Saturday, January 14, 2012

NOT Talking About My Book.

So life got insane. Fast. And I feel like I have tunnel vision. And all I do is eat, sleep and breathe my book and not even the good part (aka the story). I can't break away from the constant wondering of what I should be doing to promote it and pretty soon everyone's gonna get sick of it. Of me! But it's my job and it's what I have to do.

But not here. Here I can write about anything other than my book. Like, about how Bill and I went on the most spur-of-the-moment date tonight when we suddenly found ourselves without kids to go see Sherlock Holmes. (Love R.D.Jr., LOVE Jude Law, didn't so much follow the movie. Like, at all.) And about how Payson was playing baseball (pitching) on the Kinect and said, "I'm gonna give him a hard one!" and his super mature parents burst into a fit of giggles. And about how Macy came home from school today sobbing cause one of her best friends called her a "big fat ugly jerk" and my heart literally broke into a thousand pieces. And how I'm getting my hair cut and filled tomorrow and I'm really excited about it. And that I've taken myself off gluten to try and prove my theory that it causes my weird, bloaty stomach pain that gets worse every day. (So far, my theory has been correct.) I can also talk about my amazing friends and family who are here to support me and help me in any way they can. And that I had no idea today was Friday the 13th until just now, which is actually Saturday the 14th. And that my kids' beds are empty and I don't like it. There's so much more I could talk about but I really have to try to go to sleep in my efforts to break my cycle of living like a firefighter.

Thanks for listening.


Lee said...

I love your blog and your sheer honestly and realism. It makes me happy. I've been gluten free since June. If you need any help or ideas let me know. I feel a million times better!
Can't wait for your book!!

Rachael said...

Jealous...said in Baby Mama voice...I wish I was on a date last night and not cleaning my freak nasty house. And I'm sorry I'm one of the friends encouraging you to eat the cupcake and not worry about your gluten experiment...And tell Macy, I'll go to her school and punch that girl in the face if she wants me to...saddest, meanest thing ever!