Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It has been brought to my attention that people are questioning the $11 ticket price for the Eclipse pre-release screening. Here is the breakdown:

Regular ticket price: $9.50
Summit's added pre-release screening fee: $1.00
extra: $.50

First let me address the $1.00 fee. This is exactly what I know: That Summit tacked on a $1.00 pre-release screening fee, which goes to them. That's it. That's all I know. I don't know why they did, but I think it's safe to guess they're trying to bank on the Twilight craze as much as they can because they can and people will probably pay it. There. Now you know as much as I do about the fee. If you have more questions about it, I'm sure you can call Fairchild and they can fill you in better than I can.

Now, about the $.50. When I realized the ticket price was going to be $10.50, I cringed, thinking of all. those. quarters. Dealing with $9 even last time was hard enough with all the tens I was given and all the dollar bills to give back. But $.50? It was only going to add that much more to the headache that collecting money already is going to be.

However, never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider making a profit off of this. Although I have had COUNTLESS people tell me I could and I should for my troubles and effort and time and headaches, I was absolutely not comfortable with it at all. But when I thought about trying to deal with bags of change, I just wasn't going to do it.

So I decided to round it up and make $.50 off of every ticket. But the more I thought about it the more I didn't feel good about it, and I started thinking of ways I could put the money back into the screening night, back to you guys, like buying some big item for people to win that night or something. You may not believe this, and that's fine. For anyone who really knows me, they would know that charging people for getting them movie tickets is not something I would ever do.

I was not keeping this a secret. I was never trying to hide this. I had extremely limited space in which to post my facebook announcement, already having to cut and delete things out of it that weren't absolutely imperative just to get it to post. Then I copied and pasted that announcement to my blog. I knew people would question the raise in price, and I was prepared for it. I guess where I made an error in judgment was not wanting to get into the whole explanation of "not wanting to deal with quarters" on facebook or anywhere else when the two people who asked me asked and honestly, because I didn't want to hear anyone say "you're making a profit off of this?!" I guess I should have broken it down earlier, but I didn't and I'm sorry.

If you don't want to pay the extra amount for a ticket, then you are absolutely free to go another time. If everyone has a problem with this (with the exception of the ten people who have already claimed tickets) then I guess I'll have to give up the theater, which makes me sad, but I have to have a minimum of 225 to get it. If, however, it's worth $1.50 extra to you to have a guaranteed seat in a "private" theater and get to see the movie hours before everyone else, I am happy to add you to my list and buy you a ticket and we will have a blast that night.

Sorry for any confusion or cause for the gossip train. Thank you to my wonderful, loyal, amazing friend for coming to the source and asking me straight out. And thank you to all my friends who know me well enough to know I wasn't lying about Summit's fee or "pocketing $375 off of this" for my own personal gain.

And I'm taking any and all great ideas on a $125 prize that night.


MichelleB said...

Seriously?? You better keep me on the list! If you were making a profit more power to you! That being said, I hope I win the prize because I am sure it will be fabulous! :) Thanks for going to all the trouble.

Amy J. said...! If people are upset let them try and plan the dang thing. I'm sorry but all I keep thinking about as I read this is that Mormonad from forever ago...the mud getting passed from hand to hand. I HATE gossip and I am sorry you have been the brunt of it.

I will be there!

Vanessa said...

You're awesome. I am excited to see what the prize is. A life size Edward doll perhaps?

Thanks for going through all of this, you are a brave woman.

AOlson said...

I'm still in! Thanks for taking on the planning and coordinating of all of this again, you are brave!

As for the prize - I am positive that any Twilight themed gift basket you put togther would make the winner very happy:)

Rachael said...

Alicia! It makes total sense to round up 50 cents! Even if you would have told people they had to pay exact amounts you would be taking a ginormous amount of quarters to the theatre! That would be insane! I think you should take out enough money to buy your refreshments, and then if you don't feel like you should keep the rest, divide the rest up and buy some gift cards for some of the movie goers and have a random drawing at the theatre. I would be totally stoked if I won and got my popcorn and soda for free! Or if they love the movie, they can use their card to go again! But you should at least keep enough to buy your stuff or for one more ticket to the movie, cause lets be honest, you know you will go more than once! If I were you I would keep at least $50 for your troubles. And can you put my name down this time, I felt way too left out last time! That's right, I'm goin' with you, looks like it is your lucky day!!!

Lisa said...

i want in! and i could care less if you pocket my money. even if it was a whole $1.50 GASP!!! much love

thanks for being all motivated and stuff

hatch said...

I am so bugged that the extra money has even become an issue for you. It makes complete sense, this is a apecial showing. YOU go way out of your way for people in doing this. You can have my extra fifty cents per ticket I am buying. And never would I even think you were trying to profit off of this, but I would totally understand if you did! This is alot of work for you! My SIL who I got tickets for last time, even asked me if we needed to give you money for your trouble. Honestly ridiculous, I am just bugged you have to even clarify the $11.00. Sorry for my rant, but you are doing a nice thing here. If someone does not want to pay extra then don't, but be quiet about it...

Ok I'm done! Have a good day Alicia!

MARISA said...

I had no clue about this, and I don't care!! I still have to talk to hubby about going that night-I'll get back to ya! Thanks for ALL your hard work Alicia! You deserve some kickback in my book.;)

PRP said...

Dude, you should totally pocket the extra money. I mean, really? Who else is willing to take this on? You can bet if I win that basket I'm giving it right back.

Why are people so stupid???

Oh, and count me in.


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tharker said...

Really? People actually thought this about you? I echo Karen. Why ARE people so stupid? Honestly, this had never even crossed my mind!

I will be emailing you soon because I'm totally in!

linda said...

really!?! people were pissed about the $11! Guess they should be happy they aren't going to the screening I am going to! i am paying $13 for the group i am going with!
But i would pay $20 to go see a twilight movie early, or any GNO movie. It isn't about how much it is, it is about the experience, the company and the fun.
and with all the hassel and headaches (see, i know you!) caused by trying to put something like this together...people just need to grow up!
Good Luck and have fun!!!! :)

Brenda said...

Those folks can go fly a kite! Seriously, I think you deserve the extra money for all that work you do and (have done) for this... I'd call it a Handling Fee...hey if they don't want to pay it they can sit in line at midnight! There will be pleanty of others who will want to go and not blink an eye or judge you! If you must do a giveaway - how about movie money!!!!!