Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come Again?

The other day in the car, listening to Viva La Vida:

Macy: Mommy, who's St. Peter?
Me: He was one of Jesus' apostles.
Macy: Oh.
A minute later...
Payson: Was he on American Idol?

Payson, after witnessing Julia break her arm at the reunion: Mommy! Julia loosed her arm!
Me: Julia didn't lose her arm, sweetie, she broke it.
Later, after realizing he must have thought that breaking her arm meant breaking her arm off...
Me: Payson, did you think Julia's arm came off?
Payson, oh so nonchalantly: Yeah, I thought it was laying around somewhere.
Um...why were you not freaking out more???!!!

I knew I had kids for a reason...free entertainment.


Ben and Alissa said...

What a sweet kid, I love that picture too! That's funny he wasn't worried about her arm coming off and laying around somewhere, just that she might not be able to find it. That's what you have to worry about, misplacing your arm.

Amy said...

LOL... seriously, kids are awesome.

p.s. I'm sure St. Peter was on American Idol.

Amy J. said...

Too funny. My kids wanted to know if the singer of that song was LDS since he talks about missionaries in a foriegn field.

dandee said...

American Idol! We love you Payson!

Aubrey said...

That is awesome! I hope that when we get to heaven we will be able to relive these amazing memories with our kids! And be able to share them with our kids, just in case they don't remember how hilarious they are!

Nancie said...

american idol? crazy what they say huh? so cute.

Shayla said...

Love that Payson! He looked so grown up the other night... Can I mourn with you the loss of our little babies?! :-)