Sunday, August 23, 2009

Did You Know...

I am currently reading Twilight for the fourth time. I think. I've sort of lost track.

Did you know that in Chapter 13, the one entitled Confessions, she uses the phrase "his golden eyes" three times? No, it gets better.

The phrase "my eyes" is used eleven times.
"Your eyes" is used twice.
The word "eyes" all by itself is used three times.
And...wait for it...the phrase "his eyes" is used a total of twenty times. In one chapter.

There is also...

"our eyes," "his eye," "his glorious, agonized eyes," "his lovely eyes," "his eyelid," and "his eyebrows." I'm not kidding.

This makes for a total of forty-five "eyes," or some form of the word.


Every night Bill and I watch episodes of Friends on DVD. We just finished Season 3.

Did you know my favorite Friends episode of all time is The One With the Morning After, when Ross and Rachel break up? Weird, I know, but I could watch it over and over. It's so real, so emotional. I loff it. I loff it ah lott.


Did you know that I am quite possibly the last person on the planet who isn't on Facebook and doesn't Twitter? It is a little bit agonizing for me to not be a part of something that seems to be taking over the world, but I am holding strong, waiting for the craze to die down, the fad to pass, and pushing on with my little old blog in a one-woman effort to keep blogging alive. (I realize I am not the only one still blogging, but I might be the only one who cries if it ever dies out.)


I have an embarrassing weakness for Jack in the Box's Oreo milkshakes.

Did you know that a large has 1169 calories? It depresses me to think about, but you know what makes it all better? A large Oreo milkshake from Jack in the Box.


Svenja said...

Well I can say, I’m not a Facebooker and not a Twitter and I started blogging two weeks ago, and you know what here in Germany (well at least in the circle of my friends) I’m now absolutely hip because I’m the FIRST and ONLY one to have a blog. So no worries about not being hip it is all a matter of perspective.

Amy J. said...

Nowwww I know why it was so hard for me to read A New Moon for so long! Can you blame me!? Look into my eyes and tell me if you blame me!

MARISA said...

You'd love Facebook...very addicting. Fun to peek into others worlds. You want my username and password to take a peek????;)

andrea said...

That so does not surprise me, I find a lot of Stephenie Meyer's word usage pretty redundant. (Did you know if you google "ste" the first suggestion is Stephenie Meyer?)

And I have not yet experienced the deliciousness of the Oreo milkshake, but it sounds like it is totally worth it. I am right across the street from Jack in the Box like 4 times a week, one of these times I will definitely need to stop in!

Nancie said...

amy, youre so funny!!!

thats one of the things that totally killed me reading that series. Stephanie uses a few words or phrases over and over....but then again i dont capitalize.

mitch and i don't facebook, myspace, or twitter. but our phones are glued to our hips so we can get our email right away!

M-A said...

What is the point of resisting facebook? It's great. I would have no clue what was going on in my ward if I weren't on it. I would feel so out of the loop. I love it.

Amy said...

That is a whole lot of eyes for one chapter. Now if I ever break down and read those books, I won't be able to focus in that chapter.

I'm not on Twitter either. But oh, Alicia! Succomb to the facebook craze! It is so worth it!!!

Noelle said...

i must say that facebook is awesome at first: finding everyone you haven't cared to find since highschool but some people you can't believe you find again. that's awesome. but then after that first rush of people, it's more like weird email. that is unless you let yourself get sucked into the addiction that is facebook quizzes. horrible things.

and i will forever rue the day i read this post and try and read a twilight book again. i will start counting phrases as i read. i am a counter too and you just threw a major counting addiction in my path. have mercy. next chapter - count how many times she says 'cold white' something. anything.
i really like this idea - alicia counting stephanie meyers reduntant phrases.

Anonymous said...

HAHA. Good one about the shake,and very true. Oreos can make any situation better, unless you are sitting dressing in a Weight Watchers meeting. I too watch Friends everyday, only 2 episodes. I have seen them all about 4 times. My favorite episode is The One Where No One's Ready. Chandler and Joey are fighting over the chair and Chandler takes all of Joey's underwear, so Joey does "the exact opposite" and puts on every piece of clothing Chanler owns. The whole episode is hilarious.

And Facebook can be a great thing. It is how I was able to give you what info I knew about our old high school peeps.

M-A said...

p.s. my 77 year old grandma is on facebook.

also, it's great for when you need help...3 friends solved problems today on facebook

Alicia said...

Do you own stock in Facebook? :)
No, seriously, you guys are almost convincing me.

Shayla said...

Did you know... That I read this post at like 3 a.m. in the morning while eating double stuff chocolate oreos the night you wrote it, but I'm just now getting around to adding a comment? :-)

Facebook, gotta hate it, gotta love it. What else can I say? :-)