Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best Part

The Best Part Of....

*Olive Garden...not feeling guilty for ordering the pasta, because it's all pasta

*going to the movies...every single thing. The movie, the previews, the huge dark room, the big screen, the amazing sound system...I could go on and on.

*living in the Tri-Cities...It's the perfect size...not podunk, and not big-city either.

*spending time with Macy...having actual adult-like conversations and learning how her mind works

*spending time with Payson...listening to the hilarious stuff that comes out of his mouth and being the recipient of his cuddles.

*spending time with each other's funny comments

*being on the phone with Amy...hanging up and knowing the phone will ring again in 5, 4, 3, 2...

*being married...knowing he is legally obligated to love me no matter what

*having something broken...buying a new one

*going to the grocery store...knowing I have at least a few days before I have to do it again.

*making dinner...feeling like I'm actually doing my job as a mom and that my kids are actually getting vegetables.

* birfday

*getting dressed...wait, we're supposed to get dressed?!

*crafting...working with my hands and having something I love when I'm done

*eating at a Mexican restaurant...shocking everyone around me when I eat the entire burrito.

*a's a toss up between being pampered, getting massaged, and having pretty toes that will last a long time.

*having cable...DVR.

*girls night out...realizing I am SO not the only one dealing with (insert issue here).

*having kids that love McDonalds...I am a hero for being lazy and not cooking dinner. Everybody wins.

*shopping at Target with kids...makes shopping at Target without my kids all the more sweeter.

*Costco...when my kids ask if we can go there for lunch, and by lunch they mean wandering from sample table to sample table.

*blogging during the day...blowing two hours and having nothing to show for it.

*Walmart...self check-out. I get a bizarre thrill every time the scanner reads a bar code.

*a cinnamon roll...frosting and bread? How can you go wrong?

*a reeses peanut butter cup...eating ten and feeling like I've gotten a meal because, you know, it has peanut butter.

*my whole birfday

*having a cat...I can't believe how long I just sat here trying to think of an answer for this.

*only having two for each hand.

*naps...seriously? Taking a break mid-day to crawl into a warm, comfortable place and shut down and relax and turn everything off for a while and rejuvenate yourself and wake up feeling like a new person for the second half of the day? I don't understand the question.

*gum...minty breath. I have serious, serious issues with people's breath. Do they not realize, or do they just not care???

*iPhones...see iPhone user manual.

*reading friends' blogs...stealing blog post ideas. Thanks Rach!


Shayla said...

Love the naps, so true. Same with the McDonalds comment, love it. Oh, and the movies totally forgot the best thing, popcorn! I know, I just don't get it like I do. :)

Rachael said...

Your list was so good! Too bad for Jasper though...I would love self check out at walmart except it always tells me to place the item in the bag when I already have, and then, when I just pick skip bagging, it says I need approval, so I have to wait for the little clerk person to come scan their badge and push in crazy fast numbers, it drives me insane!

Marilyn said...

You are so hilarious, Alicia. That nap comment had me rolling.

Amy said...

I should have stuck with the same subjects as Rachael like you did. After all her awesome ones, it was way hard to come up with my own. I never even though about using the same ones! How lame. You're McDonalds one had me laughing out loud. And I always try to justify eating peanut butter cups based on the peanut butter as well!

Lisa said...

yay! 'the best part of' posts rock! so fun. um, i don't even know if you know this. but you were actually part of mine. the one where i say running in to a friend and her husband...yeah, that was you. you may have no idea what i'm talking about, or maybe you do...time will tell. anyhoo.

SiaDreams said...

I just came across your blog and read just about everything you've written in the past month or so. This particular post was wonderful and so much fun to read. Thank you for putting it out there. I actually might have to borrow this idea from you, but I promise to let you know if and when I do.

dandee said...

you made me hungry talking about cinnamon rolls + reeses peanut butter cups. and the nap comment, I'm totally with you!

love this post!

a girl in a gorilla suit said...

awesome...but you forgot to add "while sitting across from the worlds most awesomeist couple" in the Olive Garden part. :)

tharker said...

What's funny is I read this post yesterday afternoon just after waking up from a lovely 2 hour nap. I was laughing so hard because it was like you had written exactly how I felt after those glorious 2 hours.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Ooooh, the breath... I just played racketball against a guy who beat me largely because every time he came near me, I had to fight my gag reflex so hard!!