Thursday, December 25, 2008

To The One I Love

We met inside a chat room
Eight short years ago
What each other looked like
We really didn't know

But something in that "jusa_guy"
made "blondegirl" fall in love
We always knew it had to be
some help from up above

Lots of people doubted
that it would ever work
8 years passed and 2 kids came
and we can only smirk

I never could have chosen
a better husband/friend
I can't believe I get to be
with this guy til the end
(and beyond)

He makes me laugh like no one else
and knows just what to say
When I cry about my issues
or have an awful day

Only Bill could sacrifice
his big day every year
by standing in the shadow
of One we hold so dear

But I'll always remember
that on this special day
you were also born, and so,
for that, I say "Hooray!"



Davis Family said...

Cute poem, I like the little "to the end...and beyond!"

Lauren said...

Cutest poem! I am sooooo impressed! Happy Birthday Bill!

Alicia, that is such a stunning picture!

I was thinking about you yesterday! I hope you had a happy Christmas!

Dandee said...

That picture is amazing! One of the best I've seen of the two of you together.

The poem is nothing but an Alicia classic. You are so talented at those!

Bill, we hope you had a great day. Don't ever forget who called you first!

ashley said...

Awww, what a sweet poem! Happy Birthday Bill!

Rachael said...

Love the poem, Love the picture....And Happy Birthday Bill!!

PRP said...

Very cute Alicia!

Happy birthday Bill!

polka dots said...

sweet poem. fun to talk to you.

happy birthday bill.

Shayla said...

Love the poem and what a great picture. Hope you had a great birthday, Bill! The big 3-0!

meohmyers said...

SO clever! You're so good at poetry, you know that. I love this picture! You should blow this one up for your wall, too. Hope he had a great birthday this year! Our family loves you, Bill!

Brenda said...

What a GREAT picture of you two!

Jodi said...

I love this picture of you guys! I need a good one of Mick and I. What a great poem too...Happy belated birthday Bill. Hope the party was great. :)