Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here's My Thoughts...

You can give me the penny later.

parent/teacher cOnferences: went great
Jasper healed up aNd back to his feisty self

tulips and daffodils blooMing in my yard = happy me
Lego Rock Band being played at mY house pretty much around the clock

new favorite: Siobhan Magnus on American Idol
Feeling better but stIll sooooooo wiped out
watched the making of Eclipse on New Moon DVD; a tad excited now
wishing I had a good book to reaD while I lay around recuperating

my kids growing up way. Too. fast--It makes me ache
excited fOr camping
hanging out with Payson all Day, every day this week. love it
trying not to worry about the heAlth care bill...and failing every time
wishing I could get the storY in my head on paper easier


a girl in a gorilla suit said... should make this a wednesday tradition!

mind if i copy?

Alicia said...

Of course you can copy! I love copying, copying's my favorite!

Shayla said...

Always so clever. Glad to hear you're starting to feel better. I would love to bring you a good book to read, but although I have lots of recommendations...they all come from the library. :)

a girl in a gorilla suit said...

make work your favorite! thats your new favorite!

Amy J. said...

Ha Ha to girl in a gorilla suit! Love ever!!!

First off didn't know you had Lego Rock Band! Second...didn't tell me you got New Moon (guess that is a no brainer!)

I can bring you a book!! All you have to do is ask!!!!

Very cool usual!!!

debsters said...

What a clever post.

I think Lego RockBand would go over really well here- sounds fun.

tharker said...

This post is so cool! Love your creativity.

I had no idea that was such a thing as Lego Rock Band. I think I would never get Jake away from the TV again!

SUNJAY said...

Hiya Nice blog layout....wonder how u managed the templates.Really liked the content on your blog as well.

Ann said...

Wow what a cute idea this is! =) How creative.

Kelly said...

Nice Blog layout

FeliFan said...

hey alicia, love what you did with your blog. FYI,this creative writings you posted on the day of my birth. so it's prety cool!