Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little of This and a Whole Lot of That

Blogging two days in a row?! That's insanity! But I've found something I can do as I lay here waiting for sleep to find me. Plus, Rachael, you've totally inspired me with this everyday blogging. I wish I was reading The Book Thief, but, you know, I wouldn't remember anything I read in the morning. I'm gonna do my favorite kind of post: totally random things I've been thinking about.

-- If I was gonna break my No Rated R movies rule, it would be for Black Swan. It completely intrigues me and it kills me that I can't see it. But never fear. I will stay strong and abstain.

-- On Tuesday I got my hair done, and I went darker. It's like a really light brown. Or maybe a dark blonde is more accurate. Either way it's the darkest I've ever been in my entire life. I'm completely torn between loving it and missing the blonde so much it hurts. But it's closer to my natural hair color now that I've gotten older (blech. Why can no one stay blonde forever?) and for that reason I think it's better. Maybe. The crappy thing is that no one outside of my immediate family has seen it! I'm so curious to know what everyone will think.

-- Something that's not fun, is going through all the "friends" that Facebook suggests for you, and seeing names of people you could have sworn you were already friends with.

-- I can honestly say that learning Verizon will have the iPhone next month and not being able to switch from loathsome AT&T for another 7 months when my contract runs out is causing me physical pain.

-- Watching my kids play the Kinect gives me immeasurable amounts of joy. There is nothing like seeing their little bodies jump and twist and spin like that. I, on the other hand, have only attempted it in complete solitude, and the results weren't pretty. I think I even saw my Avatar personal trainer laugh at me when he thought I wasn't looking.

-- We made a family goal this year to read the entire Book of Mormon, and to read it every day. I am proud to say we haven't missed a day yet.

-- I didn't think I could possibly hate a reality tv star whose show I've never watched more than Lauren Conrad. Enter Snooki.


Alison said...

You're awesome!

a {girl} in a {gorilla} suit said...

Black Swan looks sooooo good. I will stay stong and abstain, too. And we will be stronger, better women for doing so!

Rachael said...

You said my name!!! I am kind of an inspiration aren't I? Random posts are the funnest. I'm sure there are any other kind anymore. I can't believe I haven't seen your hair yet. You should have called me out to the car to take a look. Woot woot!(from Baby Mama) on reading everyday, thats awesome. I too would love to see Black Swan. I'm not sure if it makes us better women, or a group of girls totally missing out...whatevs, either way the outcome is the same. we won't see it.

tharker said...

I can't wait to see your hair! Maybe post a little picture...

Is it weird that I've never heard of Black Swan and Snooki?