Sunday, July 27, 2008

Then & Now & What's To Come

I was tagged by my awesome cousin, Noelle. Thanks Noelle!

20 years ago...

I was nine.

(I think I'm 10 or 11 in this picture, but it's the closest one I could find.
My nickname was Sally Jesse Raphael. Do you love it?)

I was your typical skinny, gangly, prepubescent girl with too-big glasses and hair-sprayed, feathered bangs. I don't have a lot of memories from this time in my life.

10 years ago...

I was 19.

I was single and living at home and HATING IT. (Well, the single part at least.) All my friends had gone away to BYU and I was basically killing time till I met Mr. Right, working as a waitress and going to CBC *cough* sleeping all day.

5 years ago...

I was 24.


Yeah. That's me. I had just had Payson and looked pretty much like this. (This was my license photo that I was stuck with for the following 5 years.) We were still living in our little house in Richland and trying to adjust to life with 2 kids.

3 years ago...

I was 26.

We had been in our new house a year and I had friends and a life again! I was kept pretty busy chasing after two little kids.

1 year ago...

I was 28.

I was pretty much hating life, trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me! I was nauseous and dizzy all the time and thought for sure it would never end. Never did figure it out, but fortunately it decided to go away on its own come fall. Yeah, I know, weird.

Yesterday...(sorry, no picture of me yesterday.)

Was Saturday, which is now sacred at our house. It was a great day because we spent the first half getting honeydo's done and spent the second half swimming as a family. We ate lunch at Nothing But Noodles (Mmmmmm) and BBQ'd for dinner, our first all summer. After the kiblets were in bed Bill and I topped off the day with episodes of Third Watch, Season One (LOVE that show) and Oreo milkshakes from Jack in the Box. Does it get better than that?

In the next year...

Bill will start WSUTC in the fall. Other than that, more of the same. Macy will be in 2nd grade (!!!) and Payson will be in preschool again, three days a week. (Yay me!)

This was so much fun, I'm tagging Kim, Amy J., Shayla and Rachael.


tharker said...

That Sally Jesse Raphael picture is AWESOME!

Okay, I still remember that night sitting at Kristin's house when you pulled out your license. I'm sorry we all laughed so hard!

I LOVE the picture of you and Payson. Just the way you're looking at him is so sweet, and you look so beautiful.

I'm so glad you're not feeling the way you were a year ago.

Oh yeah, the most recent Breaking Dawn quote from Sam has me REALLY intrigued! I cannot wait for Friday at Midnight!

::DANDEE:: said...

I love this! The glasses are classic. I too, am glad you are no longer feeling yucky all the time!

Heather said...

Ha, those glasses are sweet. Sounds like good things are in store next year!

Marilyn said...

Oh, that Sally Jesse Raphael picture is hilarious. You are so adorable in every picture! I NEVER like my drivers license picture...does anyone?

Noelle said...

i think there should be a law stating we should be able to retake our license pictures. WHENEVER WE WANT.
my kids make so much fun of my glassa when i was a kid. now i just have to show them to prove i was NOT the only one. :)

Amy J. said...

Cool post...I remember those glasses like it was yesturday! They were so you, at the time. You are more of a woman than I am...I will NOT be putting my Drivers License Photo on my post!

Alicia said...

MORE of a woman, Amy? Ha ha, I know. Like 50 lbs. that pic.

Jodi said...

Great pictures!!! :)

Aubrey said...

I know everyone has commented on those glasses but....THOSE GLASSES! How awesome are they? I know it has been waaaay to long since I have seen anyone in your family because that picture is just how I remember Uncle Richard!

I have always thought you were one of the most gorgeous people, and these picture just prove it all the more!

What a fun post!

Alicia said...

Ha ha! Aubrey, that is so funny that you still remember my dad that way. He doesn't wear glasses at all now--Lasik. Thanks for the compliment, although I had to laugh that it came from those pictures!!

debsters said...

I had some blue glasses like those.

I think your dad looks pretty much like the same handsome guy.

This is a great tag to see you through the years.

Shayla said...

I love tags like these. So fun to see you over the years. So, yeah, you think your pregnancy picture is should see mine...! Thanks for the tag, I'll have to do this one and actually come out of blogging silence. Oh, and your Saturday sounds perfect. I'm glad you got to do some fun family stuff, you guys deserve it!