Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lots On My Mind

I've got so many things swimming around in my brain I couldn't settle on any one thing to blog about today, so I'll just briefly mention what they are. Here's what's on my mind...
  • 1st grade Thanksgiving feasts. We had one today in my daughter's classroom and the food was actually really good! It was awesome to see the turnout of families that came to watch and it was nice to sort of get my foot in the door of her classroom and get to know her teacher better. I really haven't been as involved this year as I'd like. They were all wearing Indian headbands that they'd made (most of the girls had their hair in braids) and they each said a little line about the Wompanoag Indians and they told us their Wompanoag names. My daughter's was Red Flower. So cute.
  • Baby showers. My sister's is tonight and I'm excited for it. I love showers, well, any kind of party really, but I'm especially excited to do my Celebrity Baby game.
  • Dieting. We, as a family, are really trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle. We're doing well, but, you know, those first few days SUCK.
  • Twilight. I finished it on Sunday and can't stop thinking about it. I'm dying to start the next book but have to wait for my wonderful Sister-In-Law to finish it first. I'm so desperate to read more about Edward and Bella that I'm this close (imagine my pointer finger and thumb barely touching) to starting the first book again!
  • Christmas shopping. I'm starting to get that panicky feeling because not only have I not bought a single Christmas present, but I haven't even given it a thought and only just sat down yesterday to figure out who we even have to buy for. I need to get on the ball!

I could go on and on but my head hurts and I'm tired. (Also topics that have been on my mind.)

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