Thursday, March 5, 2009

Newfound Loves

Red Robin's Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap

This wrap changed my life. I have never craved something so badly. If you haven't tried it, you haven't experienced true bliss.

Word Girl

My kids recently started watching this show on PBS. I. Love. It. It is hilarious. It is the only show of theirs that I will sit and watch. And laugh. The fact that her sidekick is a monkey named Captain Huggy Face makes it worth watching in and of itself. Word up!


Yeah, I'm aware that you're laughing at me because you all discovered the wonder that is gmail like, two years ago, but I was never willing to give up my movie_queen15 with MSN. However, the good people at CFI (that's code for where I work) so nicely suggested I make the switch and basically get with the 21st century. I did, and it is bombdotcom. Before you get all hurt and offended that you don't have my new gmail address, know that I am only using it for work as of now, because I am lazy and still not ready to make the switcheroo, because, frankly, I think it will be a major pain in the you know what.

My new wedges from Target

Oh my gosh. There aren't words to describe how much I love these. (Seriously, there aren't. I checked.) My white church sandals for the last three seasons are falling apart and hideous to my eyes. So I HAD to buy these, it was a necessity. White season is just around the corner and now I am ready. And the best part about these shoes? They keep my toes together for me.

Isn't finding new stuff to love so fun?


Dandee said...

Word Up! We're big Word Girl fans here too.

I LOVE your new wedges. They have me daydreaming of spring and being skinny and wearing cute clothes again.

These kinds of posts are my favotite.

Shayla said...

I have seriously been trying to think up new ways to get to go to Red Robin just so I can eat another one of those wraps. You've totally doomed me. Wanna go? Gmail rocks. 'Nuf said. As soon as you let go of the MSN address, the sooner you'll finally be one of the "cool kids". :-) Oh, and I LOVE the shoes!

Amy said...

Oh, man. I love Word Girl! I think it is HILARIOUS.
Seriously CUTE shoes!

Melissa Mae said...

Gmail IS the bomb. I love it. And those wedges are so cute. OOOH! And word girl is pretty flippin cute.

Aubrey said...

Those warps looks scrupdiddlyuptious! I love wraps. I too am a huge fan of Word Girl and her monkey sidekick, Captain Huggy Face! Word Up! I will have to post my video of Caitlyn being Word Girl sometime, very hilarious! Some day you will be brought to the dark side of wait, Gmail is awesome, someday we will take you from the dark side to the light side! I love that gmail lets you have a blog update so I know exactly who has updated and who has not, super cool! I also like you new shoes and am very jealous of them. I bet you look totally cute in them! They remind me of a 40's pin-up!

tharker said...

We love Word Girl around here too, except that Jake prounounces it Word Gril ;)

Oh, those wedges...ADORABLE!!!

AOlson said...

It looks like Word Girl has a big following! We love it too. I love when my two year old repeats some of the bigger words on the show. Seriously cute shoes!! I still use my old MSN address too. It's hard to let go of an address I have used for SO long:)

Lauren said...

I need to go to Red Robin just to try that, since you are my non-lesbian-love that I trust completely.

I ♥ gmail. Love it.

Marilyn said...

Alicia, that is not nice. Here I am trying to be successful at this weight watchers thing and you post my ABSOLUTE favorite thing to order when we eat out. Seriously, I have probably been to Red Robin a dozen times in the last 2 years (that's about how long it's been on the menu)and I have ordered that wrap 99.9999% of the time. I love it, it is delicious. When I am trying to be really good, I order it with a side salad instead of the fries.

Ben and Alissa said...

I like hearing about all your new loves! It almost makes me a little jealous! I want new things to love too!

The wrap does look good (though I wouldn't order it unless I get it with no veggies, just chicken and a tortilla? It'd probably still be good but not worth it). Ben also said the wrap looks really good.

I'm very interested in Word Girl. I've been known to watch children's shows, well several years ago when we only had 4 channels. I'd watch Sagwa when I came home for lunch (and even be late once or twice back to work because I wanted to see how it ended!), but it was the only thing on other than soaps or the news or something.

Anonymous said...

love red robin wrap!!! i make them at home a lot...of course yummy fries arent' accompanied by it. love the shoes too, they scream "bring on the sun"!

Noelle said...

me too
i'm a newbie too
need some of those

andrea said...

Holy crap, those shoes are cute!! I am desperate for some new church shoes. There is nothing like ringing in spring with a new pair of sandals!!

That wrap looks really good, Red Robin is one of my very favorite restaurants. I've had the Whiskey River chicken burger and wasn't amazed. Maybe the wrap would be better. And RR seriously needs to pay you for the free advertising and awesome promo pic. You are getting so good with that fancy camera!

Alicia said...

Marisa! I'm so glad to see you back! I have missed you on my blog and have even considered doing a "Where's Marisa" post. Glad to see you haven't left me forever.

Andrea- I have to confess that picture of the wrap is straight off of RR's menu that I found online. I didn't take it.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

That Red Robin Wrap looks really, really good... But I've found it's pretty much impossible for me to NOT order a Banzai Burger... I try, I really do, but when it comes down to order time, my autopilot takes over... Mmmmm.... *drool*

marisa said...

i never left, just quiet lately! ha! btw, i started reading twilight, almost through the 1st book. i think seeing the movie first was a bad idea, i just can't get all the visuals out of my head. i heard i need to keep reading, it gets good at the end and will draw me into new moon.

ashley said...

Those are just the CUTEST wedges ever! I am always looking for cute white shoes but can never find any, I bet they look good with your Twilight pedicure :) So creative.