Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Emerald City

Our trip to Seattle last weekend was absolutely perfect. We got there Friday afternoon and went to our hotel, which was fabulous. We were on the 29th of 30 floors. Our ears popped every time we went up or down the elevator. This was the view out our window:

The first thing we discovered was a stocked mini-fridge.

That's when we knew we were at a five star hotel. We've only ever had empty fridges before. Of course I had to inspect each mini bottle of alcohol and pull out the package of Oreos. That was before we discovered the sign that said the fridges had censors and everything taken out was automatically charged to our room. We almost paid $4 for a package of cookies, but luckily the lady behind the counter at the hotel believed Bill's story about this being our first "fancy" hotel and not knowing how things worked. Not our proudest moment.

Then we headed to The Cheesecake Factory, which, we were happy to find, was on the corner of the block opposite our hotel and we could walk. We were already completely disenchanted with big city parking and the epic fees that go along with it. I introduced Bill to Avocado Eggrolls (which I ate, onions and all, after being told you can't get them without them). He loved them, which is funny, since he doesn't eat avocado, tomatoes, or onions. We devoured them, and the rest of our meal. We were too stuffed for cheesecake, my one regret of the trip.

(I think I look like that Lily girl from American Idol in this picture. Either that or the monk in the Pit of Despair from Princess Bride.)

Saturday we woke up and headed to IKEA, our first time ever. Wow. Quite the experience. We went looking for a desk chair for Macy and walked out with *cough* a little bit more. On our way back to downtown Seattle this shot came up and I had to take it, it was so cool.

Then we headed to Pike Place Market.

LOVE it. I took a gazillion pictures and made even more notes for my book. It's really hard to describe the people and energy there. It is so unique. I kept feeling like I was bouncing back and forth between modern day, 90's Seattle grunge, and the 60's. Bill was inexplicably infatuated with all the street performers we came across and made me take a picture of each one, but every time I walked up to get one, I swear was the moment they decided to go on break. So all my pictures of street performers are just random guys sitting there. I thought I'd spare you those. But I found my newest prized possession, a handmade leather bound journal, something I have always wanted.

Then we ate dinner at The Crab Pot down on the pier. Bill had seen it featured on Man Vs. Food on the Food Network and really wanted to go there.

They bring you all this crab, clams, shrimp, oysters, fish, sausage, potatoes, corn on the cob, and such in a huge bowl and dump it out right on your table on butcher paper. No utensils, just mallets for cracking shells. It. Was. Awesome. I'm drooling just remembering it.

We also tried finding where Bill carved our names onto the pier railing ten years ago when we were engaged, but to no avail. (Hey, don't laugh, we found it four years ago when we took the kids there.) Oh, and we may or may not have gotten a parking ticket because Bill may or may not have completely ignored his wife when she said she thought we needed to pre-pay at the parking lot. She may or may not have completely gloated when they saw the yellow paper tucked under the windshield wiper.

Sunday we headed for the Space Needle with the intentions of going up in it. After paying $20 to park two blocks away, we got there and decided we didn't want to so much. So, we walked around as much as possible and tried to make the most of the $20 we were paying to park there, but a kid amusement park and a plethora of souvenir shops didn't hold our interest for long. Resigned to the fact that we just blew $20, we left. But we got some good pictures.

Then we headed back to Pike's Place to get the beloved journal I had talked myself out of getting the day before but couldn't stop thinking about. This was when it started pouring rain, and I loved it. It's not Seattle without rain, and besides, we were leaving that day anyway. One of my favorite memories is standing at the booth in Pike's Place, getting soaked, trying to pick a journal while chatting it up with the guy behind the booth about my book and Seattle. He even gave me a discount, because, you know, I'm gonna be famous one day.

While looking for parking (again) we passed Deja Vu, and since Bill loves to tell people that's where we were going in Seattle, we had to get a picture. If you're not corrupt like my husband and don't know what Deja Vu is (or The Vu, as he likes to call it), you can probably figure it out from the pictures. Yes, we happened to catch the reader board on the word "toys."

Our last stop was the huge Asian market Uwajimaya, where Bill stocked up on all his weird Asian food. (Okay, I like some of it.) We ate lunch in their food court and watched a Nazi cop kick homeless people back out into the rain. Awesome. We drove around trying to find the one that was digging through the garbage so I could give him my leftovers, but he was nowhere to be found. Where are all the homeless people when you need them?

And then we went home. It flew by, but I guess that's what happens when you're having the time of your life. It was absolutely wonderful, and I am SO glad I thought to ask for that for my birthday and SO glad I have an amazing husband who made it happen. Love you Bill!


Shayla said...

Yay! A post from Alicia! Missed your blog posts. So completely jealous of your trip to Seattle. I wanna go away with my husband for two whole nights without kids. Did you spend a fortune to stay at a hotel with a stocked fridge? We've never stayed at a place like that, either. I want to know everything you bought at Ikea. Love that place!

dandee said...

i'm so happy you two were able to get away and spoil yourselves for a couple of days. makes all the difference, huh?

and i love you so much for writing about you looking like the guy/girl? from "the pit of despair." i was laughing for 5 minutes. no joke.

i want to see your IKEA treats too.

Brenda said...

We just put a hitch on our van for the purpose of going to IKEA and being able to take a trailer full of stuff home (we are going tomorrow if anyone needs anything)

I am still laughing about the pit of despair.

We need to get together soon, havent seen you in a while.

tharker said...

The Pit of Despair comment had me cracking. up. So funny!

I love that you were able to get away together. Is it a bit sad that in the 10 years since having children, we have NEVER done this? Got to change that.

I love all of your pictures! And Pike's Place...I could spend hours there just watching the people. So interesting!

a girl in a gorilla suit said...

we were seriously RIGHT down the steet FROM YOU(we stayed at the red lion which, i think, is on 5th) guys...small small world, huh!

i am glad you guys had fun. its always nice to have some hubby+wife-kids time.

Rachael said...

I am so glad I could feed your cat while you were away. Having fun. With no kids. At ikea. It really was the highlight of my weekend. Seriously, your house was all nice and quite.

Looks like you had a great time, stuff like that is crazy important. And the leather journal sounds awesome.

andrea said...

I am so incredibly jealous! I can't wait to spend more time in Seattle and get to know it a little better without being quite so touristy. I'm so glad you guys had so much fun!!

Alison said...

I'm so glad your trip was so awesome! I laughed hard at the Pit of Despair reference and had Jeff come and he laughed hard, which is saying a lot. Good one.

Amy J. said...

Oh I am with Danyelle...I am STILL laughing and Sydney keeps saying, "Why are you laughing so hard mom...what can make you laugh so hard?" I started to slow down until I read the "Where are the homeless people when you need them" comment. Oh that felt good. why have I NOT seen this journal or your purchases from Ikea!?!?!?! Hello??!??!??!