Thursday, May 7, 2009


Since the sweet cuddly kitten phase didn't last long, I'm grateful that Jasper ended up having a fun personality. So that I still love him when he's drawing blood and making my kids cry. He sleeps in the funniest positions and he is overly fond of enclosed spaces and being covered, completely.

As a young kitten he was super curious about the computer. He always had to see what was on the screen and never failed to crawl onto the keys and fall asleep. That was adorable for about five minutes.

I can't keep him out of the dryer, even when I'm throwing wet clothes on top of him.

Michael Jordan's got nothin' on him. You whip a ribbon through the air, and this cat defies gravity.

Our own little version of The Brady Bunch

He could care less that he outgrew his cat bed a month ago. It's still his sleeping place of choice.

Just yesterday he burrowed under Payson's backpack for a nap.

He also:
  • Works his way up the side of our bed, between the sheets, and takes a nap under the covers. Makes for a fun game of "Where the heck is Jasper?!"
  • Is a complete water snob. He won't drink out of his cat water bowl, but meows at the sink until I fill up a Tupperware container full of fresh, cold water for him.
  • Is obsessed with our linen closet. It doesn't matter where he is in the house, if he hears the door open he is over there and up onto a shelf faster than you can say "aw crap." The only way to get him out is to bribe him with treats.
  • Bites our hands, then licks them real quick, to make sure we know he was just playing and not really attacking us.
  • Has a secret hideout under our bed, where he pulled the fabric cover off the box spring. He goes there when I vacuum and when we get mad at him, and I am highly suspicious that if I were to check under there, I would find several things that I am missing.
It's hard to remember what life was like before Jasper.


Lisa said...

probably boring. ;) that's pretty much the question i ask myself after every child, and that is the answer i give myself when i ask myself that same question...i don't really talk to myself though.

Alicia said...

And I'm asking myself that about a cat. That's sad.

Stacia said...

I can't tell you how much it warms my heart that you are a pet lover now! And I am not the only blogger that devotes a whole post to my pet! :)

I can attest that Jasper is pretty cute and a fun cat to play with! I love how vocal he is too.

Thanks for the awesome review on Happy Tails too! :)

Anonymous said...

Kim's brother Scott's cats won't drink out of a bowl either...they meow their heads off until you turn on the water in the bathroom sink so they can drink out of the faucet...he gave up and just leaves the extra bathroom sink trickling most of the time!! You need another kitten for a pal for Jasper!! (Mindy said):)

Ben and Alissa said...

I like the post! It's like you have a little toddler and you're telling us what he's up to! My favorite one is that he knows when you open the linen closet and he's up on a shelf before you can say "aw crap". That one made me laugh!

hatch said...

I love your version of the Brady Bunch. It took me a minute to get it though.

Shayla said...

Who knew a cat was so entertaining? There is a regular argument that goes on in my car on the way home from school..."which is better? Cats or Dogs?" Oh man, things can get heated when Kenzie pulls out the big guns and starts chanting, "Cats Drool, Dogs Rule!" Seriously, hon, I think that would be more effective if it wasn't actually supposed to be the other way around. :-) Love the pics, especially your version of the Brady Bunch and Payson climbing up higher than the cat. :-)

Davis Family said...

ha ha. Your cute and sweet and wait that is the cat...your great too.

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

It must be the name. Mike and I were just commenting the other day on how every picture we have of our Jazper he is sleeping someplace crazy!

Amy J. said...

Oh my gosh Alicia! You better have just taken those awesome photos like two minutes ago because if not you are soooo in trouble that you hadn't shared them with me earlier! This is one of my favorite posts ever! How did you ever think to take such a clever picture in your empty shelves!? The computer photo is so cute...very entertaining.

andrea said...

Now, if I remember correctly you have a birthday coming up, a fairly milestone birthday. So... getting older, and becoming obsessed with your cat... is that REALLY the road you want to head down?? I'd think about that next time you want to share your feline love with the world.

jk, love those pictures, I had to look at the "Brady Bunch" pic a couple times before I saw Payson!