Saturday, February 21, 2009

Precious Moments

Me: "Payson, where's Jasper?"
Payson: "Playing in his sandbox." (Jasper was going to the bathroom.)

Payson, when Bill turned on The Biggest Loser: "Woah. Those people are fat."
Don't worry, we had a little talk after that one.

Macy, seeing a picture of Angelina Jolie in her Oscar gown online: "Hey! That looks like me!" Dream on, sista. Dream on.

This was the conversation that took place in my car on the way to school this morning:

Kenzie: "Sometimes our neighbor's dog digs up dinosaur bones. Seriously, he's done it before."
Macy: "Wow."
Kenzie: "I just don't know when we're going to get a new house. We're looking like crazy, but we just haven't found one yet."
Macy: "Well, you can just tell the builders to build you a new one."
Kenzie: "Well, I already found one that I love, but..."
Macy: "It's not on sale?"
Kenzie: "Yeah. I told my mom I want the one with the hideout."

I've never been so entertained on the way to school.


Ben and Alissa said...

So cute! I love hearing what little kids say. I love the "It's not on sale?"

Amy said...

OH, man. Gotta love the fat comments. We've also had to have discussions on not noticing "black guys" out loud. Loud enough for everyone in the dairy section to hear.

Shayla said...

"We're looking like crazy..." Gotta love her version of life. We've looked at like 7 houses so far. And the hideout? That would be a house with storage under the stairs. The kids were sold as soon as they saw it, it would make the perfect playhouse they claimed. :-) Kenzie has really taken to this whole idea of looking for a new house to live. She sits with me while I look online and then LOVES going to see houses inside. She tells the realtor where she would put our furniture and who's room would be who's and which house she thinks we should buy. So much for trying to be discreet, right? I think she might die if we take any longer, the whole concept of selling our house first is completely lost on her. She keeps telling us that she wishes we had "like a $1,000 and then we could buy a house right away without having to get money from the bank". :-) Kids are fun.

Amy J. said...

Really...I think these "guess what my kids said" are my absolute favorite. I never get tired of hearing them. I think you should juswt be glad that Payson wasn't playing in the sandbox with Jasper. I'll have to admit that after reading "The Host" when Kenzie mentioned the hideout my first thought was that Shayla had checked out a house with a Panic Room or backyard Bunker or something.

lindsay>boo said...

Like Amy, I always love what kids say. Kids are seriously the most hilarious people.

Noelle said...

way to have confidence angelina, im mean macey!
LOL. so cute. love these.

tharker said...

I too love the "Kids Say" posts! They never get old!!!

Lisa said...

I can totally hear their voices when I read this...which makes it even that much cuter.

Lisa said...
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meohmyers said...

Kids are funny. I should keep track of all the funny things my preschoolers say. Some of the parents would die though! :)

I didn't know Shayla was looking for a new house! That's so exciting! Maybe Kenzie will be a realtor someday. :)