Monday, December 31, 2007

Born on Christmas Day


It's been almost a week since his birthday, but what a week it's been. Sorry I'm only doing this now, but better late than never, right? I love to do little-known facts about people on their birthdays, because it's fun. So here's some interesting stuff about Bill:

  • He was born on Christmas Day
  • He was born in Guam, so technically, here in the U.S., it was only Christmas Eve
  • He's 1/4th Japanese
  • He can't breathe through his nose
  • He proposed to a girl he'd never met after chatting with her online for a week
  • He wants to be a CPA
  • He was just made Elders Quorum Secretary
  • He is a little infatuated with Transformers
  • He has a rockin' wife
  • He likes food for its natural flavor, he rarely uses condiments or seasonings
  • He is the funnest dad on the planet
  • He is hilarious, but most people don't know it cause he's so shy
  • He's addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper
  • One of his very favorite things to do is service, no matter what kind
  • He gets me like no one else, and does whatever it takes to keep me happy
  • He can do SO MANY impressions that only I have ever heard
I could go on and on, but at least now you have a little insight into my crazy, wonderful husband's life.

Happy Birthday again, Sweetie Pie!

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