Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Random Rants and Ramblings

So Bill is at Transformers right now and I'm bored out of my gourd. It's been too long since I updated my blog, and although it will be updated tomorrow by my guest movie reviewer, it seemed like the only thing I wanted to do tonight. Here are some really random thoughts I am having right now:

  • I am so sick of law-breakers on the 4th of July. Who decided that the "no personal fireworks" law was really more of a suggestion than an actual law and really didn't need to be obeyed? Also, what the heck is up with doing fireworks three days before the 4th? The Declaration of Independence was still being drafted on the 3rd of July, folks. No cause for celebration yet.
  • I hate contacts. I would kill for Lasiks. Come 10:00 at night my eyes are so dry and burny I have to squint at everything and blink every 2 seconds. Thanks for passing on the crappy vision, Dad.
  • I went to Michael's on Saturday to spend a gift card I got on Mother's Day and stumbled into the new Martha Stewart aisle. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. It was wonderful. The products, the packaging, the colors....I wanted to set up camp and live in that aisle. I dropped a cool $40 and walked out with her markers, ribbon box, rotary cutter and some paper flowers that were on clearance. I love them all!!! If you haven't yet, check it out.
  • Swimming lessons. My little girl is an absolute fish. She would swim from dawn til dusk if I let her. And through the night. She LOVES to swim, and she's pretty good at it. Especially the back float. She could cross the Atlantic on her back. She shocked me to my very core the first Friday of swimming lessons when it was time for the big slide. She followed everyone up to the top and after five minutes of watching the bottom and still no Macy, I thought, "Uh-oh, she's totally freaked out and is stuck up at the top. Hopefully a teacher will take pity on her and go down with her." (Some kids were coming down the slide with teachers.) But not two minutes later Macy comes shooting off the bottom of the slide alone and disappears in the white foam until a guy teacher reached in and pulled her out. She hopped out of the pool and headed up the stairs again. I couldn't believe it! She may have my anxieties, but for some reason when it comes to thrill-seeking she is all Bill. Every time I think something will scare her to try she is the first to do it and loves it. I love that about her.
  • Lactose intolerance is one of the WORST things ever. I thought it would be no big deal to go off dairy. No milk, yogurt or ice cream, right? WRONG! Dairy is in EVERYTHING!!! I have yet to have a day where I have gone completely dairy-free and I feel it.
  • I am very excited about tomorrow. I love the 4th of July. Bill gets the day off, we spend all day at my mom's with my family swimming, eating, having a blast. And it's supposed to be scorching, which is exactly how the 4th should be.
  • Where have all the bloggers gone? On the one hand I will miss some of my favorite bloggers this summer. On the other hand, I may actually be able to keep caught up with so few people blogging regularly!

Was this random enough for you? Stay tuned for tomorrow's guest blogger, and in the meantime enjoy my favorite song from M5's new album.

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