Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pre-Release Screening Update!!

To learn about the New Moon Pre-Release Screening, see post below.
Our current count is 111!!

I called Fairchild this morning and talked to the manager. The good news is, there is no maximum and we can fill up multiple theaters if we need to! The bad news is, they (Fairchild) are still waiting to get permission from Summit!! (New Moon's production company) I wanted to say, "Shouldn't that have been something you got before advertising this?" but she said it was Summit's suggestion to do a pre-release screening in the first place, so they better agree to it!! She is expecting to hear back today. As soon as she does she will call me and I will begin collecting the money ASAP. (Not before then.)

Lots of people have asked me what they need to do. NOTHING YET, except keep spreading the word. I WILL LET YOU KNOW AS SOON AS I NEED YOUR MONEY!! Your name is on the list, if you have commented, called or emailed me, or had someone do it for you, I promise you that. Anyone that asked if it was too late, no, it wasn't, you are on the list. If you still have more people, keep 'em coming, I will keep adding.

Oh, and for those that have asked about time, the manager said it is looking like 8:00pm.

Any questions? Comment or email me at


Marilyn said...

Wow, I had no doubt you would get 100 but that was pretty fast! You guys will have a blast!

Kris said...

Sweet thanks for the update. I am glad that it's on a Thursday night. I had to come back and make sure it wasn't on a Wed. Thanks Alicia

Kris said...

Ok, count me in for 2 more tickets. I am still waiting to hear back from more people, so I might have more to add later! Thanks!

Also, Becky Famausili said if anyone wanted a t-shirt, then they could make a design. So that's an idea too!

Kris said...

Alicia, I'm bugging you again! I should just email you.....! Count me in for 6 more tickets. So I think my group total is 10. More amounts could be coming if that's OK! Sorry I'm always commenting!