Monday, July 14, 2008

Aw, Aren't They Adorable?

Me: "Tomorrow we're going to a water park that has cool slides and stuff. It's not here in our town, it's in a different city that's still kind of close by."
Payson: "Is it in Richland? Because I don't want to speak Spanish."

Payson: "When I eat Cheerios with Life, it makes me think I want to try Life with Cheerios."

Driving in our car, listening to a certain OneRepublic song:

Macy: "It's never too late to apologize."

, coming in from outside: "It's 30 degrees out there."
Me: "Really, 30 degrees? How do you know?"
Payson: Because I measured it. (Holds up a tape measure.)

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Shayla said...

Love that Payson and Macy's quote is so sweet. So, you went to one of the water parks? Which one? We've been wanting to go to one of those every summer and somehow it never happens. We've been wondering which one is best/the most fun for little kids who don't swim that well/at all. :-)