Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Final List

*I have made the changes that were mentioned. Thanks all!

Okay, I am officially not taking any more requests for tickets. If I told any more people yes, some of us would end up in another theater, and nobody wants that. I am STILL not collecting money yet, because I am STILL waiting to get the go ahead from Fairchild and trying not to lose patience in the meantime. Thank you for being patient with me. Hopefully I will have answers soon. Below is the list of names and number of tickets. (Forgive any misspellings of names.) PLEASE let me know if I have omitted anyone or have your number wrong. If you have NOT emailed me or left your email address on my blog PLEASE do so. It will make future updates and especially collecting money a whole lot easier for me if I have everyone's email address. Thanks!

Alicia Leppert
Alison Martin
Kim Billings
Kim Myers
Mindy Anderson(4)
Katie Sautter (8)
Michelle Bunger (7)
Starlie Mathews (8)
Amy Cazier
Jodi McDonald (2)
Janna Grossnickle
Andrea Tucker
Heather Hamm
Amy Meredith
Brenda Murray (6)
Shayla Trimble
Jenny Reed
Sara Spencer (4)
Vanessa Smith
Molly Collins (19)
Tiffany Child
Heather Young
Cambri Longaker
Nicole Zornes
Meredith Harker
Nichol Behrens
Christine Villarreal
Amy Christensen
Michelle Maughan
Lindsay Stoyan
Chelsea Bishop (11)
Kim Hatch (7)
Jennilyn Kent (6)
Kristen Gourley (13)
Kristen Hatch (2)
Andrea Hayes
Michael Scrimsher (10)
Jessica Thorne (42)
Danyelle Mathews
Lindsay Bates (4)
Stacia Rochfort (4)
Rachel Jensen (20)
Amie Hull
Cami Jenkins
Louise Jenkins (2)
Karen Jenkins (2)
Tami Mathews (3)
Nicole Brown
Kristin Andelin
Marisa Anderson (3)
Jennifer Flajole (3)
Nancie Mathews (2)
Natasha Woodward
Kendra Lybbert
Jessica Christensen (2)
Katie Rios (2)
Melissa Boneck (2)
Jill Tone (6)
Allison Smith (3)
Rochelle Bassett (3)


Jennifer said...

Yay, you! But because you used to have my e-mail address, but I heard a rumor that you may not anymore, and I'm not entirely sure whether it ever made a second appearance (my e-mail can be sneaky like that), here it is again:


HaHa... how was that for a run-on sentance?

Amy J. said...

You're not getting yourself a ticket?

Alicia said...

Jenny- I lost the paper I wrote it on at church!! Thanks for getting it to me again, I will guard it with my life now. :)

Amy- I assumed that was implied.

a girl in a gorilla suit said...

How FuN! I am part(5 to be exact) of the Jessica Thorne group.

Thanks for your hard work! We ALL owe ya BIG time! :)

Marilyn said...

Alicia, you rock! And holy cow...that's a lot of Twilight fans.