Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GNO--GUY'S Night Out

Tomorrow night (Thursday) my hubby is going to see his very favorite movie of all time (well, up until Transformers came along). I'll give you some hints as to what it is.

"Tower, this is Ghost rider requesting a flyby."
"That's a negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full."

"Take me to bed or lose me forever."

"I feel the need..."
"The need for speed!"

"She's lost that loving feeling."

"Any of you boys seen an aircraft carrier around here?"

He is inviting all your hubbies to go too. It's at Regal at 7:45. If your husband can't figure out what movie I'm referring to, he probably shouldn't go, because all the other husbands will point and laugh at him.


Dallin & Ashley said...

Top Gun. Love it. Are they showing old movies at Regal right now? (I know. It's really not that old, but I couldn't think of a better phrase to describe it.)

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Man.. Sounds like fun - I picked a fine Thursday to be on the wrong side of the state!!

Jodi said...

I knew right away...but Mick will be sleeping.

Noelle said...

awesome awesome movie. first time i ever saw a french kiss. my parents tried to fast forward it but they weren't quick enough. heh heh.

Alicia said...

Ashley--they are, I think a different one each week? I'm not too sure. Last week was Back To The Future. Cool, huh?

Dandee said...

Ryan LOVES Top Gun too. I have a stake meeting so unfortunately, we may just have to watch it on DVD.

hatch said...

Oh I want to go!!! That is one of my all time favorites. I knew all of those quotes. The volley ball scene is one of my favorites. I did not know that they were doing this. How cool.

lindsay>boo said...

What a fun time that will be. What guy doesn't love that movie.

AOlson said...

I absolutely love that movie. I agree with HATCH . . . the volleyball scene ROCKS!! This was back when I think I was in love with Tom Cruise.

Nicole said...

Oh, how fun! I went and saw Dirty Dancing a few weeks ago. Actually, I was tempted to go to Top Gun tonight, but darn Stake Enrichment is on the schedule.

Just because it's sitting right here, here is the rest of the schedule:

2/26 - Top Gun (PG)
3/5 - Pulp Fiction (R)
3/12 - The Big Lebowski (R)
3/19 - Indiana Jones (PG-13)
3/26 - Casablanca (PG)

tharker said...

Spencer loves this movie also! But he'll have to watch in on DVD, cuz I'll be at Stake Enrichment ;)