Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reality Check

Do you ever have those moments that are so real you know you'll never forget them? The kind that bring you down out of the clouds and suck you away from your own private little world, reminding you that not everything is about you?

What's even more grounding is when that moment is a realization that your parents are human. That they have feelings, fears, trials, just like you do. They're not just "Mom" or "Grandma" anymore, but suddenly they're someone's daughter, too, or even just their own person. When the table is turned and you're the shoulder to cry on instead of the other way around, it's a very strange combination of feeling like a grown-up but also a scared, small little child at the same time.

It's unbelievably humbling and just what I needed to put things in perspective. Nothing helps you forget your problems like hearing those of others. I am grateful for the reality check I had tonight.

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