Saturday, December 6, 2008

Obsess Much?

Me: Bill, can I go see Twilight?
Bill: Again? Seriously?
Me: Um, yeah.
Bill: Don't you think four times is a little excessive?
Me: Um, no. It's Twilight. (Shakes head in disbelief)
Bill: We really should be saving our money for Christmas presents.
Me: Whatever, a movie ticket is less than ten dollars. (Exactly one dollar less than ten dollars.)
Bill: I think you'll be okay if you miss a week of seeing it while it's in the theater.
Me: You don't know me at all! (Runs away crying)

Okay, the above conversation never really took place, but this is pretty much how I envision it going down if I ask to go see Twilight again. Because I don't feel like going to marriage counseling just yet (besides, the therapist would totally side with me), I'm going to have to make do with the next best thing: listening to the soundtrack while looking at my favorite movie stills online. Thank you thank you thank you Marilyn for my beloved Twilight soundtrack. I have listened to it over, and over, and over. I LOVE it. And last week I stumbled upon some new pictures from the movie, which was incredibly exciting since the same twenty pictures have been circulating the internet up until now.

So here are my favorite scenes/pictures and songs:

Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
(the baseball scene)

This is just a great picture. I'm pretty sure it's where
Edward says, "I tell you I can read people's minds, and
you think something's wrong with you..." Love that part.

Full Moon - The Black Ghosts
(the song that starts right after Edward catches the deer
at the beginning, when Bella is moving to Forks. One of
my favorites on the soundtrack.)

Another favorite scene, albeit a quick one. It's one of the
very few scenes where they're relaxed and happy and
just enjoying being together. And Edward looks hawt in
his 80's sunglasses.

Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park
(I can't remember what part of the movie this is on,
but I love this song, and I love Linkin Park)

I just really like this picture of them laughing.
I'm fairly certain it's not in the movie, I think it's
between takes. Because Bella is smiling.

Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation
(LOVE this song. This is when Bella is trying
to figure out why Edward disappeared from school
after the first time they met.)

This really wasn't a favorite part of the movie,
I just love any shots of Oregon pretending to be

I love this picture, a) because of the sign in it and
b) because the caption underneath it on the website where
I found it said that it's The Gorge. This is what they're
overlooking when they're up in the tree.

Yeah...ahem...favorite scene...moving on...

Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
(You might be familiar with this song from here;
it is beautiful, but I must confess the main reason I love
it is because it plays during this scene:)

Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell
(My favorite song on the soundtrack, which goes with my
second favorite scene:)

Clair de Lune - APM Orchestra
(I've always loved this song, but now it is permanently ingrained
in my head as the song that Edward twirls Bella to.)

This isn't in the movie, I just had never seen it before
and really like it.


along with the beauties above, I found these treasures:

They could have taken any still in the movie and Jasper
would have looked exactly like this:

The one time Edward is the opposite of sexy

Oh, the eyes...MY EYES!!!

and this one I had to save for last.
I still can't believe that of the 20 odd movie stills available
online, this somehow managed to be one of them.
The 2 seconds of the movie that still make me wake up
in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

Do you see the elbow grabbing? The shoving of the arm into
the mouth? The eye popping? Why, oh WHY did they have
to desecrate the image of perfection in my head that is Edward?

Okay, to end on a good note, here's a new one of Rob
I'd never seen before. Grrrr....


Anonymous said...

i seriously thought that convo really happened! you saw it 3 times? i thought 2...anyways i agree, why does jasper look so goofy? have a great day!marisa

Lauren said...

I dragged Ted to Twilight for my 5th time and his 3rd time on Saturday. During the previews I could tell he was really not wanting to be we got up and left (got our money back of course). I am such a nice wife haha.

Umm I LOVEEEE the soundtrack...and I love you, because we are twins.

ashley said...

Haha, I'm still laughing about Lauren's comment from above.

I've seen it four times and we went on Saturday to the movies and our movie passes wouldn't work for anything BUT Twilight. I looked at Marcus with starry eyes and he said, "" Rejected. So I totally know how you feel!

This is such a great post, and I love all the still images that you found! They are awesome, and ALMOST as good as the movie. I was talking to this guy in class who dated Ashley Green (Alice) in high school (he wasn't a member then). He said she was the nicest, sweetest girl and after they graduated she left to LA to be an actress. It's good to know that these celebs are actually real, non-Cullen, cool people :)

Rachael said...

I still want to see it again...I think it would be so fun to get a babysitter for hours and go movie hopping with Kent. I have really been wanting to see Four Christmas's too. I haven't heard the soundtrack yet, I'll have to check it out.

Noelle said...

i love that you are so open about your obsession., as for me, i take the more closet approach. i'll be emailing you.....
your comments for these pictures are priceless. why...why....? my thoughts exactly at so many parts of the movie.

andrea said...

I didn't notice during the movie... but in that picture of Edward revealing his sparkles, why the heck is he wearing like 12 jackets? A tid extraneous if you ask me, even for someone trying to "blend in."

And love the pic of the two of them almost kissing. hot.

emahaf said...

Well if you are going to see it a fourth time let me Know I still need to see it for the first time.

meohmyers said...

Alicia: Don't you remember Kim's husband can get discount tickets at his work?
Bill: Oh yeah! That's a great savings! And definitely worth it. Why don't you call her up right now and ask when the 2 of you can go again.
Alicia: I knew you'd understand, sweetie. Besides, there are details being brought to my attention every time I see this movie that I didn't notice before. (Thinking back to when Kim pointed out Edward's angel wings in the classroom and the name of the restaurant...How did I miss those?)
Bill: Tell you what. Why don't you make another girl's night out of it. I'd love to watch our kids for you to go out for some girl time.
Alicia: Thanks, hon. I always knew you were perfect. Smooch.

Alicia said...

Kim--OH MY GOSH! That was HILARIOUS!! I read it to Bill, he thought so too. (But oddly enough he didn't say anything about me really going. Hmmm.)

Seriously, I have to go see it again. Eden, call me whenever you would like to go, seriously!! I meant to put that on my blog, that anyone who wants to go see it again or for the first time but doesn't want to go alone, CALL ME!!! I will go!!!

Amy said...

You are so funny!

Shayla said...

Those are some great pics. I love the piano one, my almost favorite scene. :-) Loved the (Runs away crying). I'm up for going a second time, pretty, pretty please, Bill?!