Monday, November 19, 2007


So, like just about everyone else, all the recent blogs about safety issues online has got me thinking about what I want to do to feel I am protecting myself, my family and my friends to atleast some extent as I blog. I immediately thought of past posts I have done that definitely give away too much information, and went to go change them. But then I realized, I am in an interesting position. Because I took my recent hiatus (which happened to fall on my year mark) as an opportunity to change my blog address once returning, everything I have posted since coming back, everything from my "second" year of blogging, is safe in my eyes. So, I thought, instead of going back through a YEAR'S worth of posts and changing anything that may be deemed unsafe, why not just delete that entire year? Does it really need to be there? Especially if it's full of pictures and facts I now realize shouldn't be out there for Creepy McScaryguy to see?

I had already decided months ago, when
Passionista first talked about Blurb on her blog, to publish my blog at my year mark. So now, I can publish, and delete it, and it won't be lost to me forever! I was so excited I instantly downloaded my blog to Blurb, but for anyone who has worked on Book Smart, the editing program on Blurb, you know that it can be a little time consuming. And I am a perfectionist. And if I'm gonna publish a book, it's gonna be perfect, dangit! And I have a year's worth of posts to edit and get perfect. So, this is my question: Even though I have not finished my blog on Blurb and sent it to publish, do you think it is safe to delete that year of my blog, since it is all saved on Blurb, or do you think there's a chance that if my blog disappears online, it might suddenly disappear from Blurb and be gone forever? I'm pretty sure it would be safe, but I'm terrified to delete it and have it be gone with no chance of ever getting it back.

So if anyone knows anything about Blurb, or for you computer savvy people, I would LOVE it if you could help me out here. (I've searched Help in Blurb and can't find my answer anywhere.)

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