Monday, December 29, 2008

Aw Crap

I woke up this morning and instantly had this feeling of dread, and I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. As I lay there waking up, my mind cleared and suddenly the reason was painfully clear: It's that day. The day that comes every year for me. (Want proof? Click here and here.)

Today, for me, is what the actual day after Christmas was to most people. Horribly depressing. But the day after Christmas wasn't depressing for me, because my husband was still home and the vacation was still going.

But today, Monday, he is back at work after being home the last 4 and a half days. Christmas is over, and I'm trying to remember what I did throughout my day before making Christmas cards, going Christmas shopping, and wrapping Christmas presents. I honestly can't remember.

And, by some cruel twist of fate, all the snow is melting's actually raining. I seriously feel like someone somewhere is laughing at me.

The last of the Christmas treats are gone or stale and today starts the beginning of discipline again, as far as my diet goes. How's that for depressing?

My kids are watching The Grinch and it couldn't be a more perfect choice for today. I feel exactly like the heartless green creature.

So, Happy Rainy Monday After Christmas to you all. Oh, and Shayla, this really was supposed to be a fantastic birthday post to you, but, well, apparently I'm not capable of cheer and niceness right now, so...Happy Birthday! That's about all I can do for you right now. :)


Shayla said...

I would be right there with you today, Alicia, but as you's my birthday and Nate stayed home one extra day for me. I just went out to drop the nasty dog at the groomers and that weather is pure awful. I hate rain. Other than that, it's a great day! I'm 31! Thanks for the shout-out. I'll be just as depressed as you tomorrow... With a stinky tree, a dirty house, too many toys to actually organize and put away, luggage to be unpacked, laundry to do, and a husband gone back to work. Maybe we should get together and take the kids to play at McDonalds for lunch...a break in the monotony and some energy release for the kids?

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

...sounds like a job for FUDGE!!!

..oh yeah... that whole "discipline" thing... riiiiight... =)

marisa said...

I know the feeling, it's kind of like when you have a brand new baby and your hubbys home and you have all this help and people feeding you and then the DAY comes when it all stops and your hubby goes back to work and the meals stop coming and you look at your baby and wonder 'what am i doing'. (sorry longest sentence ever) I do remember the feeling, a little like the "baby blues". Hang in there and take your friend Shayla up on the Mcdonalds tomorrow, fries always cheer me up!

Noelle said...

this is exactly the reaon i haven't blogged anything about Christmas or Hyrum's 1st birthday. i have nothing witty or nice to say today. just tired and worn out and feel like i need a vacation. and i to am feeling the need to get back on my pre Christmas eating trend of pretty much not eating. too many pictures were taken this last week to prove that to myself. aw crap puts it exactly.

meohmyers said...

I'm all for that McDonald's play date later today. Atleast the sun is shining this morning! And we've got some fun planned later this week. GNO - always a good thing!