Saturday, January 12, 2008

Called To Serve

I realized today that I've never mentioned my new calling on here. I can't seem to tell people what it is without smiling. I don't know why, it just makes me laugh. Never in a million years did I dream that I would be called as the WARD HISTORIAN. But you know what? I'm super pumped about it. This is what I love about my church. It totally keeps up with the times. I am the ward historian for the 21st century. Besides the age old responsibilities of keeping track of all ward events and reporting a year-end summary to the stake, I am also the ward website coordinator. (Yes, it was at this point that I learned we had ward websites.) I make sure it stays current and informative, has all the meetings and events on it, and, (this is what I'm most excited about) keep the ward directory current with pictures of each family and an accompanying bio. So every Sunday I get to take my digital camera to church and walk around harassing people to take their picture. I'm pretty sure I'll be the most hated person at church, but I'll be having fun! It will be so nice to put faces to every name and for once be able to know everyone in our ward. Especially in a newly reorganized ward with people coming from three different wards.

As soon as other people find out we have a ward website, it'll ROCK! (To get on your ward website you need your membership number and confirmation date, which you can get from your ward clerk. If you've already put this info into before, you should be able to log right in and go to your ward website.)

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