Thursday, February 19, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I often worry that I'm going to become that person that people say "I don't read her reviews. She ruins every good movie," about. I've thought back through the movies I've reviewed and could count on one hand the ones that I said only good things about. But I'm not easily entertained, I guess, and even the movies I love have things that bug me in them.

So, I was very excited when I came home from Confessions of a Shopaholic and realized I could write a review where I do nothing but rant and rave. And believe me, this came completely unexpectedly.

I'd been told about the books and that I just had to read them. They sounded fun, but I'm more the type that needs real depth and emotion, not so much the fun chick-lit. I thought the same thing about the movie, especially after seeing the previews: I'm sure I'll see it, but only because it would make a great GNO movie. The previews didn't do the movie justice, at all.

Imagine my surprise when halfway into the movie I found myself thinking "I really love this movie!"

("Yes...I Googled.")

Interspersed among the aforementioned "fun-ness" (i.e. the brightly colored designer clothes, chick music playing in the background, and endless talk about shopping) were many surprises.

One was Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood, the shopaholic. I've only ever seen her in one other thing (which will remain nameless) and wasn't hugely impressed. However, she absolutely shined in this role. She was perfect as the sweet, vivacious girl with a weakness for Gucci. I completely fell in love with her (in a totally platonic way, of course).

Another was the humor. I was prepared for some soft chuckling, maybe a giggle or two. (Just kidding. I don't giggle.) I wasn't prepared for full-on laughing--the loud, boisterous guffaw that scares babies, the one my mom says sounds like a truck driver. I didn't expect to use that. But I did. Several times. (One time in particular is the scene in which Rebecca dances with a fan. Pure comedy.)

(Rebecca dancing with her fan)

Another surprise was romance. Now, call me blonde if you will, for not realizing there would be some kind of romance in this movie. Every movie throws in some sort of relationship. Even Speed had romance in it. But for some reason I didn't expect it, and was pleasantly surprised when not only did it show itself, but in a way that made me sigh girlishly instead of rolling my eyes. The end in particular, which I will not give away, actually made my heart go tha...................dunk, down into my stomach. You know, the very last scene involving a certain green item. The hopeless romantic in me was literally aching. Hugh Dancy, who played Rebecca's love interest (and is engaged to Claire Danes), didn't do much for me looks-wise until I fell in love with his character. By the end of the movie he was smokin' hot!

(Their first encounter)

But the biggest surprise, by far, was the morals and values this movie had. One aspect of this was its PG rating and its accompanying no language, no sex, no nothing content. (At least none that I can remember.) I thought for sure it would have been more of a Sex In The City type movie, and I was so happy to be wrong. Another aspect was the message of self-reliance. The whole movie screamed "GET OUT OF DEBT." It showed the hardship and pain that debt brings with it and the happiness and freedom that comes from being debt-free and financially secure. Although we definitely hear this more and more with today's economy, it's still shocking to see it coming from Hollywood.

(The look of financial freedom)

By the time the credits rolled, I had laughed, I had "cried" (you know, internally, with no tears), I felt uplifted and inspired and moved. And I knew I could--and would--recommend this movie to anyone who would listen.

(I had to throw this picture in because this character's name was Alicia, which is very cool.)


Shayla said...

I really enjoyed this one, as well. I thought the main actress did a great job...although her clothing choices at times made me wonder. :-) I LOVED the romance and the whole message as well and the dancing with a fan scene was seriously hilarious. Definitely made up for the night before movie "He's Just Not That Into You" disappointment. Oh, and the popcorn that day was SO ON. :-) I love a good popcorn day.

NaDell said...

I saw the first set of previews and thought, "there's a movie I don't care about", but then I saw a different preview that had Joan Cusack (who I love) in it and it looked funny, so now I want to watch it. I'm glad you liked it. Now I really have to go and see it. (I think the title is off-putting to me.)

Kristin said...

I think your review is dead on! I loved this movie and will definitely be adding it to my collection! I could just say ditto to everything you said because I agree 100%!!!

dandee said...

Can't wait to see this and then come back and read your review!

Ben and Alissa said...

I loved the movie, loved hearing your "trucker laugh" during the dancing with the fan scene and others, and really loved your review! I think I have to agree with everything you said! I was looking forward to when you'd be posting about it!

Noelle said...

awesome review. can't wait to see it. now you need to go see 'he's really not that into you' and let me know if it's worth seeing in th etheatre or wait until it's on dvd.
ps - don't see nick and nora's infinite playlist - not only is it bad in an acting/screen play way it is also BAD like if my teenagers saw it, i'd totally freak out. BAD.

debsters said...

With 8 hours to kill in Spokane last Saturday Brent and I took Elizabeth to see this. I was pleasantly suprised. The actress was adorable, we really enjoyed it and I'm thrilled because I see about 3 movies in the theater a year.

Marilyn said...

Me, my mom, Madeline and Jocelyn all went to see this on Friday night and we liked it a lot. I loved the fact that there was nothing besides some alcohol consumption to make me shrink in my seat.

I loved that it wasn't in your face romance, the gaggy, cheesy kind. It was more of a subtle, real life build up to romance.

It was the PERFECT movie for a GNO. And it had a great message. Get out and stay out of debt.

meohmyers said...

Loved this one, too. Isla Fisher was so perfect in this role! Can't wait to own it.

hatch said...

I really want to see this now. I was not sure before, but you have sold it to me!

tharker said...

I just saw this last weekend, loved it! She is absolutely adorable as Rebecca Bloomwood!

Anonymous said...

i just thought this was so-so.