Friday, October 23, 2009

Do You Have Any Cheese To Go With This Whine?

I'm attempting to post from my iPhone for the first time. I haven't been able to make it work before. If it's all crazy we'll know why. I'm posting from my bed, sick. I don't know what I have but I'm pretty sure it's not the swine flu. I don't have a fever, just stomach stuff. Oddly enough, I think my phobia has caused me to develop superhuman powers. I have literally willed away my ability to throw up. Although this may sound like a dream come true for me, it can actually be a curse.

I can't physically sleep anymore, my head hurts from laying in bed all day, and something I didn't think possible happened: I am sick to death of the games on my iPhone. I don't have a good book to read, which is just criminal when you're sick in bed. I don't have anything to watch, either. I tried watching the new New Moon trailer on YouTube but apparently 3 x 4 inch screens don't make for great video viewing. I am feeling very cut off from the outside world so this is my attempt to communicate with it, even if it's one-sided.

So I'm wishing I had something to entertain me while simultaneously speeding up the process of recovery. Don't they have an app for that?


Shayla said...

So, so sorry you're sick. Especially stomach-sick. No, no fun. Go watch the new mac commercials, they'll have you laughing for a minute or two. :-) And then next time Bill feels like buying you a fun, new present tell him to buy a MacBook...they are just as shiny, pretty and fun as the iPhone, but with a bigger screen. :-) Get better soon!

NaDell said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Hey, so I was talking with your sister yesterday. We connected the dots that I know both of you. Allison does a lot at the elementary school my daughter goes to.

Amy said...

lol... there's an app for just about everything, so there must be.

So sorry you're sick. Hope you feel better soon!

Noelle said...

ha ha. an app for that. you are so funny - even sick. sorry you have no book. that is one of the worst things every and to combine that with being sick? horrible. will wish you a speedy recovery. like the guy on mr. rogers neighborhood. mr speedy delivery. what was his name? i'm tired. i'm a little delirious. good night.