Friday, November 7, 2008

The 411

My week has been insanely busy, so I've decided to put all the things I've been wanting to post all in one post.

*Payson has a secret hiding place he goes to when he needs to be alone. When he's sad or mad, he goes there. When he thinks he's going to get yelled at, he goes there. Whenever Macy comes to tell on him, I go looking for him to talk to him and he is no where to be found. It's hilarious, because he keeps hiding there, afraid of getting in trouble, as if we don't know the place he goes to "hide" every single time.

Where's Payson?

This is how I always find him.

Under his bed, face covered up. Obviously, if he can't
see me, I can't see him, and he can't get in trouble.
Makes perfect sense to me.

*Macy's exciting news (and by that I mean exciting to her) is that she now wears deodorant. My sweet little girl has, well, some odor problems, both in the pit and the foot area. I don't know if it's like, a glandular disorder, or what, but when she comes home from school I can smell her a mile away. I am terrified no one will want to sit by her in school and she'll be known as the smelly kid, so I finally resigned myself to the fact that my 7 year old daughter needs deodorant. We bought some yesterday (she picked out the one that came with a free Ashley Tisdale song download) and she thinks she's big stuff now. Never has there been someone so excited to wear pit stick. Please, make your kid still be friends with her, even if she is the smelly kid.

*Bill is done with FedEx!! Hallelujah!! It was so bittersweet for him to leave. He was so ecstatic to be done with the exhausting job, having to work till 8 or later every night, to be able to see his family more. But he was so sad at having to leave the friends he'd made there. To celebrate his final day, he took a cake for everyone:

Too bad he couldn't even have a piece of his own cake.
Curse you Atkins!! ( Bill is 20 lbs. and counting! He's looking hawt!)

*Speaking of weight loss, I'm still plugging away with Weight Watchers. This is 2 and a half months longer than I've ever stuck to a diet. I have lost over 12 lbs. My jeans are loose and baggy and my wedding ring is doing flips around my finger. I had one piece--count it, one--of Halloween candy. Go me!

*I guess my Exciting News post wasn't as obvious as I thought it would be. For those of you still wondering, my little brother Landon and his wife Starlie are expecting their first. We are beyond excited (I feel like when it was my first all over again!), and their tiny baby is strong and healthy! And now they're not moving, at least for a while, which is an added bonus!

*Only two weeks till Cinematic Bliss. (Twilight premiere) Are you going? If not, crawl out from under that rock and go buy tickets! Oh my goodness, I just might pee my pants from excitement.

*And lastly, our family finally crossed over to the Dark Side. We have joined the evil sect of video gamers. We bought an Xbox. 360 to be exact. Three days into it I was already regretting it, but there's no way I can take it back and break this boy's heart.

No, not this boy

This boy.

(People keep asking, so I have to put that he had NO
idea he was being recorded. I was uploading videos to
the computer, so the camera was right there, I just subtly
swiveled it in his direction and hit record. He just found out
that I recorded him when my brother told him it was on my blog.)

So, does anyone know, are their any support groups I can join,
like, WOGHA? (Wives of Guitar Hero addicts?)


Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Well at least Bill doesn't strip down to nothing but his birthday suit, socks and sweat headband, and THEN jam out to guitar hero. Yes, we are talking about MY husband.

meohmyers said...

Nice moves, Bill! WOGHA, that's funny. My boys can't wait to get Guitar Hero, all 3 of them!

Noelle said...

oh man, tell me about it. i finally had to tell my kids they only get it on saturday morning when they'd otherwise be watching cartoons. i just had to. i know, i'm sooooooooo mean. :)but the kids dont' know what bill does after they go to bed....

Andrea said...

I could never be in a WOGHA, because I am a GHA! I thouroughly enjoyed watching Bill, knowing that I could kick his butt any day. :-)

Loved all the updates, your kids crack me up!!

Davis Family said... my kid is stinky too. I think kids start stinking early these days. We to have started Trevor on deoderant. Wish he thought it was the coolest thing in the world, but he wears it and we are all grateful.

Love the guitar hero, pretty fun game, but probably more fun on the wii :)

Starlie said...

you should try iced tea for macy's feet, I've heard it dries them out.

Alicia said...

Starlie- I'm all over it. I am desperate!

Alicia said...

Andrea- Okay, I admit, I'm totally a GHA. We play it every night. I think I'm better than Bill already.

Andrea said...

YESSSSSSS! We are totally going to have to battle it out sometime. It's a good thing no one reads your blog so my dorkiness can stay a secret.

Alicia said...

Seriously, how fun would that be? We just got the drums, too. Let's set a date.

Rachael said...

I loved this post! As soon as Bill starts to stay up for hours after you go to bed, we can start a group together. There are so many things I could comment on individually, but it is one in the morning, and I can't focus enough, but I REALLY did love this entire post. Oh, I loved the "pit stick story" just remembered that part, seriously, great job.

Nancie said...

im sending mitch over to play at your house. maybe we can take tips at losing weight too!!
go bill. nice dance moves.

Jodi said...

I LOVE GH!!! And better yet - ROCKBAND! I'm telling you...Santa better not disappoint this year! And I have to say that Mick and I really enjoyed watching Bill! And I can really tell the 20 lbs. weight loss. He looks great!

Vanessa said...

ONE piece of Halloween candy? I must know which one did you choose? I loved all of your updates!

ashley said...

That video of Bill is too funny! And I love the "Peace out suckas" cake! We haven't gotten Guitar Hero yet, because I'm afraid Marcus will then spend that much more time playing video games....but I will admit it looks like tons of fun! Way to go on the weight loss! I can't believe you only had one piece of candy for Halloween, good for you!

I love your "Team Edward" pumpkin, so clever with the apple!