Friday, July 27, 2007

"Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone", Right?

I'm sorry for not having any pictures lately but seriously my life seems to have spiralled out of control lately. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that the minute school ended things got unbelievably busy. Just doesn't seem right. It is one thing after the next. I am never home. I have become the typical "Soccer Mom" chauffeur. I live in my car. Between swimming lessons, soccer practices and games, friends' houses, grocery shopping, running errands, etc., I am virtually never home. I have to schedule time to stay home and clean house. And yet it's still a sty.

However, I have some shocking news. They may have actually figured out what's wrong with me!!! Who would have thought the medical profession would actually pull through? Not me. But Doctor, in all her medical wisdom, got it right (we think) on only the second try. She guessed I might have CELIAC DISEASE (an intolerance of gluten for those who don't know) and sure enough, the blood test results came back abnormal. I tried really carefully to understand and remember her explanation of the results but she may as well have been speaking Parseltongue for all I understood (sorry, got Harry Potter on the brain). What I did get was that they test for it in two parts and I passed one and failed the other. She said it's a pretty good indication it is celiac, but even if it's not, something is obviously wrong (seriously?) and it narrows it down. But she's sending me to a gastroenterologist (I'm not real sure I want anyone entering my gastro) to find out for sure.

So, although I may never be able to eat wheat again, I'll be doing the Dance of Joy that at least I have some answers!! (There's no wheat in gum, right?)

P.S. Still haven't finished Harry Potter. There's no justice in this world!!!

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