Thursday, November 29, 2007

Relationships 101

Okay, seriously, I thought I had atleast eight more years before I had to start worrying about this stuff.

But..... my six year old daughter is already capturing the attention of her male classmates. It started a few months ago, she would come home and complain about how Cody in her class never left her alone and was so mean to her. Then it was that Cody chased her around at recess, always had to sit by her, and would write that he loved her on his paper. She had no clue what was going on, she thought he was a dumb, annoying boy, so I explained to her that Cody has what is called a "crush" on her, that for some reason when boys like girls, they sometimes act mean to them. She was flabbergasted, but I could tell inside she was flattered. When I went to her Thanksgiving feast in her classroom, Cody came up and more or less introduced himself to me. Eeeek!

This was bad enough, but then yesterday, the phone rang. It was Cole, from her class. He just "wanted to talk." They chatted it up for about five minutes and then hung up. I asked why he called and she said she didn't know, that he had asked for her phone number in class so she wrote it down on a paper for him.

Okay, SERIOUSLY?! I mean, I get it, these boys have good taste, she's beautiful, but 1ST GRADE???!!! I may be making a call to the phone company. Refer back soon for my new phone number.....

So today my four year old son comes home from preschool and says, "Mommy, Ethan has a crush on me." Luckily my back was turned because I was dying trying not to laugh. I asked him why he thought that and he said, so annoyed, "Because he's always hitting me and punching me and being mean to me." I explained that people being mean doesn't always mean they have a crush, and that boys have crushes on girls, not boys. (We hope. It is preschool.) He didn't believe me at first, but I finally convinced him. I hope I didn't give him a blow to his ego.

I miss the good old days when all I had to worry about was diaper rash and colic.

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