Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yet Another Update

Okay. Still waiting on Fairchild,
who is still waiting on Summit.
But they (managers at Fairchild) have PROMISED,
sworn up and down
that this will ABSOLUTELY happen.

We have almost filled up an entire theater.
I will take up to 30 more tickets, give or take a few.
Then you are on your own to start a new group.

Still not collecting money yet,
until I have the official okay from Fairchild.
Sit tight, be patient, stay tuned.
And let me know if you want any of those last 30 tickets.

(email me if you have any questions.)


linda said...

does that mean you called them back today???

MARISA said...

I have another friend Katie Stover that would like to go! Can't wait to hear the update.