my own mouth.

Reneesme. What in the world? And I thought Wanda was bad. Seriously, the only way I could stomach it was by thinking of the scene in Father of the Bride 2 when they try the combined names out on their parents. "Are you saying I could have a granddaughter named Sophie Zankman?" And Alicia, all I could think of during your review was Ren and Stimpy. Let's face it, there are NO good nicknames for Reneesme.

Someone else said this already, I did not like AT ALL that Jacob imprinted on R. I reacted the same way as Edward and Bella (until she became okay with the idea. I'm still not)

I hate that I kept trying to picture R as a 3 newborn with a full set of teeth. It constantly weirded me out.

During the honeymoon I realized that I really didn't want Bella to become a vampire. I wanted her to live a normal life, go to Dartmouth, and put off the vampire thing for a while if not forever. So i felt completely cheated when like you said Alicia, the major conflict of book three ended in an emergency C-section.

I didn't love at all how Bella, the can't walk without tripping, turns into the most powerful, perfect vampire ever. Way too easy.

I didn't love this at all: S.M. creates this unprecedented maternal instinct in a character, Bella, who is willing to give all for her child, even when it's eating her alive. Bella continues to coddle and pet her stomach and give her life for this thing that she hasn't even met that could very easily kill her as soon as it's delivered if not before. Okay, so this is a nice addition to the plot except for the complete hypocrisy. What happened to her relationship with HER mom? The woman she's lived with for the last 17 years? All of the sudden Bella could care less about what's going on with Renee and it appears the feelings are mutual? Her daughter goes off on this honeymoon, comes back with a "disease" and Renee called to "check up" once? Twice? I don't get it. If these maternal bonds are as strong as S.M. makes them to be, why wasn't Renee on the first plane to Seattle to check on her little girl? SHe doesn't even know if she's dead, alive, in a just doesn't work for me.

Okay sorry, this was really long. I haven't been able to talk to anyone about this yet :)

JenFielding said...

Oh yeah, one more thing. Well, acutally I could think of tons more things but I'll just add this:

J.K. Rowling satisfied every need in book 7. She wrapped everything up, there was this major battle of good versus evil and there was just enough tragedy (deaths of Tonks, Lupin, and Fred) and triumph to feel complete.

So, let's gather every vampire around the world and spend a month preparing to go to war with the evil Volturi.....oh wait, the evil VOlturi suddenly have an incredible ability to reason and they will instead walk away with their tails between their legs. C'mon! Seriously? I kept hoping the guy that struck down Irina or whatever her name was would agree to go peacfully and then turn around and blast someone and get the fight going. It was another let down.

Okay, seriously, this is the last thing.

Wasn't it weird how they spent all this time keeping Bella away from R at first because they were nervous she would eat/kill her? But it's not a big deal to invite all these other human eating vampires into their house with no forewarning that there is a half human and let them all touch and hold her?

This book had too much hypocrisy and too much build-up/let down for me.

Alicia said...

Jen, we have some seriously discussing to do. I can tell you have just as much to talk about as I do, I'm just going to email you! I'm so glad you commented, I've been waiting for yours!

ashley said...

Alright Alicia, I'm so glad you posted back up your review. It was the first thing I check after I finished the book and I couldn't find it at first. Loved your opinions, you really do have a knack for reviewing. So here's what I thought:

The Wedding was so quick, I blinked and it was over. It was nice of course, but I was left wanting more. Kinda like the Honeymoon scene, it was over way too quickly. I couldn't believe that Edward woke up the next morning all moody! I understand his character and why SM did that, but I was just disappointed. I guess I just missed the magic that had been building up for the last three books. I wanted him to enjoy it then too, but he kinda ruined that for me. I also wanted Bella to grow up a little and go to a semester at college. I guess that'll never happen now, so instead, lets just give her a baby!

Bella's pregnancy just threw me for a loop. I liked the idea, BUT I felt that it just took away from the books. As soon as the honeymoon was over, the book took a total change. It was no longer about "Bella and Edward" who we have come to love. Now all of the focus turned to the vampire spawn child. So what's with the name? I agree, what a total let down. Renesmee-whatee? Seriously, couldn't they have chosen Carlie as the first name? Renee was hardly even around in all of the books! And as for her was kinda weird. All of these other vamps can read minds, tell the future, control the elements, and the spawn child can just put pictures in someones head. Uneventful? Definitely.

I was very upset with Bella's transition as well. I can't believe after all of the "I want Edward to change me talk" what truly did it was not a lovely change, but instead a needle being shoved into her heart full of venom and a couple bites from Edward...WHAT!? After three books, this is what I get for the transformation. HUGE let down, let me tell ya. I wanted it special, perfect, and it was anything but. However, I was glad she recovered from a typical newborn so quickly. I don't think I could have taken Bella as a crazed newborn thirsting for blood 24/7 without thinking about Edward at all. So my thought was, why make the newborns like that in the first place if she is the only one that "isn't" like that? Seems a little sketchy she was able to jump over that all and become a mature vampire so quickly.

As for the imprinting, I actually grew to like it, although I absolutely hated it at first. I was glad to see Jacob finally have his own girl to obsess over besides Bella. I've been so over this Edward or Jacob mess since Book 2, so I was glad that finally came to an end. I didn't like how love took a back seat in this book though. It kind of reminded me of The Host where there was a love story, but it wasn't the "main" story line. I think this happened in BD because Edward and Bella's love for one another took a back seat. I would have preferred the pregnancy and transformation from Edward's point of view (or Bella's), not Jacobs. Edward hardly said two words throughout the middle of the book. This book left me still wanting my Edward-fix. Call me an addict if you must, but I'm hoping Midnight Sun will leave me with my Edward-fix resolved which I was hoping Breaking Dawn would provide.

The ending: What was that? It was long, drawn out, for nothing. I wanted to see some vampires go down. I'm not gonna lie. I just needed a bigger twist at the end. I was thrilled that Bella and Edward didn't die (because they have always talked about if there is a heaven or not) but I needed some deaths. Preferably that little Jane, maybe a wolf or two and possibly another vamp (Garrett, maybe?) Your so right, WHO WAS THIS GUY TO SAVE THE DAY?! I wasn't touched in the slightest by his "big speech." I agree with Jen. Love Harry Potter's ending cause it tied up everything. But this one left me hanging. What about Leah? Renee? Billie and Charlie in a fight over Sue Clearwater (didnt see that coming)? And what about the Volturi now? I shed a tear when they were saying there goodbyes in the meadow, but then it was over, just like that. I'll admit that I was grateful for the happing ending though and that they were still alive. But I was prepared and ready if they were going to die...very anti-climatic.

Overall the book was great, and I really did love it. But to me it just didn't seem like it was the "final" book in the series. It all just didn't seem very fitting as the last book. It's so weird to love a book so much, and not like it at the same, when's Midnight Sun coming out?

Shayla said...

Wow, this was awesome to read what everyone has to say. I agreed with so many different ideas and others finally put into words what has been bothering me ever since I read this book. After having a couple weeks to think it over, I'm still not sure I can adequately describe how or why I was so let-down without repeating what half of everyone else has already written. Especially you.

My biggest complaint? This book didn't even seem like it was written by Stephenie Meyer to me. The characters were different, the theme was different, the whole feeling was different than the first three. I literally put off reading Breaking Dawn even though I got it release night because I wanted to finish Eclipse again before I started it. I started reading the first chapter of Breaking Dawn minutes after finishing the last chapter of Eclipse and it was like somebody else had taken over the story. She took three books worth of character building and story building and it was like she tried to "sum it all up" in the first few chapters with a quick wedding, a quick and weird honeymoon just so she could veer off on a totally different tangent and story altogether.

You know how much I love Jacob. I hate being called "Team Jacob" because I never wanted Jacob and Bella to be together, I just loved his character and wanted him to be happy. But even this book had me wishing she would have just let him disappear into the wilderness, heartbroken and alone. Seriously?! Why did we have to hear half the story from his point of view? Why would she change it that much? She's never done that in the previous books, why now? Don't get me wrong, I loved hearing his voice and his opinion and his sarcastic-ness, but not in this story. The whole imprinting on Bella's weird spawn-baby just DID NOT do it for me AT. ALL. I never got used to it and I never liked it. I liked how they could wrap things up and let them all be this "family" of sorts, but it just seemed too easy and odd. It would have stunk to see Jacob go away so unhappy, but really, I think I would have preferred that to him falling in love with Bella's weird-o kiddo.

I have always been rooting for Bella's transformation, but the way it was done here just left me feeling off. None of the conflict of the previous books even entered the picture in this one. Edward's hardly a character at all. Bella and Rosalie are all buddy-buddy and Jacob is still there and there's some crazy vampire spawn clawing it's way out of her belly...all to end in some anticlimactic biting by Edward. Just when I think we're finally going to get some good out of all this and Jacob is going to finish off this weird vampire-baby, he imprints! Sigh.

Like you, Alicia, I didn't give much thought to the ending cause I was just glad it was almost over. Hopefully I can pick it up again in a few weeks or months and enjoy it a little more the second time around.

Overall, the book entertained and I probably would have loved it if I hadn't already "invested" so much thought into how I thought the story should end. The whole thing just felt rushed and weird to me, like Stephenie didn't really know what she wanted to do with the story or she had too many plans for the story and couldn't seem to narrow it down so she just squeezed it all into one big book. The End. Does that make any sense? Thanks for the great review and all the awesome comments, I loved hearing what everyone else had to say.

Heather said...

I don't want to write a novel, so I'll just say I'm with everyone else. This book was weird, I wasn't a big fan of the series to start with and this didn't help at all.

Anonymous said...


Amazing. Totally agree with you - at least at some points. Like Edward fading into the background, new main characters, Bella as vampire (I think she should've been more out-there, more like the thoughtless, clumsy Bella I love). And I just hated the feel of the book, so different from the others.
But still......

I LOVE twilight, I'm just beyond obsessed (which is a big thing, since I'm really down to earth and don't really get caught up in those sort of things).
I live in Norway so I didn't hear 'bout the books before this summer (still beating myself up for not discovering Twilight earlier) and I finished the first 3 books in just days. Then I found out that I had to wait til 2. Aug. to read the last book (even longer 'cause of the shipping from USA)!!! So for weeks it felt like my chest was going to explode, longing for Breaking Dawn. And when I'd finally gotten it, and read it I was..... just so.... close to disappointed.

One of my favourite things 'bout twilight is that you don't notice the supernatural things, they're just there, all matter-of-fact-like. And that was so lost in Breaking Dawn: it started up great, with the wedding and the start of the honeymoon, but then it just got weird. And when we saw it all from Jacob's perspective, what was that all about???!!!

And still, even though this book is exactly what I hate, I couldn't help loving it.

So, there it is, my opinion. Well a little of it. I could write about twilight for 10 years.