Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disneyland Trip Part Two

Day Two at Disneyland was long. (About as long as this post.) And jam-packed. We woke up early and hit Toon Town, where Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald live. Toon Town is so much fun. Everything looks like it's a cartoon and everything is silly. (For example, there is a street sign that says Wrong Turn...Okay) You seriously feel like you've stepped into a cartoon and the kids LOVE it.

Goofy's house

Donald's Houseboat

The waterfall behind Donald's boat

The best picture taken on the trip (besides the one with Blake, of course), and I didn't take it. Bill did.

Chip and Dale's Treehouse

Loved the Toon Town sign behind Mickey's house that mimics the Hollywood sign.

Mickey's house

Minnie's house next door
(I couldn't help but think how easy it would have been for Minnie to sneak out at night into Mickey's house. Scandalous.)

One of the kids' favorite thing was meeting the characters and getting their autographs in their autograph books. They had no problem standing in line to get them. Payson especially loved it. It was seriously his favorite part of Disneyland. (???) We got to meet Mickey in his house and then walk through it. It's a lot bigger than it looks, and so cool.

Here is Payson sitting at Mickey's desk.

Mickey's laundry room, which I loved.

Getting Minnie's autograph at her house
(she had very nice handwriting, which is no easy feat in those massive gloves.)

Payson reading Minnie's email

Macy testing out Minnie's bed.
Funniest thing--Minnie had a magazine in her room with Jessica Rabbit on the cover wearing a slinky dress called "Jessica's Secret." Bill (of course) was the one who noticed it.

I absolutely LOVED Minnie's kitchen. I'm thinking of losing the black and white damask and going with this style instead. What do you think?

Making a wish in Minnie's backyard

Pluto always signed on his nose, which the kids thought was funny. He was kind of being a spaz when it was our turn so Payson freaked out and wouldn't get a picture with him.

Meeting Goofy at his house

Stuck in the dog pound

So strong

I thought this sign was really cute

Snow White's wicked stepmother.
She played the part so well--never smiling--that my kids wouldn't go near her.

We happened to walk by the line to meet Tinkerbell at a time when the wait was miraculously short. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have met her.

We also happened to be there when her pixie friends changed shifts so we got to meet both Fawn and Fern. (Not sure which is which.)

Macy got her face painted at Pixie Hollow. I think it cost more than our admission tickets to Disneyland, but it turned out soooo cute and she loved it. I took this picture waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, just before she got splashed by fake cannons on the ride and smeared all the face paint. Oh well, at least we got to enjoy the ridiculously overpriced face painting for a half hour.

We loved Tarzan's treehouse. Here the kids are making "music" on the pots and pans.

Here we are at the Haunted Mansion. I didn't realize Macy was pulling this face until I viewed the picture on my camera.

I prepped my kids for the Haunted Mansion to give them the option of not going on it, fully expecting them to opt out. They both wanted to go though, so we went. We stood in line for a half an hour or more and finally got in there. We made it as far as the first room with the spooky guy talking when Payson burst into tears and said, "I don't like this ride!!" My heart broke for him. So Bill and Macy (who was unfazed) forged ahead while Payson and I got to see the back entrance out of the Haunted Mansion.

We also got autographs and pictures with Tigger


and Pooh.
(The "poo" jokes were endless...from Bill. After getting Pooh's signature in their books, Bill repeatedly told them they had poo on their books. Yeah, that never got old.)

The we ate dinner on Main Street in an outdoor restaurant just as the parade came down the street, which was totally coincidental. It was awesome, but the pictures weren't good. After that it got dark, and then came my favorite memory of the trip. Bill and Payson went in search of a light saber for Payson and Macy and I sat on the curb of Main Street eating old-fashioned ice cream cones. The air was warm and smelled like waffle cones and Macy and I sat and ate and talked and watched the streets full of people strolling by. I took pictures of Disneyland all lit up.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

The castle and the Matterhorn

The view from our sidewalk

I want to move into Disneyland, right onto Main Street. I want to occupy one of the little apartments above the stores and fill it with nick nacks. I want to sit at my window and gaze down on the street and listen to the Barbershop Quartet. Okay...coming back to reality now.

After this we went back to our hotel, completely exhausted and grinning from ear to ear (pun intended.) Toon in (heh heh) tomorrow for my last Disneyland post.


Kate said...

it looked like you guys had a lot of fun!
I am going to call you and get some info from you about your trip and who you went through/website/airlines you went through, if you don't mind. :)

Davis Family said...

Wow, I might need a vacation after looking at all those great pictures! Glad you had fun.

Ms. Kristen said...

I love Disneyland!

Noelle said...

oh this looks like so much fun. i can't wait to go with the kids. next year has to be it before brigham gets too old. this looks awesome.

Amy J. said...

Those are great pictures...what do you mean you didn't get that many good shots! You're crazy! You didn't tell me that Macy went into the Haunted Mansion! Impressive.

Just seeing the photos of Goofy's house made me smile. Branson and I must have sat outside by that TNT exploding box for almost an hour. My kids went on the Roger Rabbit ride over a dozen times!

andrea said...

That story of your kids in the haunted mansion made me laugh, because I can just see my kids doing the same thing (and I will happily accompany Jace out the door... I STILL have nightmares about that place!)

And I absolutely love the image of you and your daughter sitting outside eating ice cream together... oh my gosh, it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy! And hungry.

Marilyn said...

Alicia, it's amazing because you guys experienced a totally differeny Disneyland than we did. Because our kids are older, we didn't even go near toon town, and a small world was closed for remodeling and I don't think we did the haunted mansion either. Our kids were all about the big rides, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, etc.

It's amazing how wonderful that place is and how big it is and how much fun there is to be had there.

If you figure out a way to move to main street, let me know...I'll go with you and live next door and fill my apartment with knick knacks too and we can people watch together. I seriously LOVE that place.

tharker said...

I love that your kids got to go through Mickey and Minnie's houses! (I was thinking the same thing you were about Minnie sneaking over...guess I have a scandalous mind too ;)

Someday...someday...we'll make it to Disneyland. I think I would be just as entranced as my children would be since I've never been either.

Connie said...
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Connie said...

Yes, definately a fun place.. I have seen it from all sides, I worked on Main street the summer after high school. See where you see the Crystal Arts in your second to last photo, I worked in all of that area, called the Emporium. I was a cashier in those long skirts and ballooned sleeve blouses. Glad you are having fun. We hope to take M soon too he is also at an age to have a great time! M went to Orlando Disney World when he was 3 he doesn't really remember it.

Lisa said...

ah...i am so longing to go there. until then...thanks for the great pictures!

Jodi said...

I love all the pictures Alicia! Looks like it was a great time had by all.