Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yup...still love me some Twilight

I haven't done a Twilight post in a long time, and I have the perfect reason to do one now. Connie emailed me about the coolest experience she had this weekend getting her Twilight DVD signed. You have to go check out her story and accompanying pictures on her blog. I am ridiculously jealous of her, but so happy that a fellow Twi-hard had such a cool thing happen to her!

I bought the Twilight movie Director's Notebook yesterday, and read it...yesterday. (It's mostly pictures, so this isn't really as crazy as it sounds.) It was fascinating to me, reading about all the behind-the-scenes stuff and learning little trivia bits about the movie. One disturbing one, though, was that the director gave Rob (Edward) a bunch of lines to choose from for the part where he scaled the tree with Bella on his back and he chose the spider monkey line. Seriously, how craptastic did the other choices have to be for him to opt for that one?! That pedestal he was standing on sunk down into the mud several inches when I learned that.

And to complete my Twilight post, here is a New Moon (Twilight sequel) movie poster for your viewing pleasure. I say "a" and not "the" because I'm 99.9% sure it's a fake. But still, isn't it lovely?


Noelle said...

did he wax? yeah, cool poster. will have to go check out that ladies story. my friends friend was at the riverton walmart and the lady who plays victoria walks in unnanounced and poeple go crazy. in riverton, ut. riverton. weird, huh?

ashley said...

That is so cool that she got to meet Dr. Cullen!! I wonder if his wifey, Kelly (from 90210), was there somewhere in the shadows, I love her. Almost as much as I love this image of Edward. It's probably photo shopped but he's looking mighty chiseled in this picture! I can totally see him stepping out of the shadows in Rome wearing this! *swooning* indeed

AOlson said...

I have to admit, I have been on a Twilight high since I purchased the movie at midnight on Friday. I have ONLY watched it 5 times since Friday;) My new thing is the soundtrack. I listen to it everyday. The best thing is that Kevin really likes the soundtrack and has watched the movie with me twice already!! I love all of the new things I pick up on in the movie every time I watch it.

It really is too bad that Rob CHOSE that line. That definately is one of my least favorite parts of that movie.

meohmyers said...

I tried commenting on Connie's post but it didn't work. That's SOOOOO awesome!! I just love Peter more and more everytime I hear of the awesome things he does. He's great. I'm so happy for Connie!

And I love that poster, real or not! We have to wait til November, again?! Maybe him choosing the monkey line was some sort of joke, since the references to monkeys seemed to be an ongoing theme in the movie. :)

Amy J. said...

Aaaheeem...and who found that wonderful directors cut book for you and even purchased it and delivered it to your door! :)

Amy J. said...

Oh, why don't you think the poster is real?