Friday, March 27, 2009


Meet the new Dora.
No, this is not a photoshop job.

This is "Grown-Up Dora" that they are introducing in the fall.
Grown-Up Dora will do things like get makeovers and go shopping.
You know, when she's done rescuing baby tigers and out-smarting Swiper the Fox.

Sadly enough, Dora isn't the only cartoon character getting an updated look for the 21st century. The new Strawberry Shortcake totes a cell phone and eats fruit instead of candy.
What's next, Tofu Shortcake?

Check out the new Care Bear.
Apparently there's pressure to be thin in the animated world as well. Now after they do the Care Bear Stare they have a mandatory work-out time, focusing mainly on crunches.

Remember Holly Hobbie?

Probably not if you're going off of the picture below.
How can they even call this the same person?
Oh...I see it...a solitary patch down on her right leg.
Yup, definitely the same person.

And my personal favorite desecration of a classic, beloved character:
Tattoo Barbie.
Nope, not kidding.

Tattoo Barbie was released as a celebration of her 50th birthday.
Doesn't every 50 year old celebrate her birthday by getting a tramp stamp?

Case in point: People...leave well enough alone.


melissa mae said...


Stacia said...

I can deal with the updated stuff until the Tramp stamp. That's sick.

Jodi said...

Tramp stamp? Serious??

Amy said...

That's insane. Tattoo barbie has me seething.
All I can say about Dora is at least she is modest!

Lee said...

Ah.. the Barbie Tattoo!! That is horrible. Why can't the leave these characters little.. for little kids.

andrea said...

Nothing has made me more concerned for my daughter's future. I mean seriously, the Strawberry Shortcake gives up sweets for FRUIT?? Who does that?! I don't want my child growing up with a role model like that.

lindsay>boo said...

UGH! There isn't one good thing about those changes.

Lauren said...

Are you KIDDING me? Barbie has a butt line tattoo?! What the heck?!

4starmom said...


tharker said...

Leave well enough alone....perfectly said, Alicia! What's wrong with cute little Dora that plays with Boots the Monkey? I like that Dora!

And Tattoo Barbie....what's next, Callgirl Barbie? I am SO glad that Hannah no longer plays with this "inspirational" doll.

Amy J. said...

I read an article yesturday that said parents are fuming about Dora. I also heard about the tatoo Barbie, but not the others. What the Heck! Remember years ago when John went on a trip and hadn't bought anything for he stopped at a truck stop and found a Native American Barbie. She was grogeous, until you saw the tatoos all along her entire left arm!

This post would not have been 1/2 has entertaining had I written it.
You are too funny for your own good.

Davis Family said...

Wow, the pressure is on now....I had better hurry and win a makeover or I will soon be an unacceptable playmate for my daughter! Oh NO!

Noelle said...

totally out of control. do they want our 5 year olds to want to be 16 even MORE????? ack!

Nancie said...

OMGSH. FOR REAL? glad ive got boys. Good Grief thats sick looking.

karen said...

Looking at those pictures makes me so happy I won't ever have girls. Now I just have to worry about the girls that are following those poor boys!

Lisa said...

on the plus side...dora's head is way more proportionate to her body. seriously that girl had a huge head, "lody dody more head than body."

and poor barbie...she obviously tried to have her first tattoo removed and that didn't work out too well for her. (her trip to indonesia will be with her FOR.EV.ER.) now so will that player ken.

A&M Butterworth & Co. said...

Seriously...the whole thing makes me sad! :(

Cove Girl said...

I came across your blog randomly surfing the blog sphere. Anyway, I absolutely HATE what toy makers have done to the images and toys that I grew up with. Poor Holly Hobbie:(

The Ruby said...

i think the updates are good. the old carebears are ugly and fat, and the old strawberry shortcake didnt encoarage kids to eat healthy. also, dora also used to be fat and ugly and didnt do anything but "ohno, the flashlight! we can never buy another one of those!" also "hey an alligator. we can just climb that tree in 3 seconds itt will be FINE."
lol but the updates are GOOD