Sunday, January 23, 2011

Contest Winner Revealed

Wow. This is going to be so hard to pick one winner! First let me say thank you to everyone who participated and put such awesome thought into coming up with really good ones. I was nervous people would be too embarrassed to put their ideas out there, but you guys rock! I have the best readers/family/friends!

So now to the hard part. First I'm gonna break down the ones I loved in categories:

The Funniest:

--"This Ain't Forks" and "A Stones Throw From Twilight" by Rach. Purely awesome.
--all of Bryan's well-researched historical factual suggestions. Totally made me laugh.
--Oh, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. You know I love your entire list, you heard me howling as I read it. My particular fave is "Daleesha's Memoirs. And "Ball Splitter".
--Marcus and Ashley's (not sure who came up with it) "Clowdy With a Chance of Love." Love it!!

It's too hard to pick my favorite serious ones, especially cause most of them were really similar. I'll pick a few though:

"Moving Darkness" (Alison)
"Darkness Shining" (Noelle)
"Shot In The Dark" and "Love Under the Umbrella" (Lyssa)
"Emerald Flame" and "Brilliant Haze" (Marilyn)
"Dark Love Rising" (Ashley)

Honorable Mention definitely goes to Lyssa for the most ideas given. You are awesome!

I had too many favorites to pick just one, but obviously I have to narrow it down somehow. Since I didn't see any suggested titles that screamed out at me, "THAT'S IT!! THAT'S MY TITLE!" (sorry guys, no offense, I promise!!) I'm going to have to pick the one that sparked an idea in my head that turned into me finding the first title I think I could really use. Only it was two people, actually. I took one part each of one of their entries. And the tied winners of my Book Title Contest are...........drumroll.........................................................................................

Bryan Davis and Marilyn Lott!!!!!

Bryan said "Maynard Town" which made me think to use a nickname for Seattle ending in City. Then Marilyn said "Emerald Flame" and there it was: Emerald City. Ya know, from The Wizard of Oz? Seattle adopted the name a long time ago. And while I'm not yet officially choosing it as my title, it's definitely the first one to go on the Possible Titles list. And since the whole point of this little competition was to help me come up with title ideas, I think it's an appropriate way to pick the winner(s), don't you?

So, Bryan, Marilyn, you will now be written as characters in my book. Aren't you excited??? You'll be famous! (ha. ha.) As for the rest of you, again, thanks so much for playing along. I loved it!


Rachael said...

Thanks for the shout out, and I really like the "Emerald City" title. Maybe you could still combine that with Lisa's, "Emerald City: Memoirs of Daleesha" at least consider it. And congrats to Marilyn and Bryan...

Marilyn said...


You have no idea how excited this makes me.
When I FINALLY get to read your book, I will be giddy waiting to read my name in it :)


P.S. My word verification is pretty interesting given this contest: sunwastr

Brenda said...

ha ha, I am so glad he entered because I turned out to be a loser and forgot. I am also glad that you spell his name right! If Bryan is not excited then I am excited enough for the both of us.

Bryan Davis said...

Wow this is awesome. Thanks for having pity on all my lame historical references. Although I thought glue and wood chips would have been better. lol!!

thanks for letting us take a part in this.

andrea said...

Man, everyone came up with such great titles! all i could think was Dark Seattle Love Story. apparently having three kids makes you stupid. aren't you sooooo glad you stopped at 2?
LOVE LOVE LOVE Emerald City. It sounds like a real book.

Lyssa said...

That was a hard decision! So many good names! Thanks for the shout out. I love honorable mentions :) I can't wait to read your book. seriously.