Tuesday, March 31, 2009


(Marisa...this one's for you)

I've been out of the loop for so long that I have completely fallen behind on the happenings of my favorite celebrities. Here is some of the stuff I missed while I was away:

Jen and John broke up!!!

My question is....why would she not want to be with him?!

It's a mystery.

Paris is dating this guy now, instead of Benji Madden

I would learn his name, but...let's be real. What's the point?

Nicole Richie is expecting again!

Apparently she likes to try on all prospective baby clothes.

Mandy Moore got married!

I don't have anything funny to say about this, I just had no idea.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart are engaged!

After seven years of dating, they felt it was time to really commit to each other.
And by the looks of this picture, it's probably a good idea.
The clocks a'tickin.

But it was comforting to see one familiar thing:

Katie and Suri

The bangs actually cover half her face now, and she's still wearing an oversized, polka-dot dress. And Katie still hasn't discovered that three year olds can walk.

Ah......some things never change.


Shayla said...

Love to see you back doing "This Week..." I just have to say, I hope that photo of John came already pre-photoshopped and that you didn't have to do the covering up of his "man-parts" yourself. ;-) Why he seems to get all the ladies, is a mystery to me.

Alicia said...

Shayla...Lucky for me it already came with the handy white circle...although I had to see five of the originals to find the edited one.
Seriously, I cannot understand why anyone would be with him.

Anonymous said...

THanks for updating, you're the BEST! I think the same thing about Katie and Suri, seriously...get over it, she's not a baby anymore! Yeah, John can sing, but all those pics have me questioning a lot about him!? Poor Jen...can't find a keeper.
Thanks again, you made my morning brighter!


Amy J. said...

Oh my goodness Ford looks soooooo old! Love the baby clothes comment and the those bangs! WOW, buy a headband already.

Noelle said...

john mayer.....what the heck???!!!!
and i must say that suri is one of the most beautiful little girls i have ever seen. even with half of her face covered. i'm surprised she hasn't found the kitchen shears and cut them off herself.

Ben and Alissa said...

Love reading these, nice to see it make an appearance again! Those pics of John Mayer are atrocious!

andrea said...

I had no idea he was such a freak! And yay for Mandy Moore, I've always liked her for not being super trash.

AOlson said...

I love reading your Hollywood reports!! Question? I need you to fill me in on the 411 on our favorite Twilight Stars. I am too lazy to look into it myself. One day I hear Rob & Kristen are together next day I hear she DESPISES him completely. What's the real story all knowing one:)?

Nancie said...

I hate the long bangs in my face emo look. a three year old shouldn't have to put up with it. give the girl a haircut!