Saturday, November 22, 2008


I would say there are spoilers, but, come on, like you all don't already know what happens?

So. I saw Twilight last night. It was....surreal. That's the perfect word for my experience. Let me preface my review by clarifying a common misconception: I did not have especially high hopes for this movie. I know my blog posts convinced you otherwise, but really, I was just dang excited to see the movie. That didn't mean I thought it was going to be excellent. No, I was fully prepared to be incredibly disappointed. Even if they did it perfectly, I would have issues, because obviously it would never look the way onscreen that it did in my head. I think all of us who read and loved the books felt that way. So, having said that, here it is:

I....had...a very hard time with it. I cringed through probably 80% of the movie. I didn't walk away hating it, but I liked it less than almost everyone else I saw it with. This is not shocking--the more you love the books the less you're bound to like the movie. But enough of that. Here's my breakdown of what I hated, what was weird, what was cool, and what made my dreams very nice last night.

It started off awesome, the first shot a gorgeous picture in the very green, very wet Pacific Northwest forests. I love me my Washington. It was misty, the music was very sort of eery and dramatic, and it set the mood perfectly. The filming had this dark, grainy quality which gave the movie a kind of indy feel, which I loved. Enter Bella, narrating for the sake of the four people watching the movie who hadn't read the books. She was talking in this very sad, very depressing voice, and I half expected her to hang herself at any moment. As she spouted off the story of why she was moving from Phoenix to Forks, I thought it was a little weird that they chose to begin the movie with her spewing forth this information instead of revealing it to us later in a conversation with someone. It wouldn't have been hard to do--she could have told any one of the plethora of kids at her new school when they asked why she moved. But that's just the movie critic in me.

I thought I was really going to like Kristen Stewart's take on Bella. She really seemed to get the serious, shy, moody, part of her. But I soon realized that was her only take on Bella. She didn't give a real smile the entire movie. It was always this half-smile, as she awkwardly shifted her head and eyes around to show us how truly uncomfortable she was. I guess in some respect she succeeded--she was so convincing she made me uncomfortable. In almost every scene. I started silently pleading for her to just relax. Take a deep breath. Relax your face muscles. It was as if any moment she was just going to lose it--go completely postal and start screaming at everyone, wildly swinging a butcher knife above her head. Which, actually, I think would have been great. At least she would have shown an emotion other than melancholy.

And then, enter the Cullens. This is where the irony comes in. The part of the movie I thought I was going to have the hardest time with was the other members of the family. I was not thrilled with the casting, at all. But in the movie, they were fabulous. The parts they were in were some of my favorite parts of the movie (like when Edward takes Bella to his house to meet them--hilarious.), especially because Pylon Girl (Esme) only had, like, 2 lines. They really were able to make these ordinary real-life humans stand apart from the rest, thanks to makeup and an expensive wardrobe. I thought it was great how they introduced them, walking past the windows in slow-mo, one by one, of course saving Edward for last.

Our first shot of Edward was a classic example of how the movie completely ruined what should have been the best parts. As he rounded the corner into our view, they actually had this music in the background that sounded like angels singing. It. Was. Ridiculous. Of course the entire theater was cracking up, because I know we were all thinking the same thing. And that was just the beginning of the embarrassing, awkward moments throughout the movie, moments that could have, and should have, been amazing.

Their first several scenes together were literally painful to watch. I was in pain. Besides the above-mentioned acting by Miss Stewart, Rob Pattinson had two facial expressions he switched between for the first, probably half an hour: "I'm about to throw up" or "I'm about to cry." He looked in pain, which I know he was supposed to, but it could have probably been toned down. The fact that he covered his nose when she first walked in and looked like he was going to hurl at any moment totally ruined it for me. That whole scene, where he's just staring at her, then they zoom in super close on his golden eyes, was laughable. I was laughing. And I don't think they were trying to be funny, which makes me mad. And if they were trying to be funny, that makes me mad. There was nothing remotely funny about that part of the book.

The hardest part for me about the whole movie was the romance between Bella and Edward. Any idiot off the street knows this is the essence of the books. This is why they are insanely popular. This is why we were in line at 5:30 to see a 7:05 showing of the movie. This is why I am obsessed. And it was not there. In my opinion, the entire essence of the books was missing from the movie. I didn't feel it. (Except for the make-out scene, I definitely felt that.) They went from "we can't be friends" and "why do you hate me" to "I don't care that you want to kill me, I trust you" and "you are my life now." If I hadn't read the books, I'd be thinking, "Yeah, so, how did they get to that point?"

The meadow scene, quite possibly the best scene of the entire book, was, well, destroyed. No, pulverized. Maybe the worst scene of the movie. (Don't get me started on the sparkly skin.) The drive back from Port Angeles, the key conversation, the start of their relationship, one of my all-time favorite chapters...missing. Just, gone.

And then it jumps to the action. The evil nomad vampires come in and the hunt is on. The stunt doubles come out and the wire-works begin. The big fight in the ballet studio at the end was actually cooler than I thought it would be, but they quickly ruined that, too, with the most horrible, absurd part yet--Edward sucking the venom out of Bella's arm and relishing it a little too much. I know I said something out loud, I can't remember if it was a groan or a "what the heck?" or a combination of the two. It. Was. Bad.

Thank goodness it ended on a good note: Bella, in the hospital, breaks down crying, pleading for Edward to stay with her and never leave her. Wait, are those...tears? Is that....emotion that Bella is showing? Oh, so she was just saving her acting skills for the final scenes, I get it. Well played, Kristen, well played.

And then, the last scene, the Prom. The part in the gazebo was gorgeous, and incredibly romantic with all the white lights and slow music and them dancing close...they nailed the "is he going to change her?" scene--I think there might actually have been steam coming off the movie screen when he leaned in and kissed her neck. Deep breaths, Alicia, deep breaths.

And then it was done. And my mind was spinning and racing and people were asking me what I thought and I I wanted to avoid it, but I knew it was unavoidable. When some of my friends asked me what I thought, I equated it to being asked what you thought of your first child being born. (I don't really feel the two are the same for me, I was just trying to think of something they could possibly relate to.) How do you answer that? It's too personal, there's just too much.

Other things I had issues with were some minor details they felt they needed to change for no apparent reason, stuff that so could have been left alone. Most of them have slipped my mind, but some that I remember are a) Bella did NOT have a cell phone b) Bella's computer was a dinosaur with dial-up, most definitely NOT a Mac and c) Converse and leggings to the Prom? Really?


I loved Rob. I did, even though I hated him in the beginning. Each scene he got better. Each scene he looked less nauseous and more perfect. Each scene he smiled more and relaxed more and looked more and more like Edward. And he nailed the accent. I was so impressed with the accent.

I loved the kissing scenes. If there was one thing they got right, it was drawing out that first kiss, even longer than the typical lean-in-super-slow-to-create-sexual-tension movie kiss. You could feel the fear, you loved Edward for telling her twice to hold still, and finally, when you think you can't stand it any longer, their lips finally meet It was definitely racier than the book (they NEVER kissed like that in Twilight), but, that's Hollywood. After that scene was over, I leaned over to my friend Kim and said, "My whole body feels like jello." Holy Hot.

I loved the baseball scene. I know! Imagine my shock when the part of the book that seemed so ridiculous to me, that I could not imagine looking cool in any sense of the word, was one of my favorite parts. The lightening and thunder, the rock music in the background, the speed and was awesome. I even liked the baseball uniforms! I know, so weird.

I loved Edward's room and all the gorgeous shots of "Washington". (I know it was Oregon, but whatever, like anyone can tell.) I loved when he took her up in that tree and the view behind them and he's up there smiling at her...loved it.

I loved the unexpected humor, mostly with the supporting cast, who were great by the way. I especially liked Jessica. She was perfect. Her "boob" comment was one of my favorites.

I loved seeing my favorite story played out before me, where I could see it. Even though so many parts were hard for me to watch, I still loved watching it. I can't wait to see it again.

I know there will be a million and one things I will think of later, so I'll probably have to do a follow-up later like I did with Breaking Dawn. I'm feeling really rushed right now (trying to go out with my husband) but I really wanted to get this done today for you all. So now I really, really want to know what you all thought. PLEASE comment and tell me, even if you totally disagree with my review.


Okay, second review coming. Yeah, so I took my husband to go see it tonight. And I have to say it was soooooo much better the second time around. Now that I knew what parts were going to be cheesy it made them so much more bearable. And my husband, who has never read the books, loved it. He keeps asking me questions about it and I can't believe I can finally tell him everything I know. (He's probably getting way more information than he wanted.)

I think I didn't give Kristen quite enough credit. I think she played Bella as best as anyone could. And I forgot about the part where Charlie (whom I've nicknamed Chief Comic Relief, by the way) gives her her truck--she actually laughs and looks happy and normal. So there was that one.

The one major thing I forgot to mention that really bothered me was the biggest change they made: how Bella found out he was a vampire. Instead of Jacob telling her on the beach, she had to buy a book and put it together. (Which, why did she google to find a book, buy the book, read something in the book, then google that thing. Why the heck didn't she just google the "legend" and keep on reading? Stupid lamb.) Anyway, another completely unnecessary change.

So I really loved it tonight. I noticed the music even more, and can't wait to buy the soundtrack. I especially love Bella's Lullaby and watching Edward play it. (That was really Rob playing that, btw. Is there anything sexier than a guy playing the piano? ) So for those of you who were as disappointed as I was, go see it again. Preferably with your significant other. Just tell them it's a vampire movie, they'll go.


Noelle said...

i loved your review and i haven't even seen it yet. i see it on tuesday night. but i know i will feele exactly lke you do. i am expecting the worst and hope it is a LITTLe better than that. i am just so glad they are making a TON of money so that they can use that money to make new moon totally AWESOME. i'm already wondering how they are going to do the morphing with the werewolves and everything. hopefully they will get the same guys who did lion, withc and the wardrobe. then it might work.
i will letyou know how i liked it wednesday.
you are lovely for being so honest. glad there were parts you loved. can't wait to see the kiss. mmmm. can't wait.

tharker said...

I left the movie last night wondering what your thoughts were and if you liked it. I wanted to ask you, but I didn't want to dissapoint you when I told you what I thought of it. But, can because they are EXACTLY the same as your's!!!

Literally, almost everything you wrote in this review could describe my thoughts perfectly.

Some of my favorite lines (because they were so ridiculous) were;
"Hold on tight, Spider Monkey" and "You are my personal Heroine" Awesome.

I really loved the high school kids, especially Mike and Eric.

I didn't like Kristen Stewart as Bella. At all. I couldn't ever tell if she was trying that hard to be so awkward, or if it was just really bad acting. I still can't figure it out.

I liked Robert Pattison as Edward and I agree with you on his 2 facial expressions. And yes, he was a little TOO in to sucking the venom out of Bella's arm at the end.

I did like the prom scene, and I LOVED Victoria at the end.

Even though I didn't really like the movie as a whole, it was still a great night out, so I was completely happy with that.

Lisa said...

OMGsh. This is so amusing to me. I was incredibly entertained. I LOVED the books and like the movie. This is exactly what I expect when they turn an amazing book into a movie, with the exception of Harry Potter (those movies are unbelievable.)

I think I was more annoyed with the clapping and cheering during the movie than any of the parts that actually annoyed me. Seriously this isn't Broadway it's a freaking movie, so save your obnoxious cheering for actors who can actually hear you and not for the rest of us movie goers who payed good money to hear every line and every music note of the entire movie. I understand the excitement but, please.

My hopes are this; Twilight rakes in a ton of money...which it will, and then they use that money for some more realist special effects. Yes, the acting was awkward at times, but that can only get better. I have to say that overall I was pleasantly surprised...maybe because I expected total dog crap, or maybe because I would have been content watching Rob make two facial expressions by himself in a mirror for two hours. ;)

Oh, the part that bugged me the most...the oxygen tube in Bella's nose, believe it or not. It's like pick a freaking spot on her face and stay there, already! (Wow, I rambled longer than I originally bad.)

Rachael said...

Honestly, I almost feel like I need to see it again before I can truly form an opinion about the movie. I think seeing it in a packed theater ruined some parts for me a little bit. I just kept telling myself, don't compare it to the book, just watch it, over and over. I had to keep reminding myself I couldn't possibly expect it to be exactly the same. Also, I really want to watch it with Kent or someone who has never read the books, and see if they really GET the story. Sometimes I wonder if they missed some vital points, like you said, the intensity of the relationship between Edward and Bella. I just want to know how it will come across to someone who has not read the book. I guess I just wonder if there will be holes in the story kinda, I don't know how exactly to put it. I can't believe how much you remember, I have no idea what music was playing when. And I felt super annoyed that the previews went straight into the movie with no warning, I was a little caught off guard, I didn't even realize it had started at first. Anyway, sorry this wasn't much of an opinion, but again, I feel like I want to watch it again before I really commit to how I felt about it....

marisa said...

Okay I just saw this 1 hour ago with my husband, and I have to tell you I really wanted to go bad b/c you loved the books so much. I did not read the books, so obviously I can't compare them. But in a whole I really liked the movie. I agree with the whole speedy relationship part. Okay, we're in highschool and all of the sudden we have this I'll become a vampire for you relationship! I do agree with how HOT he is though! Woohoo!!! Even though Kristen was a mediocre actress, she does get to lock lips with Rob! I also loved the supporting actors. The trio of vampires had some sweet clothes. The funniest part to Jack and I was all the giddy highschool girls in the movie theater reacting to Edward. There were many, "Ahhs", "Tee Hee Hee", and "Ohhhhs".

MichelleB said...

Can I just say ditto ditto? I hated that the books were not humorous and there were scenes people should not have been laughing in. Maybe it is because we knew what the "secret" was. Or they just didn't get the intensity right. Does that make sense? I couldn't wait to hear what you thought. All that said I will see it again.

Jodi said...

I am sooooo happy to read your post Alicia. I felt like I was the only one leaving the movie unsatisfied last night (although the first kiss scene was VERY satisfying). I was sad that they left out so many of my favorite parts in the books. I realize they have to condense the book into a movie, but they skipped things that I felt were real important. Like the build up of the relationship between Bella and Edward...I didn't buy it so much in the movie (although I liked the "tension" between them). As far as characters, I LOVED Edward and Victoria, I didn't think Jasper or Carlisle were cute AT ALL (which was very disappointing) and didn't like how we didn't really get to "meet" the Cullen family. But I totally want to see it again and give it another chance. I'm really wondering if it'd help without all the teenage "commentary." I don't know. Oh, and I like the fight scene - until Edward was sucking out the venom. That was icky!

Jodi said...

One more thing, I thought the piano playing during the romantic scenes were a little too cheesy. Kind of reminded me of watching a soap opera. Although, like I said - I LOVED the first kiss scene and Edward's breathing as he was coming in for a kiss. HOT!

Kate said...

I love your review....very to the point :)
Me being one of the only people in the theatre that hadn't read the book (please don't hate me) I actually liked it. I was actually able to follow along pretty well and know what was going on. The movie made me excited to start reading the book and know what the heck all you guys are talking about!

michellemybelle said...

I've seen the movie twice and loved it both times. The soundtract is just as good. I have been listening to it for days not. My favortie by Muse...thearem around Bella in sunglasses walking into school well as the amazingly well done baseball game song.
Um... did anyone elese love the scene where Edward is out of control and driving his hot car away from creepy guys in Port Angeles?

michellemybelle said...

please excuse all typos in the above comment. not=now, and I think that should say "favorite".

Brenda said...

I really really liked it the first time, but I went into it thinking it was too hyped up and would end being a total flop. I was totally entertained and can't wait to see it again as well as the next and the next. Maybe I am a cheesy goon, but I enjoyed it very much. I also think Bella was acted out very well... from the book I remember her being depressed and grumpy, except with Edward. Hey wouldn't you be uptight if you were falling for a vampire? Thanks for the review(s)!

Amy J. said...

You would be sad to know Alicia that I went to the movie have a girls night out. I have never been happy with movies made from my favorite books so I wasn't holding my breath. I really liked it. Yes...there were some pretty cheesy parts but I felt like they did a good job of getting the feel of the book. Bella has always seemed dreary and pouty to me so I am glad you gave KRisten a second chance, she did it just right in my book. I thought Dr. Carlissle was HOT! Yes, they went way overboard on the powder and hairspray but he was a good looking guy. And Edward was steaming. I really don't think I will ever talk John into going, I really don't. But then I can just keep Edward and Dr. Carlissle my secret.

Great Review by the way.

Anonymous said...

I thought of a few more things that were confusing. The realtionship between Bella and Jacob and his dad saying to end her relationship with Edward. I'm sure there's a lot more to this than what is portrayed in the movie. Plus I've seen those Team Edward, Team Jacob tees and signs and I didn't get that there was a whole lot there except a friendship. I guess I'm going to have to start reading. This is big for me Alicia! Marisa

meohmyers said...

Great review! I kept reading parts and saying, "Yeah. Yep. I completely agree. Uh-huh."

I liked the movie more than you, I think, but I still LOVE the book. I was cringing, too, especially when Jasper was on screen. He just creeped me out. Bizarre portrayal of the character who was supposed to be able to calm moods. That bugged me.

There were definitely cheesy moments - more often than not - but like you said, I loved watching my favorite book unfold on screen. I thought they did a good job with the 2 hours they had getting all of the book in there. The changes they made were subtle enough to me that I thought they stayed pretty true to the book. I'd watch it again, and I'll even buy it when it comes out on DVD. It's not my favorite movie of all time but I was entertained for sure!

I read that Summit has informed Kristen and Rob they are going ahead with the production of New Moon. I just hope the movies keep getting better and better. They've got some areas for improvement, we'll see if they do it!

I so wish Jeff and I could have gone with you and Bill! Are you up for a 3rd time? :)

Alicia said...

Marisa- READ the books!!! I can't stress this enough. My husband was confused on parts, too, not having read them, that they totally did not explain in the movie. Like, what was Rosalie's deal? Why did she hate Bella so much? You wouldn't know without having read them.

Kim- Bill and I say heck yes!

Ms. Kristen said...

Great Great Review! I felt the same with Bella. And, the white makeup and hairspray bugged me too!
But, all in all, I was surprised with alot of the scences reflected my own imagination while I read the book.
I loved the kissing scence and went home and got some of my own vampire kisses!
I need to take the whole famdam!

lindsay>boo said...

I liked your reviews of the book Alicia. I agree with you and some of the others who mentioned they have a hard time with movies where they've read the books first. There were many points in your reviews that I agreed with. But now having read your second review, I too, would be curious to watch it again. I imagine I would like it more this time going into it knowing what's going to happen. I thought it was a really fun evening though and I enjoyed seeing so many people!

Jodi said...

I'm so happy to hear that the second time was better. I thought that it might be. Maybe I can convince Mick into seeing it. Since he doesn't realize all the IMPORTANT FAVORITE parts of mine that were skipped. Like the going from Bella figuring out Edward's a vampire, to him throwing her on his back and "running" to the meadow scene... I'm definately seeing it again. (and I checked out Carlisle and Jasper BEFORE becoming a vampire and they're very cute outside of "Twilight" maybe that'll help me like them better too) ;)

linda said...

I saw the movie Friday morning, (my sister in-law and some friends of hers reserved the theatre for 10 am and invited like 100 people-NO husbands or kids!!!) and when I got home, my husband, who had listened to the books, and wanted to see the movie, REALLY wanted to know what I thought. I didn't like it. I kept waiting for scenes to happen that just didn't and scenes that did, I thought they screwed up. And I REALLY didn't like Bella. But, I took David to it Saturday night, and it was MUCH better. I think it is b/c I wasn't "waiting". I knew what to expect. So I was able to just watch a vampire love story. I really enjoyed reading your review of it though, it seemed to mirror my thoughts on the movie.

Alicia said...

We saw you guys Saturday night! I tried to catch your eye as we were leaving the theater at the end, but it was too crazy with people. That's so funny that your experience was so similar to mine.

andrea said...

It ended up being better than I expected... always a nice surprise! I would see it again in a heart beat, so it's good to know it's slightly better the 2nd time.

The more I think about the scene in the forest where Edward is freaking out and jumping around asking Bella if she thinks she can outrun him, etc... the more I hate it. If I do see it again I will have to go get a snack at that part, or something.

And, I loved your "stupid lamb" comment. Made me laugh.

Andre said...

I didn't like the books at all but the movie turned out better than I thought it would. I didn't like Bella,I thought she was boring, but Edward was better than I thought. I agree that there wasn't much to the relationship. Going from stay away from me to I love you is weird.

polka dots said...

I wondered what you thought of the movie. Now I know. Good review. I can't believe the detailed memory you have.

Marilyn said...

Alicia, your review rocks. Although I disagree with you on the portrayal of Bella. I thought it was really perfect.

I printed off your review and read it to Brandon and he enjoyed your take. but he really liked the movie quite a bit and wants to see it again.

I am so glad you saw it again with Bill and that you were able to enjoy it...I can NOT wait to see it a few more times.

I keep thinking about how miserable it will be during the time that it is no longer on the big screen and before it comes out on DVD. I will be in Twilight withdrawal I think...I guess I'll just have to read the books again.

Heather said...

It was entertaining, but I didn't love the books either.

I loved the baseball scene, hate the the La Push scene and the hospital scene. I did think the whole meadow scene was weird too.

I felt like they spent a bunch of time on random thngs and then not so much on the important stuff.

My biggest pet peeve the black piano instead of white and the fact that it was a Kawaii. Cullens would have had a Steinway. AND HIS CAR IS TOTALLY NOT THE RIGHT ONE. But whatever.

Heather said...

PS it did totally look like RP was playing the piano... someone should find out.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Hello Twilight Lover Twin!
I honestly have to say I disagree with most of your review....but that doesn't mean I appreciate everything you said. I too am obsessed with the books and am totally sad they left out two of my favorite scenes that really defina Edward and Bella's relationship...but I knew the movie would be no where near the beauty of the books. I guess I loved the movie and all of the actors because I just liked the entertainment. I loved Kristen's protrayal of Bella and I loved all of Rob's expressions. Oh and when Edward walks in for the first time...that was like one of my favorite scenes of Edward. I loved the smirk he gave when he heard Jessica talking about him. gotta e-mail me. I don't know why it didn't work for you!

AOlson said...

I actually left the theater happy. I wasn't expecting it to be amazing or even good so I left with a better opinion than I thought I would have. I HATED the meadow secne. They totally ruined what was in the book and in my mind. Jasper was WAY creepy. LOVED Victoria. Edward definately got better with each scene. I LOVED him in the sunglasses. The "Spider Monkey" line was dumb. I didn't like the Cullens in baseball uniforms. LOVED the music. All in all, I enjoyed it. I hope to take my husband to see it as soon as we have a free night. I really don't think, in my little opnion, that New Moon can hold it's own as a movie. I did not enjoy the book at all. I think they should combine New Moon and Eclipse into one movie. I expect that the acting will get better, too.

Alicia said...

Heather--It IS him playing, didn't you catch that in my review? I know for a fact it was.

Lauren--You didn't put the 23 in your addy the first time! Now it should work. I will email asap.

CeeCee and Rick said...

TOTALLY LOVED YOUR first REVIEW!! EXACTLY what I thought... everything.. bella, EDWARD.. just everything!!!!!!! But I was excited to see it and had no high expectations necessarily.....I will have to take Rick... I went Hawaii for 4 days this summer, and myfriends from high school made me promise that I would bring Twilight. We all started reading it together. I took it to the beach and laid in the sun and read it! I finished it in 2 days, and then went out the next morning to the local WALMART in MAUI and bought the next two. I figured it would keep me going until I got back to Utah and decided to wait to buy number 4. HAHAHAHA I finished the other 2 in the last 2 days I was there. THE BEST vacation ever. And I will always remember MAUI!!!
Anyways, Rick is such a book reader and he was so impressed that I finished all of those BIG books, that he wanted to see the "hype" and what was so cool about it, so... he read Twilight! And he said, " it was okay". Oh man... anyways.... we're going to see it again tomorrow (well, it will be my 2nd time). So.. I will have to post again.
Its fun chatting.. talk to you soon..

ashley said...

Hey Alicia, thanks for commenting on my Twilight post. Sorry I'm just now getting over to your blog, I was trying hard to pull my foot out of my mouth but it was lodged in there pretty deep, so it took me awhile to get it out :)

What a great review you have, I always love hearng what people like and didn't like about the movie. One of my favorite scenes was the baseball scene (did you notice Multnommah Falls, I'm sure you did; Did they play by a waterfall in the book to drown out the noise?) Anyways, surprisingly I really liked the baseball uniforms too. I loved Rosalies pants and socks, so stylish. I also liked when the Cullens were introduced, when Jasper twirled Alice in the lunchroom, I thought "Typical Alice." I didn't notice the angels singing with Edward, I will have to look for that next time. I guess I just noticed his eyes, clothes, hair, smile, etc....all those were just fine!

I didn't like the meadow scene though, it was so different than the book, or maybe just from what I pictured in my head. When Edward freaks out and is throwing tree roots, I couldn't stand it, I was cringing, BUT I am hoping for better special effects in New Moon (Maybe they can even improve them with the help of the few extra millions they've been raking in). When he is running up the hill, I'm pretty sure his feet aren't even touching the ground at one point and jumping through the trees, he jumps perpendicular. Nevertheless, I still love it. Like you said, I love seeing everything come to life. It was great, I loved all of the characters, and cant wait to see it again!

[M] said...

Ok, so I finally saw twilight! I have been waiting to read your review but didn't want to until I had seen it. I had the same feelings the first time I saw it...didn't know what to think. SO bugged by the special effects, caught off guard by the changes, and the multi-nationality casting of her "friends". Smart, witty, techy asian kid in a po-dunk WA town? I don't think so. And why where Jacob's teeth fluorescent?

Not to mention that they left some of my favorite conversations/scenes out of the book. Why couldn't they put it all in? I would have sat there for five hours to watch it.

The second time (like you) when I was prepared for the surprises and could just focus on the parts I liked, I loved it. I walked out of the theater in a dreamy state, and with a mental widget in my head counting down to the next movie. Even though I didn't love the second book.

p.s. I loved the baseball scene too.