Monday, November 3, 2008

"Nothing says Happy Halloween like a flaming bag of poo."

What a Halloween. We had our ward party on Halloween this year, which made things a little crazy, but we still had fun.

For two months Payson was adamant he wanted to be
the black Spiderman, till he learned he would have to
have his face painted. Luke Skywalker it was.

What a trooper. (Not a storm trooper.) He had all his
candy stolen at the party and didn't even bat an eye.
I think he was all hopped up on donuts and cider.
(Grandpa saved the day by dumping half of his
candy bowl into Payson's empty bucket after the party.)

For the first time in her seven years, Macy wanted
to be something other than a princess, fairy, or
ballerina. I about died of shock when she said she
wanted to be a witch. And not a pretty witch, an
ugly, mean witch. We even bought a warty rubber
nose, but it wouldn't stay on her tiny little nose.

It was the first time we've ever done the face paint thing,
and she loved it, but spent the entire night picking strands of
her wig off her face and asking if her makeup was all gone.

Molly told the kids stories when the party first started.
Let me tell you, no one tells a story like Molly.
Macy is still walking around saying, "It's big and it's mine
and it's stuck on the vine" in a weird voice. You rock, Molly!

Eating donuts and cider after Trunk or Treating.

Macy and Kenzie, two little witches.
(Macy looks a little scary next to Kenzie,
but I guess that was the point.)

When the party was over, we took the kids "real" trick or treating, as they called it. But by that point almost everyone was shutting off their porch lights. Next time we know: Go before the party. So we did six houses and called it good. It was a great Halloween, even though I never got to light my Team Edward pumpkin.


Kris said...

These costumes are great. I love the scary witch. Is that a bunch of grapes that I see in that picture? That's awesome too. Sounds like your ward's party was a hit.

polka dots said...

Funny...this is the first year Brynn was something other than a fairy princess. I told her I refused to buy any wings this year.

Jodi said...

Your kids are so cute Alicia. I'm loving seeing everyone's kids in their costumes! It's so fun to dress up!

Andrea said...

That's so sad Payson's candy got stolen!!! I think we put emphasis on the wrong dangers of trick-or-treating.

I didn't see Macy at the party, but seeing the pictures makes me realize that I wouldn't have even recognized her if I did! They look great.

Shayla said...

Yeah, I guess I didn't do the makeup quite liberally enough on Kenzie's face. Macy is definitely the scarier one. I didn't even recognize her at first. Payson was seriously the coolest little Jedi I've ever seen. Luke Skywalker was a Jedi right? Rachael, feel free to tell me how wrong I am on this...I only know Disney princesses around here. I SOOO can't believe someone would steal his candy! Like there wasn't enough to go around already?! So, so mean. Yeah, we went trick-or-treating before the trunk-or-treat, but it still wasn't that great. Only about 2-3 houses per block would have their lights on. I think people just don't stay home anymore for trick-or-treating like when we were kids.

4starmom said...

Someone forgot their pumpkin full of candy after the party it's on top of the coat rack by the bishop's office, is it Payson's? Macy and Payson's costumes were so cute. I love their smiles.

Davis Family said...

Actually....I think one of the Campbell kids left their pumpkin at the church...wonder if it is still there...hmmm


Alicia said...

Natasha, was it one of those generic orange pumpkin ones? I actually heard someone say that at church and didn't think to check. Actually, the last thing we need is more candy.

Rachael said...

I took me forever to realize that was Macy! This kids looked cute and ugly, and I too, am elated that Halloween is over.

emahaf said...

I loved halloween this year, all the kids were really into it you got a great shot of aleah wondering around. we did not do much trick or treating either, most people had their lights out around here.

Ms. Kristen said...

Thanks for helping decorate! I had fun seeing all the little kiddies dress up! And especially listen to the famous Molly in her witchy voice!

Amy J. said...

That is so doesn't even look like Macy. It's wierd that we didn't even get to see you guys that night! Payson's costume looks forced...ha ha ha. Just kidding it is super cute.