Friday, July 18, 2008

Will Blog For Sanity

So I've realized I only blog about four things this summer: Movies, Twilight, my kids, and venting sessions. I'm okay with that, it's just an observation I made.

We've fallen into an easy routine this summer. Swimming lessons in the morning, come home, try and get at least one thing done that I need to do, eat lunch, go to my mom's pool for the afternoon, do something for dinner (I won't lie and put cook), put the kids to bed, read or blog till Bill comes home, continue to read or blog for about another hour, go to bed. Even as I write that, I realize just how true to the pattern we stay every day. We don't waver much from it. It's the only thing that's getting me through this summer with my sanity intact. When I try to do anything different, like today for example, the day seems to drag on an extra three hours. (Probably the three hours not spent at the pool.) My kids have discovered their favorite summer pastime: Doing things to make each other squeal angrily. This hobby of theirs makes me check the calender hourly to see how many days are left till school starts.

On a positive note, I got to hold the most precious little baby last night. It was so great to just sit and snuggle him and talk and laugh and have some girl time (kid-free, which is a massive treat these days). Congratulations to Amy and little Carson!


Sara said...

Isn't summer great though. Not having to worry about actually accomplishing anything.

Shayla said...

I'm so excited for Amy that little Carson finally made his debut. I hope she isn't losing her mind yet. I hear you on the summer stuff, except I can't seem to get a routine down at all. Could I seriously be well for longer than an hour or two, that might help?!