Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Happens In Vegas

So you may have guessed that the reason it's taken me so long to review this movie is because I wasn't exactly blown away by it. The only part I remember laughing at was the very, very last scene; the extra, thrown-in scene after the credits have already started rolling. That was pretty funny.

The rest of the movie was _______________. (Choose one of the following words of your choice to insert there: obnoxious, laughless, cliched, annoying.) As I was watching I envisioned a group of Hollywood bigwigs sitting around a table saying, "We haven't done a romantic comedy in a while. We need a no-risk, guaranteed money-maker. Who's on the cover of Teen and YM this month? Let's get them to star in it." Then they pull out their checklist. At the top it says Formula For Romantic Comedy. Below it says:

  • Gorgeous, hot-bodied "American sweetheart" female lead. Check.
  • Goofy, buff, pretty-boy male lead. Check.
  • Wacky, crude, comic-relief best friend. Check.
  • Unrealistic, only-in-movies-would-that-ever-happen plot. Check.
  • Hostility and sexual tension between two leads. Check.
  • Sexual innuendos throughout, shocking humor, minimum one sex scene. Check.
  • Scene involving male lead showing tender side with kids, resulting in female lead's changed opinion of male lead. Check.
  • Dramatic argument between two leads near finale, seemingly devastating possible relationship. Check.
  • Sappy, gag-inducing final scene including unconvincing sentiments and affection. Check.
  • Cheesy joke to lighten mood. Check.
Roll Credits.
  • Oh, extra add-in scene as credits roll. Must actually be funny. Check.
I guess what I'm saying is the movie wasn't horrible, but it was not good. If a movie is going to be that blatantly cookie-cutter, it sure as heck better have some good laughs to make up for it. This one did not. Cringes, however, were good and plenty.

And you know it says a lot if Ashton Kutcher was the less obnoxious person to watch. Seriously, Cameron, you're pretty and all, but you. bug. me. to. death. And we all know your cleavage was painted on.

Stay tuned....coming up is a positive movie review about a movie I loved...and you'll be shocked to find out what movie it is!!


Amy said...

Oh man, I haven't sat here and laughed in awhile. You're style of writing cracks me up since I can totally hear you saying it all in my head! I had no intention of seeing this one and am glad to know that I won't be missing out.

I'm wondering if your next review will be based on something black and white, or maybe green...Or maybe neither of these at all.

Shayla said...

Yeah, pretty much what I expected from this one...but one can hope..? Guess it was good I missed out on this night...oh wait, I could care less what's on the big screen...I go for the popcorn! :-) Loved your review, now THAT was funny. Can't wait to find out what's next up to be reviewed.

Rachael said...

I think the "gag-inducing" part was my favorite! And I feel pretty cool knowing just what the next movie in review will be.

debsters said...

Just don't make your next review too far away, you now have me intrigued.

Jodi said...

You are too funny Alicia!! I laughed out loud when I read your comment about Cameron - especially about her cleavage painted on. :) I do have to say though - I really enjoyed looking at Ashton! Yum!! And I'm very curious what your next movie review will be.

Brenda said...

I agree. It was fun watching it with you though. Cameron annoys me too! Did you know she only washes her face with evian bottled water - weird!

Amy J. said...

Absolutley love the check list! I'm just wondering how long it took you to write this!? My one book review took me forever to write and I sat there wondering.."How does Alicia do this every week?"

tharker said...

I'm with Amy. I love your reviews. I don't know how long it takes you to do them, but you make them seem effortless!

Alicia said...

Brenda-I'm so mad at myself! As I was watching the movie I made a mental note to put in my review that the best part of the movie was hearing your little giggles throughout. I totally forgot!

{ bRee } said...

Once again totally enjoyed your movie review. How in the world do you get out so much? I find it difficult to go the grocery store with out my child....or event a lone trip to the bathroom....HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Heather said...

Oh, I'm glad you let us in on the secret. Jeremy has been wanting to see this, I think now we can move it to the bottom of the list.

Lisa said...

Holy Moly, that was a LONG comment, sorry.

Lisa said...

Oh, I have so much to say about all of this.

First of all, you're right. The Hollywood bigwigs probably DID sit in their conference room and pull out their formula sheet for a romantic comedy. Because, the point of this movie was to make money, and that's it.

There are two kinds of movies. Those that are made to pull in the big bucks fast. And those that are made to be art. And, every once in a while, a movie can accomplish both (Titanic).

When I was at BYU I was going to minor in Film. I truly enjoyed my film classes there and studying the "art" of film making.

There is a reason why "Lawrence of Arabia", "Gone with the Wind" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" are listed on AFI's top 100 list and why "What Happens in Vegas" is not.

When I watch "Lawrence of Arabia" I am in awe of the sheer beauty of the movie. The cinematography is flawless.

When I watch "Gone With The Wind" (which I LOVE) I am transported to another time. I am moved by the story and lost into the history of the Civil War.

When I watch "2001: A Space Odyssey", it causes me to think. The sheer genius of Stanley Kubrick and his films makes me a huge fan. I ponder the deeper meaning beneath the story. I can try to interpret different scenes.

When I watch "What Happen in Vegas"....wait, I didn't watch it. That's because I have already seen it 100 times before. Because, like you mentioned, it's the same movie, just a different combination of actors.

So here's to Hollywood. May they continue to make movies that will withstand the test of time.

Thanks for your reviews Alicia....I always enjoy them.

meohmyers said...

I'm kind of left speechless at Lisa's comment! Who knew she was so educated and opinionated (in a good way) in film! You've been holding out on us Lisa!

I loved your review, Alicia. This was so cleverly written. You make me laugh out loud! I completely agree with the review here but I'm so easily entertained and just love a girl's night out! This was fun. Can't wait to see what you review next!

lindsay>boo said...

Wow Lisa! I agree with your comment though.

Thanks for the review. I guess now I'm glad I didn't pay 10 bucks to see it in the theater.

Nicole said...

Once again, I am easily entertained. I laughed the whole time. It made for a good GNO for me.