Friday, May 22, 2009


Tyra Banks

I'm pretty sure my mom wore this in 1987.

Leighton Meester

Soooo happy to see the no-pants trend is catching on.
Curse you Mary-Kate! Curse you and your ridiculous ideas about fashion!

Michelle Monaghan

The designer of this dress found inspiration after taking
a little pink pill from a very shady character at a party.

Katy Perry

....and then immediately designed this skirt.

Lindsay Lohan

I know that celebrities can pretty much wear anything they want, no matter how out-there or hideous, and the masses will call it "trendy" and "avant-garde." But sometimes, I think they're just messing with us. Like Lindsay going out in a flowered jumpsuit and daring us all to voice the fact that she just didn't feel like changing out of her PJ's that morning.


She found the perfect solution to preventing another humiliating accident.
Harem pants. Hard to get wet circles on the crotch of your pants when it's down at your knees.

She rocked those pants when she parachuted into this event.

Blake Lively

I'm pretty sure my mom wore this in 1987. To the beach.

Diane Kruger

Obviously she came straight from her audition as Humpty Dumpty's wife.

Brad Pitt

Nothing says "sexy" like a man in a pale pink suit. The winter scarf mans it up, though, so it's okay. We'll just overlook the fact that he has it tucked into a white dress shirt.

Natalie Portman

I'm pretty sure I wore this 1987.

And of course, no Fashion Police TWIH would be complete without our favorite Lady GaGa

I cannot believe I have never thought to pair my Michael Jackson jacket with my leotard and fishnet stockings.

....or my sparkly gold granny panties and bra with a simple jacket.
Genius. Pure genius.


NaDell said...

I saw some gross puffy pants like those ones up there on American Idol's finale and thought about how much easier it will be for old people to fit their diapers into those. Maybe they're hoping that doesn't go out of style before they have to wear Depends.

Jodi said...

I seriously LOVE these - soooo funny. Keep them coming.

Rachael said...

This post is both heinous and hilarious all wrapped into one! I can't even pick a favorite, but I think I might be leaning toward "Humpty Dumpty's Wife"

PRP said...

Hilarious, although I still think Brad looks HOT....!

MARISA said...

Thank you for doing these posts Alicia! Now I can save $$ by not buying a PEOPLE mag. I laughed so hard about Natalie Portman's shorts and sweatshirt! I totally wore that also. Crazy Hollywood stars!

Sara said...

So funny, I love the 1980's comments, classic.

Noelle said...

more. give us MORE. absolute genius. brad pitts comments are my fave. well, and the fact you used the term 'granny panties'. pure awsomeness right here.

ashley said...

Really!? What are these celebrities thinking these days? I know they pay a lot to have stylists, but when they try the clothes on, don't they think to themselves, "I look hideous!?" I know I would!

Nancie said...

gotta hand it to em they all have enough confidence or "ego" to wear crap like they do. Pretty gross.

Amy J. said...

Oh my nailed it on the head with the humpty dumpty line! If this is what they wear in public I can't even begin to imagine what they passed up on that was hanging in their closet!

lindsay>boo said...

What! You didn't like the gold granny panties, bra, and jacket look? I guess I'll have to take mine back to the store... :)

Amy said...

Oh. My. I think I'm still amazed at the Michael Jackson one, I'm just so overwhelmed with visual nausea that I can't decide. And I'd just like to point out that I think I had an outfit just like Lindsay Lohan's only mine was corduroy and a size 3T.